Comrades, I just sined

olympia_gardener(5)August 28, 2012

Hi, all. I have to confess my recently aquired 4 sins...J. french perfume(Jasminum grandiflorum), Jasminum tortuosum; Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata); Tree Jasmine (Holarrhena pubescens).... I know , I know, it is my sinful nature, can't resist temptation... But if you have smelled sinful fragrant of french perfume jasmine and tree jasmine,I feel in heaven... I confess my sin and pray for having more windows ...

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

*Holy jasmine* OG... that tree jasmine is huge! And it has already flowered? What's the scent like? :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I've been curious about the tree jasmine for months now after Logee's starting offering it. When it was on sale I was really tempted! Please let us know what you think about its fragrance!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Oh, and I love how you confessed your 'sins' to the choir! Laugh.

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Hi, Robert, you only tempted, not sined yet like me... so you still have hope... I am deeply in sin and totaly lost... happily

Hi, Kemistry, Thanks for the cuttings. Yes, both tree and french jasmine had one open flower and some buds the day I received the package. I did got chance to smell both in brief moment. To me, the tree jasmine smells a lot like the french jasmine. The tree jasmine seems pure and with hint of gardenia scent. But my opinon on the scent may change if a large Qty of flowers open all togehter.
The tree jasmine is indeed a large plant, about 2 1/2' tall stuck in a 4"pot. I am very surprised too when I unpacked it. I repotted them into 6 " pot with fast drain mix hoping they will survive in winter if I can find place for them inside.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

OG, Thanks for the tree jasmine info and tempting us into yet another plant we don't have room for...ha! I too am in denial about where I'm going to shove all my potted tropical treasures when it gets cold. I've already acquired 10 plumerias! :)


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Well done olympia!!
I too start to feel crowded in the balconies & I don't even want to picture the living room/jungle in the winter with my cat running through!!
Robert you are terrible w/the plumeria frenzy, keep us posted on the different scents please!! I only got five new ones, then ran a bulb fever then a seed fever and then a scented orchid mania and here I am...

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


So you're just as much a sinner as the rest of us! ;)
Will definitely keep everyone posted on my thoughts about the scent of all my plumie babies (if they ever bloom).
So what kinds of bulbs and seeds did you go crazy with?
I've got some evening scented stocks coming up which makes me happy (and even happier if I get some blooms before the hard frosts come!).
Also please let us know about your scented orchids if they bloom and if they're easy to care for and your thoughts on their scent. I have one that seems to be taking forever to form flower buds on the spikes. I picked it up for 5 bucks last winter so if it's a dud in the scent department oh, well! I just read the label and saw something about fragrance in the name. Laugh.


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LOL... all siners!!! Don't blame for the apple, the snake, blame the Fragrance. To undo the sin is to confess so you can start from a clean slate again which I just did...
umh, Plumeria...10 Plumerias... Irresistable! I know if I ever get into Plumeria, I will be much much deep sin and no way I can end up in heaven...This does not mean I am not thinking about it, lurking about, just have not done anything yet.

Evening scented stock.. interesting. What does the scent smell like? It is not a house plant, is it?

Fenius, What type of scented orchids you have in your collection? I recommend "Sharry Baby" . I just looove its fragrance. I consider it a "must have" orchid.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Don't get me started about night scented stock! I was reminded of their glorious scent by this recent posting-

It can be confusing since you may or may not get the right species. The botanical name may or may not be Matthiola longipetala (or bicornis). I believe T&M sell the most glorious scented one (the scent is hard to explain).
Anyway they are not house plants. You grow them outside and they like cool weather and they're annuals so it should be easy for you to sow some in Chicago next year. :)

And I don't recommend going down the plumie path because you can get addicted like me. :P


Here is a link that might be useful: Night scented stock

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Robert, you try to save me, LOL, I am already hopelessly addicted to any fragrant whatever...

Thanks for the link. My computer won't allow me to do search for some reason. If you didn't mentioned the different species of the scented stock, I might very well end with buying wrong seeds. Thanks a lot for pointing it out. I will check T&M, I want to get some fragrant sweet pea from them for next year too. But I heard its price has gone up and the company has changed hands.

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Dear Olympia Gardener,

It looks like you raided Logee's!

I am a little bit addicted to Plumerias too.
I have some good news for you and others of us who grow these in pots. They need full sun outdoors (after some time to acclimate) but they don't necesarily have to live in windows over winter. They drop their leaves over winter and can exist throgh the cold months as green sticks either in the sunlight or in an out of the way spot somewhere else. Two factors to consider are water and temperature though. They need very little water, but some over the winter. If you are storing them in a cold but frost free space, they will need almost none. Do not let them stay wet over winter. If you are storing them at room temperature, water them like cactus or succlents over the winter, once or twice a month. They appreciate frequent mistings, just like all your plants over the winter though. One magical thing about Plumerias is that they lose all their leaves over winter, but not necesarily their flower scapes. With propper care, these last through the season and will begin to flower with the warm weather next year. Some people wrap the plants in newspaper, but I simply mist the flower scapes on dormant plumerias with my other plants. This little trait of the plumeria plant is a boon to me in New Jersey. Plants here often only begin budding up at this time of year or later. While we will in all likelyhood be safe from frosts until late November, the last two months of are growing season are cool, dark, and often wet, which hardly lend themselve to coaxing plumeria blossoms. Some from last year though bided their time and are just finishing now. I have a common sort of variety called "Julie Morange" open now, and it smelles like coconut, fruit and rose succesively as the blooms open and mature. I have new scapes coming from other plumerias which I hope will open some flowers between Labor Day and Columbus Day, and continue (after an indoor hiatus) next summer.

