Rangoon creeper -growing indoors/fragrance

kandhi(z7VA)August 20, 2010

Is it worth buying this plant and maintaining it in pots up north? Is there any fragrance? The flowers are beautiful and look like they last longer and fade to different color. Is it easy to maintain indoors during winter? The plant is not cheap to buy it through mail-order, wanted to check with experts before going for it. Thanks

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jason83(Zone 8b/9a (North Florida))

The plant is fragrant but I have noticed it tends to vary between at night and in the morning. I have never heard of it being treated as a potted or indoor plant as they get incredibly large, but I don't see why you couldn't grow it.
It grows like a weed, literally. I have mowed suckers of the plant completely down and they come right back up, larger and thicker than before! If not for winter here they would take over, as they all but completely die back when cold sets in but return with a vengeance in the spring.

Maybe you could try overwintering it with protection and take cuttings as a backup, just in case, as they root relatively easily? Might be quite the gamble though...

It can be a vicious plant with wretched thorns/spines that I swear must have some kind of poison in them as it burns like fire ants after getting scratched. Not easy to avoid as you have to keep it pruned and trained or it will take over.

They are not difficult to propagate so I don't understand the huge price disparity between the single and double flowered varieties.

I would either go for the cheaper single flowered variety and see how it fares for you indoors. If it does OK and rewards you with enough color and fragrance then you could make a better decision on springing for the more expensive double flowered kind? Or maybe someone else can chime in and offer you their advice :)

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The plant takes 1-2 years to settle, then will take off. I am talking about the plant in the ground. And it is true it will give runners when happy. Up north I can't tell you. they do bloom even as 2-3 feet plants from june to aug/sept. I have not seen thorns though, on my double and single varieties..

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jason and Radha, thanks on your response. I am waiting for someone from Northern zone to share their experience with this plant.

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I have got seeds from ebay 2 years back. I have been seeing this plant since my childhood. But never realized that they have seeds & throns. Till now they haven't bloomed. I waiting to see the blooms. Does anybody know how long does the plant take to bloom from seeds.

They bloom in the evening. They start with white color and turns red by the morning.

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I went ahead and bought one. I have it indoors now, will maintain it indoors until next spring. The plant is in 4inch pot and I did not notice any thorns. I am hoping it is not the one with thorns variety, but can tell only when it grows.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Kandhi, be sure to let us know if it's fragrant when it blooms!

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Its Fragrant plant.

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My plant finally bloomed after 2 years. The flowers look very delicate and lovely. It's worth the wait.

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kindhi, beautiful flowers!
How big the plant it is now? What kind of fragant it smell like, or compare to? Is the scent waft?

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Olympia, The plant is 3ft tall now. It has sweet fruity fragrance. Unless I have multiple blooms at one time I can't tell for sure. I heard that it does wafts when it has multiple flowers open at one time so I can't say at this time for my plant. Sure is a low maintenance pest free plant to keep it dormant indoors during winter. It just sprouts back to life in March with new growth. I bought it for it's flower beauty and grace. Fragrance, I have yet to detect more to compare with any other fragrance.

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