hmmm Poet's jasmine

mehitabel(z6 MO)August 4, 2011

I have a couple of the Poet's Jasmine that I got last summer. The viny ones with segmented leaves. These have gotten very big. They're in 12" pots not, and lots of growth, lots of flowers.

Last year with a flower or two they had what I thought of as a nice scent. This year haven't found much scent. Maybe wrong time of day, maybe the old nose. But today, they both had a powerful scent. And not nice at all, too strong and with unpleasant notes in it.

Now I have to decide whether to keep these another winter. Anyone else have comments on the scent of this one?

This is one I would maybe grow over an old shed in the back of a big yard if I lived where it was hardy in the ground. I'm not sure it's for close ups.

Would really appreciate other's reactions to this scent.

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Poet's Jasmine.....

Jasminum officinale?
To me this one smells consistently good.
It is like Jasminum sambac.
Just like Sambac though, there are so many different forms.
Is your plant hardy where you live? Where did you purchase your plant? Is there anything you have changed culturally from last year?

Best wishes,

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi, Matt. Thanks very much for the reply.

Yes, I meant officionale, from Logee's. I'm very glad to have your comments about the scent. Last year, with lots fewer flowers, I loved the scent. This year there seemed something "off" about it-- too strong, too harsh.

I'm zone 6, so not hardy here. Culturally? I pot garden by blind habit, so unlikely it has changed.

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I feel the same way when my Wisteria blooms.
At first, when it didn't bloom all that much the first year, it smelled good. I had it planted by my front door, and the flowers were pretty.
The second year it bloomed heavy, and the smell was strong and potent.
I didnt' like it at all.
I moved it, now I am fine with it, just too strong for me.
Smell is different for everyone.

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