Best wishes,
Matt Di Clemente

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Thanks, Matt!

I did not know the part about flower scapes often surviving the dormancy period over winter (with some babying, of course).
'Julie Morange' sounds intriguing. What other varieties are you growing?
Here are my 10-

California Sunset
Inca Gold
Dwarf Deciduous White
Phet Pachara
Daeng Maha Choke aka Bangkok Fire
Chiang Mai Rainbow
Gold Coast Peach(y)

Of these only 'Inca Gold', 'California Sunset' and 'Divine' have bloomed for me (all are new this year except for 'Inca Gold' which I got last year).
I've been interested in 'Kimi Morange' since it's supposed to be fairly compact and has a nice spicy, floral scent.


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Hi guys! well the orchids have not arrived yet and they will be seedlings so it will be long before I can comment on scents, I only have a small neofinetia falcata and I ordered these:
phalaeopsis bellina
sedirea japonica
brassavola nodosa
dendrobium aphyllum
Thanks olymp sharry baby is noted for the next time!
As for the seeds I also got excited with the night scented stock thread, but then also got some violet seeds, forget-me-nots, wallflowers, bluebells, nicotiana, woodruff, meadowsweet, campanulas, evening primroses, cornflowers, incarvillea, thymes, cleome, mallow musks... need I go on?!
Now I'm after south african bulbs like boophane &co! but will probably preorder them for spring..

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Wow! You went crazy with the seeds. Laugh. Funny you mentioned cleome. I've been wanting some and will probably grow them next year for the hummingbirds. Also I like the scent from the leaves (I know some people find the scent unpleasant). Your cat is going to really love the jungle you're creating! :)
As for orchids I have Brassavola nodosa plus a hybrid B. nodosa variety that I got at Lowe's. The straight species has bloomed for me. The scent is not quite as strong as I would like but I think you'll like it. The scent is sorta similar to nicotiana. Of course my plant is young and I've only had a few blooms open at once so I might be wowed if several open at the same time.


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Hi, Matt, You are right, I did bought them from Logees. It looks like your are their frequent customer too. They had the tree Jasmine on sale for $10. Not bad price to try something new. This time, they did send me decent size plants with well developed root system, except the oragne jasmine, but I heard the orange jasmine is easy to grow.
After read what you said about Plumeria can be wintered as a stick and no light is needed... I think I am in the direction of going down ...LOL...

Robert, I remembered Laura recommended Divine a while back.It is supposed to be a easy Plumeria for newbies. What its scent smells like?
Talking about plant for humming bird, have you tried pinapple sage? I think HB loves its red flowers. I love the scent of its leaves.

Fenius,.. LOL... when all your seeds grow up into plants, you and your cat might have to move to the roof.. LOL.. There is another plant that has very nice scent. The scented 4 O'clock...
From my last crazy shopping spree, I bought a neofinetia falcata. It is very small plant, can be tugged into any space between pots. I addict to its scent. I saw its hybrid at the orchid farm where I bought my orchids, equal or even stronger scent to my nose, the plant is little larger so does the flowers. But the Hybrid flower has a hint of purple colore , not pure white. My brassavola nodosa has not bloomed yet. Can't wait to smell its flowers. Besides Sharry Baby ( waft venilla chocolate scent), I think Twinkle is worth to have too. It is a small plant and blooms in winter which really brighten up the dull winter days. It has massive pretty pale yellow/white flowers ( there is brown colored too) with apricot center on each spike . it is fragrant.

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thanks for the info robert!
Olympia the orchid mania needs to stop! I was saving them for when I grow really old now I will only have bonsai to look forward to!! I got lost with the chinese cymbidiums last week do you know anything about them???

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Fenius, LOL. can't stop it, there is always another one...;Don't stop it, we all only live onc life... Hopefully a full life. If all the pleasure and desires were taken away from us, what is left to look forward to?

There are 4 types of Chinese Cymbidiums, which type do you have?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


'Divine' Plumeria has a light jasminy scent. So far I have not been wowed by it and might give it to a friend. Still my plant is young and I've only had a few blooms open at once. Heat and humidity affect the scent, of course.

And all this talk of Chinese cymbidiums is terrible! Always wanted one of those but of course don't have room for yet another evergreen!


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None yet! I was trying to find info on them in order to choose!

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I just 'sin'ed' too! It seems a weekly occurance - where will I put them? ... I don't know - but, I ordered from Hirts again - the red mandevilla, a pink 'hydrangea' vine plant that claims that it can grow in shade - so I may be able to put it in my bedroom window (never had luck with plants in there) - but, would love it if something would thrive in the shade of that huge tree that hangs overhead! - oh - and 2 more plants - a a honeysuckle "serotina" and a night blooming jasmine "cestrum nocturnum" that I will have to keep my cats from eating.

Don't know how I'll fit them into my quickly filling/filled window spaces - and the challenges of working with vines... well - if they survive the shipping/transplanting and new home - that too shall be a fun assignment. :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Hopefully this time you won't toss out the poor red Mandevilla. ;)


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Oh boy...I've just sinned too.

