What are snapdragons bloom time?

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7April 14, 2006

I planted some in October with my pansies. They never bloomed all winter. Now, they are each about a foot wide and covered with buds.

They should be beautiful...but I'm ready to rip out my pansies and plant my summer annuals!

I can plant around them but will they last all summer? It's a full sun area.

Is this typical of snapdragons? i thought they would bloom all winter with my pansies.

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

it might have already been too cool by october. did they get enough water? usually if they are already blooming in the fall when the cool weather starts, they will keep on doing it off and on until it gets really, really hot the next summer. so you can leave these in and let them bloom, and then cut them down a little lower than their friends when they start to look raggedy. They might keep blooming, and if not they might come back in the fall.

my last batch lasted almost 2 years and never really quit blooming the whole time, although they did slow down when it got too hot or too cold. I had them in full sun with a cool root run in front of my porch.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Some of my snap dragons are blooming now, and those that I pinched out are just ready to roll...like said above, you never quite know how long they will live. I find it depends on the variety. I plant around my snaps all the time. Shouldn't be a problem!!


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thank you!
I was surprised that they didn't bloom again in the winter.
They were in full bloom when I put them out and after blooming I did deadhead them.

I'll plant my wave petunias around them and see what happens.
And I will cut them back after they bloom. They get ample soil, light, fertilizer, etc. It must be our weather. They are not super popular around here.

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I had some big ones that I bought at HD and put in last spring, they were gorgeous..for awhile..then they wilted and died as it got warmer. I figured they were a spring annual and that was that (I'm sort of new to this, buying and trying as I go). But now, I have the plant downhill from that location, where I didn't have any before (I actually thought it was a weed but just had not yet pulled them, then saw the buds and blooms today on them, they sprouted more after the rain the last few days!)..so the original ones must have set seed and blown around - I had no idea they would do that but I have no idea where else they would have come from! Now I wonder what else I pulled out that I should have left a little longer, maybe more wayward items..guess I won't be pulling weeds (or what I think are weeds!) for awhile now. :)

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