Can potted Gardenia survive nights of 40s F?

shic_2006(4a 5a)August 22, 2006

In my zone, we are going to have an August cold blast with night temperature in the 40s. Can I leave my potted Gardenia outside? What is the lowest safe temperature for these?

As a side note, my Azaleas have flowers nonstop since winter. I guess we are kind of cold here.

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It will probably survive, depending on the cultivar, but chances are you'll get a lot of blasted leaves and young stems, which will set back the next flush of flowering. I'd bring it in anytime night temps drop below the 50s, unless it's one of the "cold-hardy" cultivars like Klehm's Hardy, which can probably deal with a few nights in the 40s.

Good luck, and keep warm!


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i am inclined to say that it can handle it outside with temps in the 40's.
if a freeze is not predicted, why wouldn't it be o.k.?
is it a large container; i.e. big enough to offer some insulation space between the roots and container walls?
they survive in the ground here with no visible damage during freezes in winter and temps can drop into the upper 20's (but not for extended periods as it usually warms quickly the next morning).
brrrrrr! 40 degrees in august - i just can't imagine.
we won't be seeing that until late november although, with the heat wave we have experienced lately, it sounds rather refreshing! ;-)

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

No, the pot is not really large. The plant is not a cold-hardy type either. The pot is probably 20 inches in diameter. I will try to let it stay out. The forecast for tonight is 49 degree F. So, I will cross my fingers and see. As it gets cooler, I notice a couple more yellow leaves. I am not sure if this is normal.

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Shic, 49 is fine..yellow leaves can either be caused by the season change or, and you must be cautious about this..if you water, do so don't want to water late, then temps drop in the 40's..this can also cause leaves to yellow. I'll keep my Gardenias out till it get turns about that time new buds should form..Toni

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I've always left my potted gardenias out until the temps were consistantly down to about 40F. They've never suffered any damage and bloom beautifully starting in the spring. They experience some shock when they are moved into the greenhouse for the winter, a bit of yellowing and leaf drop for a short time. They do ok but definitely like being outside much better.

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

Oops, we have a few nights in the 30Âs, AND it rains a lot. I think the plant is in critical condition now. Although, for people who do not know about Gardenia, they are still gloriously lush with little yellowing. However, I have plants since elementary school. I detect that the pot keep heavy for 5 days now. It suggests the root is not doing well. Water is not pumped out by the leaves. I have started taking cuttings, just in case. I love this cultivar I hope you remember my pictures earlier this year.

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