1. Lots of Plumeria cuttings from A piece of paradise...yippeee

2. Two adenium (I've killed them in the past & want to try again.

3. Gardenia Vietnamese

Happy growing everyone!!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Okay, Kasie...don't just tease us plumie addicts! What cuttings did you get? I might venture into cuttings next year. So far I've just purchased rooted cuttings. :)


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Hi Robert,

I got Aztec Gold, Hilo Beauty, Jean Moragne(2), Kaleinani(2), Lemon Whirl, Peachy King, Petersens Gold, Sally Morange, Hawaii Sunset, Scott Pratt.

Laura on the Plumeria Forum post a picture of her beautiful Adenium and so I had to lurk into the "adenium forum" and try again.

And after gleening over the discussion/photos of your Aglaia plant...I am convinced that I MUST have this plant.LOL

Happy Growing.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Wow! You went crazy with the plumie purchases. Makes me feel more normal. Laugh.
Laura certainly is a knowledgeable and kind person.
Good luck with your Adenium.

Aglaia's scent is wonderful but it's not a strong scent and can be elusive as the saying goes but when you do catch a whiff I think you'll be happy that you have the plant. :)


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I sinned the Aglaia. Will have to look out for that elusive scent that everyone talked about...LOL


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Rosey, welcome to the club....LOL. If you read my other thread, I just sined again for some tuberose and bulbs. I wish I can just keep it in weekly event like you do... but mine seem occures more often ... I may have not confessed all the sin yet...

night blooming jasmine "cestrum nocturnum" has very strong scent. I have one in blooming right now outside . If you plant to keep it indoor, please make sure you can stand its strong scent before you buying it. I have less sensitive nose and I like its scent but I can't image myself live with its scent in the same room.

Kasie, thanks for the confession. I was lurking into Adenium forum. luckily, Adenium does not have scent so I am safe. But the more you and robert talk about Plumeria, the faster my heart beats and higher my blood pressure goes... Really tempted.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Congrats on your new purchases, everyone! :o)

OG- tuberose are awesome. Mine will bloom in a few weeks I cannot wait!!! Think of a coconuty gardenia scent, you'll love it!

Ah Kasie, aglaia odorata is a must have for everyone. And of course everyone must grow at least 1 plumeria. Lol.

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My Hirts order should be delivered this afternoon. I won't forget any of the 4 plants this time. I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll look like. A new type of jasmine. I'm not worried aobut strong scents - truthfully, sometimes I wonder if my nose works. I have to put my nose right up into a flower to get a hint of what i'm sniffing.

I hope I'll have enough window space!!! Please, Please, Please! Let them all fit!

I've been almost tempted on a few occasions to order the Aglaia odorata - the idea that it doesn't need as much sunlight is what's drawing me ever closer to it. If only I could grow plants in darkness... my kitchen has a lovely window - but facing a northern direction I find that I always have to put a light on to see in there.

I'm looking forward to seeing my new plants and the transplanting process. I'll post pictures soon on the Hirt's winter headliner soon, keep an eye out. :)

Wondering if any of them will be in bloom...

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Well, its official, I'm nuts. I spent part of the morning rotating plants around, trying to figure out how to squeeze the most into the window sunspots. Then I had to take a trip to home depot. And came home with a adenium. Not in bloom, flower color will be a surprise. Back home had to begin the plant rotation all over to get in that extra plant. The umbrella plant ... I took it out of the big pot, did a huge clipping of its roots so I could put it into a smaller pot. It may recover, or not. I'm trying not to be sentimental in case it doesn't. My begonias will be packed away in another month or so. Right now, it all fits, but don't know what I will do if anything grows... ;)

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I only have two Plumerias.

How should Plumes be kept during winter months?

Someone said they should be kept in a brown, paper bag, dark room and no water until spring. Is this correct? Toni

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I store my plumerias down in the basement and don't water until they show signs of life in spring. Never heard of the paper bag but I would advice against that since good air circulation is beneficial.


Here is a link that might be useful: Storing plumerias in winter

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Here's a picture of my 'honor' south facing window. Honor being that it's placed in close proximity to the couch. So after spending part of the weekend shifting plants around... It's in a great spot that I can spend many pleasant winter months talking to them. :)

the ones on the sill are: 1) dwarf gardenia, 2) tahitian gardenia, 3) mandevilla 4) crown of thorns 5) lavender (end of season - but still a wonderful scent.

The ones in second row: on arm of couch 1) recovering serotina honeysuckle which lost all leaves during transplant process, and on the table 2) seed geranium and 3) clivia 4) orange geranium and 5) not in picture a vase with MOO Jasmine clippings.

If anything grows - I may have a problem....

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And this picture captures part of the second south facing window, where some of my last winter's 'joys' are kept - with the addition of my new adenium plant. :)

The other half of the window, not showing is: my MOO jasmine, the other jasmine ... something mol? ... the night jasmine, and the vine hydrangea roseum ...

in this picture is a cactus which seems to have really grown over the summer, my warped Aloe plants (early last spring it had some beautiful orange flowers), and the adenium.

Last spring - that aloe plant was my pride and joy. I'd never realized that they flowered until it did! What an adventure to watch houseplants and discover something new as they grow before us.

My west facing windows have taken on all the cast-off plants - a planter with 'end of season begonias ready for hybernation, my shrunken transplant attempt umbrella plant, and another variety of aloe that has several babies and could really use transplanting - but, don't know when I'll get to it. And lastly, A 3 year old ponytail plant (3 bulbs and 'leaves that stretch about 3 feet long') - also probably could be transplanted - the 10" pot seems pretty full) and a 5 year old Rosemary bush ... that is such a delightful scent! - on the landing coming into the apartment...

Yes, this year - my fragrant plants have taken all the positions of honor and ... the cast offs - poor dears ... I
still remember to water them, but they are mostly ignored. The ponytail plant thrives on the lack of interest... the others, not so much.

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Robert, thanks for the link. Now to decide whether it's better to unpot canes and over-winter bare root or leave in containers.

Rose, aside from the direction and curtain, our kitchen windows could be related. lol.

The kitchen window/s face north; no curtain/blinds. I once had a shelf similar to yours, but dh installed a new faucet which is too high, so the shelf no longer fits.

Those shelves hold quite a few plants, plus the sill.

Your plants look good. Do you allow your Adenium/Desert Rose to go dormant during winter months?

Does Honeysuckle grow indoors?

What is something mol? lol. Have a picture? Toni

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Hi, Rose, See you ellite honor rolls, honor rolls , and crappy rolls ... I need to decide mine which are in honor rolls too. But I will put Jasmine sambac in dormant. It really needs good light and heat to grow well and flower well. I think let it lose leaves and re-grow next spring can avoid its leggy vine, and red mites infest in winter time. I think my honor rolls are mostly the orchids and winter blooming plants.

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It's my first adenium - I'm hoping to see what it will do in my well heated south facing room. :) If the aloe flowered last year - I can only hope that the adenium will do a similar action. :) It would be nice to see what color flower will come from my newest plant.

the honeysuckle - well - I LOVE the scent of honeysuckle. One of my neighbors has a whole fence full of yellow/white honeysuckle that smells divine. I doubt it will flower indoors - but, I want to see what growth will come from it and if I can thicken it over the course of the winter before I decide to put her into the ground ... If I could have a short vine of honeysuckle to climb up the inside of the window... maybe, climb up the curtain... well, wishful thinking. No - I expect that it will do well as a green vine indoors - and then it'll have to go outside to flower.

the same can probably be said for the Roseum hydrangea vine (but, in a lot slower growing fashion). I picked the hydrangea vine because it was listed as a shade plant - and I was thinking that if I ran out of window space - that it might still do ok - away from the window, say on a coffee table? :) Hey - I love my plants - but do they all have to be window huggers?

The jasmines... Id like to see if they'll bloom in my south windows. I'm going to try my darndest to keep them healthy - and, if the mites become to much of an issue - I'll put them into the cold room for the winter season. I'm more afraid of how the gardenia's going to treat me. - I read so much online here that they're hard to keep alive and healthy. I hope I can do it - my biggest fear is that I have so many plants/pots crowded around those 2 small windows - that the air circulation will cause some serious fungii/mold issues. That happened last winter for a mini rose I was trying to brighten up the apartment with... it was very depressing having it covered in white powder. I love roses - but, have never done well with keeping them inside.

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What is a tree Jasmine? Does it grow upright or viney? Sounds interesting. Are blooms fragrant?

Rose, Adeniums are strange plants. When you have time, check out the new Adenium Forum. I learned a lot about Adeniums since the forum started.

During summer, Adeniums should be cared for as one would a tropical. Winter is a different story.
Some people allow their Adeniums to go completely dormant during winter. Very little or no water, and kept in shade.
Others keep Adeniums in light, but water sparingly. No fertilizer either way.

Last winter, as an experiment I allowed my Adeniums to go completely dormant; all leaves fell. This winter, they'll be grown in light, like they've been cared for the last 10-yrs.
I was sooo very worried they'd rot in shade.

Is your Adenium grafted or a seedling?

Aloes bloom at different times than Adeniums. Adeniums can start buding as early as March, if given direct sun, but the strongest, prettiest flowers open late spring till summer.
Aloes can bloom in summer, but here they flower about mid-winter.

This summer I planted a hardy, variegated Honeysuckle. Hope it loves. Never consiered growing indoors, though I have Blue Dawn Morning Gloy..does well. There's a root battle going on between the Honeysuckle and MG. lol

I've attempted growing mini Roses indoors, but they're mite magnets. I give up, even though they're gorgeous plants.

During winter, once heat is on, I either turn on the ceiling fan or run a rotating fan. This helps w/air circulation. The fan cannot hit plants..I set the front upwards. No mold or problem w/air circultion.

Which Adenium do you have? Toni

P.S. He who is without sin cast the first plant... :)

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well, I haven't a clue what a graphed adenium looks like - I don't see any join marks on her trunk. She's got several branches and they seem like they are 'from' her. so - I guess this could mean she's a seedling?

As for the light issue - I am not a 'handy' type. I would be willing to spend up to $200 for a good lighting system. My worries are that I don't want a system that would create to much heat (or be a fire scare). I would like to be able to have the lights set to go on/off - and not be home to monitor them doing so. :) ... and... have them stable enough that if they are on a stand - the cats can't knock them over. I have fishtanks - and I have 2 cats who LOVE to sit on top of the lights. ... what else... since I'm creating a wish list - if it could be on some sort of chain system so that I could raise them up higher/lower depending on the size of the plants below them? :)

My kitchen table is a 4' long oval... If the lighting system was about 3 - 4 feet long? ... and could be raised anywhere from 2 - 6 feet? ... although if it were raised 6 feet - It would have to be off the table... since I'm in an attic and I don't have walls tall enough to handle anything 9 feet in the air ... :) bended corners in every room - and, I'm short (5'3 and a bit) so I'm not complaining.

And, back to the topic of sinning... I placed another plant order yesterday (from amazon - 9greenbox - I finally couldn't take it anymore - had to order the Aglaia Odorata. and ... pink jasmine. (the price on the pink jasmine was too good to pass up) but I was shocked on the shipping costs from 9greenbox - they added the shipping for each item ... no reduced prices for a multiple order. so, my $18 order was over $30 by the time shipping was included. I know I wouldn't find the Aglaia o around Boston though, and not for cheaper than $30 - so I placed the order. I definitely thought twice before doing it though!

All that said - I have a fast research project to do! You all know how minimal my space is - so It doesn't take much emphasis on how this worry is making me consider what to do with a tree! ... I need to get a quick lesson on Bonsai! ... any advice on how to turn a small Aglaia into a bonsai project? what size pot should I look for to start this task? ARe bonsai pots drainage free??? should I be using a succulent type 'soil' for it? Any thoughts here would be most greatly appreciated! I know I shouldn't have succumbed to this final sin - but, part of me was thinking about the fact that the begonias and the geranium both will soon be at the end of their 'season' ... that would make almost 2 feet worth of table (in prime honor -filtered southern sunlight territory) all for this new plant project.

As for the pink jasmine... I seem to have a bit of a 'problem' ... It'll be my 4th jasmine - this season. I can't seem to say no when the price looks reasonable. Jasmine polyanthum? ... why not? ... still don't know why it's called pink. the photo online make the flowers all look white to me! :D

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Rose. You can find a nice, table-top light/stand for 200.00 or less..There are quite a few sales this time of year.
Logee's had table top lighting, but their prices are a tad higher than other supply nurseries.
Have you tried Amazon? Ebay?
Places that sell green houses normally have table top lighting.

Don't blame you worrying about fires. I too am concerned. This house would light up like 4th of July. Wood/siding.
Our bedrooms are upstairs, so it is something to think about.

I believe most light systems are tested. Always check wiring. If a cord is ripped or split, send it back.

If your Adenium is grafted, you'll see a line/bump nearest the bottom. Grafted plants are supposed to be more disease resistent and tend to flower at a younger age, opposed to seedlings. Don't know if it's myth or fact, but that's what I've read.
I believe all my Adeniums are grafted..I All but one citrus is grafted, too.

Bonsai. I don't know much about true, maple trees, yews, etc.
Maybe you should start out with a less expessive plant, see how it does.
For instance, I purchased a ready-made Ficus Bonsai at Walmrt a little over 10-yrs ago. I also have a few other plants growing in bonsai pots. All were under 10.00.
Since your Aglaia was on the high side, starting w/a less expensive plant, 'as bonsai,' might be a good idea. What if something goes wrong? Oh my!
It's just a thought..perhaps Ag's are not difficult as bonsais, but I'd be afraid cutting roots

Hopefully, someone who knows about growing Ag's as bonsais will jump in..if not, maybe you should check out the Bonsai Forum. ???

I have trouble growing Jamine, too. Except for MOO's. Moo's do okay. Is Moo is a true Jasmine. I once had a variegated Night Blooming died within 6 months. I give up, even though they're beautiful and smell wonderful.

Sinning. I have sinned many times over the years. lol. I just won a couple plants on Ebay, and ordered from another nursery..Online shopping is way tooooo easy. lol.
Very seldom do local nurseries/stores have rare plants here...most sell the same old plants: Pothos, palms,, etc. Finding a rare plant/s needs to be ordered online.

After my winnings, I am going to hold off sinning until my plants are brought indoors. Don't know where they'll go this year. Sinned, many many times.. :)


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ok, lighting - done (I think) ... went on amazon and ordered 2 T5 light kits - both on stands - one a 4 foot size and the other a 2 foot size. The prices seemed reasonable - the 4' size was $59 (and because it was amazon - free shipping) ... Now, I tried going through the reviews to see if the light was the right type for flowering or not - but, have to admit - I felt like I couldn't make heads or tails from that part. It may only make plants grow but not flower??? I haven't decided what to do with them. The 4 foot light might fit on my kitchen table ... (but as a sole light source) not much comes in that north facing window -I don't know how responsive plants would be to having 'fake lighting' instead of natural (with a little supplimentation).

the 2 footer - I'm considering to put on a timer in my bedroom. - if T5s are considered good for seasonal depression - the idea of waking up when my plants do - well - what a nice image. :) To wake with light instead of by alarm clock. Yes, I'd like to try that - most especially now that the sun is more and more delayed each morning. I should probably have that plant light on my night stand instead of across the room. :D

I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to buy some sort of fan system to blow at the lights or not. Has anyone ever used the "Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System" or the "JSV2" model? ... were they good to go, right from the box? How did your fragrants do on them? Any flowers in winter? or should I just be grateful that there'll be enough light to use my darker rooms and have greenery with these fixtures?

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Rose, sounds great!

You got a fantastic deal, plus free shipping.

I don't know about the fan, what it has to do with lighting, but during winter, I run a humidifer and indoor fountain. During the day, I turn the ceiling fan on..for air circulation.

Perhaps there's something about the lighting and fans I'm unaware. Did it explain the reason?

One of my lighted shelves is before a north window, which really doesn't get much light. Hardly any.
On this shelf are various Orchids, Aglaonema, one baby Anthurium, Calathea and Stromanthe. They do well. Orchids and Aglaonemas bloom during winter months..Bulbs are standard fluorscent..not for plants. So, I assume, your new lights will promote flowering.

How many hours do you plan on running lights? Number of hours make a differece, especially if artificial lighting is the only light source. And plant type matters, too.

As for Amazon feedback. Did you check the number of stars? Also, were the lights bought for plants or people's moods? lol.

Once you have stands setup, will you post pics? What type of plants will go under lights? You're SO lucky..:)

I'm excited for you, lol. Hopefully, someone has an answer for your fan question.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

roseyd - many sellers do combined shipping, did you ask them to send you a new invoice? Wait for the new invoice before paying. Congrats on your Aglaia purchase, you wont regret it! : )

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well, I saw only one customer feedback that mentioned that the light was running - felt as hot as hot coffee... and another one mentioned using a fan while the lighting was on. Other than that, didn't see any mention of fans.

the question of which plants... well, the 2 footer - only appears to be 18" tall. so, I have that as a consideration. I will put the mysore mule jasmine under that, and at least to start - the Aglaia Odorata tree may be of that size to fit beneathe it... wouldn't flowers from Jasmine and the Chinese perfume tree be a delightful scent to sleep with? :D

For the four footer ... I would put the mandavilla, the MOO Jasmine, the double tahitian gardinia, and maybe a few of my aloes who could use some extra light most especially in winter (if running lights solo in my northern kitchen will be enough to get these to flower - a kitchen filled with the scent of jasmine and gardenia... why not? :)

This may even give me more space to get more plants??? :D

Did I just say that?

I am thinking that I have no experience with this - but, how about: As to how long to run the lights. I need to get timers for them both, and would think to do ... 2 six hour cycles? 5:30 am - 11:30 - then 5:30 pm - 11:30? this would make it so that I would have the lights on to appreciate them at night -And, they can have a li'l bit of true dark, and reduced light in between while I'm not there - just in case the lights are hotter than I'd want them to be, there'd be some time in the middle for them to cool off?

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Kemistry, I always pay amazon up front as part of the order process. If they reduce the shipping price that would be wonderful - but, since it's after the fact now - I am hesitant to even put my hopes in that occuring.

I don't know why they charge almost 10$ to ship one plant, and then around $5 to ship the other... does this mean I can expect a HUGE plant? Customer reviews didn't describe it that way - but, if I get more for the extra shipping (a few extra branches and leaves - then it wouldn't be so bothersome. :)

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Rose, wonder why the customer mentioned a fan for lights??
I'd read their feeback, but don't know which system/seller you bought from.

After you set up light fixture, you can decide which plants will go where. lol. Don't know how many times I changed plants from spot to spot or room to room.

BTW, did you say you plan on keeping your Gardenia in the kitchen? Do you do a lot of cooking/baking?
Gardenias prefer cooler temps..if a room is too warm, 1. buds drop, 2. mites 'might' attack.
My Gardenias are kept in a semi-heated room. Vents are off so the only heat comes from an adjacent room. But, give it a try. You can always relocate.

Space for more plants...LOL. That's the spirit..there's always room for one, two or three new plants. lol.

I believe the hours your lights will be on is sufficient. I keep timers set to turn on at sunset, then off about 11:30. It depends. There's windows in the room.
More hours are necessary for a room w/o windows so 7-hours plus sun, 'if any' works for my plants.

Rose, new bulbs shouldn't get hot. Most bulbs don't even get warm. Not like the old days when incandescents were used. Most bulbs in our house are fluorescnt 'curly' bulbs. Our old lamps use regular bulbs...they're untouchable when on.

About shipping...I can't believe the cost of shipping these days. One little 4" potted plant costs 10.00 for shipping. It's absurd. Sometimes shipping cost more than the plant!
Not all sellers charge astronomical fees, but most get away with it.
Several Ebay sellers take advantage of shipping costs. I understand they have to make some profit. Afterall, there's packing, boxes, a trip to the PO, etc, but profits over 15% is too high.
Guess if we want a plant bad enough, we pay. Most plants are not available here, so it's either pay for shipping or forget the plant.

What can we do? lol. Toni

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that's exactly it - I never find tropicals around here - and I'd hate to be boring and have 'normal' plants that everyone else has. I've never owned a spider plant and don't want one. I like finding unusual plants to take up my window space - and it's worth putting a reasonable amount into shipping to get them. was $15 for $19 worth of plants reasonable. No. - You and I both know that plants in 4" pots and packing peanuts are light. So the cost of shipping wasn't really $15 - it was the cost of 'handling' that cost me.

If a company runs an internet business - the 'handling' and 'packaging' costs should be portioned into the 'buying' fee.

Yes, I'm making this sound like I'm a disgruntled shopper. I admit that I came really close to not putting in that plant order. 75% of cost for shipping charges is highway robbery. Earlier in the season, I considered ordering from Logees and stopped when I saw what their shipping fees were. I'm a bargain shopper - and I don't like to give away my 'deals/discounts' to a handling fee.

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cook? ... I could cook... but, I normally don't. I have a 1912 gas stove in my kitchen that came with the apartment - I love the stove, it looks ancient - and some parts of it doesn't work (such as the oven) ... but, It's the look that I like. And ... I was never a baker anyway. Occasionally, I may make a one pan dish on the stovetop. or sometimes, I may heat up something in the toaster oven. But, most days my kitchen doesn't see much more of me than about 10 minutes taking care of the cats' feedings, or the litter boxes (in a closet within kitchen). The kitchen is one of the colder rooms in the apartment - usually staying between 55-65.

If I cook a longer dish - it might get to 65...

Or every so often I might bring out the crock pot

No winter overheating worries for the gardenias. I could even get them cooler and put them in the closed off hallway - that hall probably stays in the low 40s for most of the winter season... that's where I leave the ponytail plant. ;)

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I agree with you both, The shipping charge is way too high from on-line order. They can get the boxes free from postal office. A medium size flat rate box can easily fit 5 less than 12" tall small 4" pot plants. They can arrange a pick up location with postal office to pick up all the shipment. I think $1 for the extra packaging charge per order is reasonable ( rubber band, papers inbetwwen the plants, etc).

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Rose, you're right..expense is mostly handling. When you order, check the price stamped what the seller paid, then deduct what you spent for S&H. Highway Robery.

We have to drive 1.5 hours to the 'last' opened nursery that sells rare plants. We drive there once a year, usually Feb.
I don't want a Spider or Pothos which is the most frequent selling plant around. Once in a while stores might have African Violets. Nothing worth buying.

Logee's had an Aloe I wanted. After filling out the info, w/shipping, the price came out to 37.00. One, little 4" pot. Basicaly a cutting.

Did I ask if you can cook? Sorry, I meant, do you cook? lol.
Wow, your house is cold! lol. 40 in the hallway. I'd be freezing. Your gas bill must be 5.00. lol. I complain when it's 70.

OG. Yes, shipping is a major rip-off. You too are right. Boxes are free and UPS now picks up packages. Sellers w/stores probably buy multiple shipping items, and get a deal.

Most Ebay sellers have combined extra plant sometimes cost 1.00. Shows how much profit these ppl make for handling.

But, what do we do when we really want a certain plant?

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My whole house isn't 40! I close off the hallway because its wasted space, why heat it ? I also close off one of the extra rooms. Its only me and the cats. And by closing off the extra space, my heating bill stays around a 100 a month. My tv room (warmest room in apt.) is about 70 degrees, and if I feel cold I raise it to 80. But the apt is old style, no central heat. My bedroom in winter is about 60... And I raise the heat in the tv room each am so I can shower ... But lower the heat to 60 (tv room) when I'm out for the day. I had 2 years without neighbors below me and learned to be frugal with the heat. If I didn't close off the extra space last winter my bills would have been triple... Thankfully this winter season I have neighbors and the have young children... I may not need to use my heat until December 1 if I'm lucky.

I can cook, pretty well, but its wasted on just me... So I don't. ;)

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I could ad for further descriptives - my attic apartment is a one bedroom (with an extra room) - back in the old days - the extra room probably was used as a dining room - but, for me - I have it set up as a library (or living room extension). the apartment has a 2 entrances, and 2 'hallways) - the front entrance, which is the one most used - has a steep stairway and a 15 foot hallway. at one end is a small window with a table in front of it - and a very long leaved ponytail plant. There are 3 doors off of this hallway - one door, directly across from the stairway leads into the front 'livingroom/library' area. but, if you turn down the hallway instead - there's a door on the left that is a 12 x 10 storage room. (no windows). and if you keep going straight - there's the door that opens onto the kitchen (with it's northfacing window).

Coming into the kitchen, it's eat-in size - but only just. It has a corner cut out of it, close to the window to put in eve space. so the room is probably about 14 foot wide, but one end (near the windows, is only about 6 or 7 feet... and the side running past the stove area is about 10 feet...) - the kitchen entry door faces a back hallway area - there are 4 doors that lead off of the back hall.

to the left, the bathroom. to the front - the bedroom, a short right - for the door to the back exit (fire exit only), and if you turn more 'right' a short 4 foot hall leads to the 'tv' room (where the heat is). So the tv room is my most used room - it has the south-facing windows, after all. :)

Going into the tv room - there's a door at the right (end of room) that leads into the 'livingroom/library. basically my apartment is a circular design. about 1200 feet if you take into account the under eve storage areas (there's 2 of them - one off of my bedroom), as well as 2 walkin closets. Only the bedroom, bathroom and storage rooms don't have extra doors connecting them together... otherwise for an attic, especially in the summer when I open up the front hall doors - it has pretty good air circulation.

In the winter, the heat kinda stays in the living room area. I don't complain - the bedroom can be chilly, that's what blankets are all about.

Yes, it's an old apartment, but I'm not particularly picky about things like that. I love the space (plenty for one girl and her cats... and plants ... and clothes... and... well, maybe it's not enough space. :) )

If I could wish for any improvements to it - I'd like a large balcony so that I could bring my plants outside and still keep them close. But I love my apartment, it's character, proximity to Boston and most importantly, its reasonable rent. This allows me to be roommate free.
I don't think roommates would know what to do with all the plants filling up every window. :) Never mind what would be said when I take over the kitchen table with a plant light system...

Welcome to the world of RoseyD. :) Hope you enjoyed the tour. Exit is on the right. :D

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Another cold morning. Sitting here freezing, and today I must clean the house.

Yesterday I went out back, noticed several outdoor plants w/frost-bite. Including Hummingbird vine. I really have to start bringing plants in.

Rose, your house sounds're so lucky. Must feel like a castle w/all those doors..and closets..Would I love large closets.

I want to move soooo bad, but dh doesn't. When I woke this morning the urge came over me. We've been here 23 was supposed to be a starter home. The house needs a lot of work, including our DR ceiling which has a hole. It's leaking, too. Very small rooms. I like moving furniture for a different look, but the LR is long rather than square so not much can be done. I hate it!

I love old Victorians, but would like to move in a house w/no basement/attic. And I'd like a huge, built in solarium for my plants.
A friend has a built in solarium, but she keeps birds inside..about 500 Cockatiels. lol.

Rose, everyone's bodies differ. I'm always cold. My younger sister is always hot..she keeps a/c on 12 months per year and a fan when she goes to bed. When we visit her, we need coats or at least heavy sweaters..I could never live w/

since DH has yet to turn on the furnace, I have the cooking stove on.

Every room in this house has different temps..even though the themastat is set about 72, certain rooms stay warm. The front and back plant rooms get pretty cold during winter. One year, before we had new windows installed, the back plant room got down to 23F. Plants are over-wintered there, but they did fine. Including tropicals. They're a lot hardier than I. lol

Yep, covers are to keep warm, but waking, having to get out of bed when temps are cold is a real chore. lol. I shower think of hopping in the shower when temps are cold, oh God, makes me icy thinking about

I cook daily, more during winter..For the holidays, I bake cookies/bars mainly for my family. I do not like cooking in summer though. We didn't have a/c so during July, when temps were 100-104, we ate sandwiches, etc. I admit, 100 is too hot. lol. However, when temps are hot, my energy level increases. I'm outside gardening, while neighbors are in their a/c'd homes, a/c'd cars and a/c'd jobs.

I grew up during an era when most didn't have a/c. Ppl are spoiled now. lol.

I always wanted to live east. Heck, I'd love to visit during autumn, when leaves show-off color. Boston sounds good. Maine, too. I'd like to see Steven King's house. lol. The ocean. Stop in small towns. I doubt this dream will come true though.

Is your heat gas or oil? Our gas bill isn't bad considering it went up in cost. I believe oil is much more $. Suprised more people haven't converted to gas. This month it was a little over 20.00...that covers cooking stove, and dryer.

Anyway, your house sounds lovely. Toni

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Toni, you're not alone. :) I also love to move furniture. I tell you, I've changed the rooms around every year since I've moved. This winter, I am considering to move my bedroom to the front of the house - so that I can change the room that I close off. I can imagine that if I close off the 'now' bedroom - my spot at the front of the house will be a whole lot warmer, and those west windows with the view of the street will make me take much more advantage of seeing the neighborhood instead of the defoliated trees and others' back porches (from the backside view).

What will this entail besides moving my bed? ... well, half emptying the library - I would have to take out a coffee table and the chairs, and at least one bookcase. I would probably leave all my clothes in the back room, it could be a nice dressing-room come the summer. :) In winter - well, with the door closed - It's one thing to go in there to gather up clothes, quite another to think of putting them on in there... but, I guess I can always dress in the back hallway? :)

I have gas heat, thankfully! I don't think I'd ever want oil, with having to order them to come in and fill... Connect me to a line and be done with it. :)

Actually, my biggest dream would be - being off the grid 100%. Not that one can do it in a victorian rental. I'd love to add some solar power panels, and a windmill or two. :) But, I'll have to save that for a 'dream' retirement home. yes, and add to that 'dream' the solareum and a 3 or 4 season porch. :)

Toni, I would be worried about a leaking hole in the ceiling. Has the hubby gone up on the roof to look? Is it a simple repair? some black pitch and a sunny day - or time for a full replacement? Don't let the leak go for to long - you don't want there to be structural damage,rot, mold from to much water getting into the walls/insulation.
Even a patchjob - is better than letting the leak continue. (just my 2 cents - to much HGTV and fix-it shows) :)

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My lights are here! well, they're sitting on my porch waiting for me to go home. how about that for fast service!

And, I checked on the plant order and it's out for delivery. 2 packages in one day - I will have some work to do this weekend to set up my lighting. TGIF! 4 more hours and I can see what beauties were sent to me. :)

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Rosie. Yep, moving furniture 'almost' feels like you've moved in a new place!!!

If it's not a problem leaving your closets be, then let them be. lol.
Whichever room is easiest to dress, so be it. Add a long mirror, and don your clothes.
Are you concerned it's too cold in the one room? Or another reason?

Changing bedrooms means moving bed, dressers, and whatever other furniure available.
It's nice waking to a nice view. And, if possible, sun rise.
Our bedroom faces south, so the only heavenly body seen at night is the moon..Beautiful, when full.

The reason I asked if you had gas or oil heat..Most ppl I talk to who live east still use oil. They say it's expensive, and deliveries need to be made.
Yes, hook it up and No monthly visits.

Taking off the that's a plan.
The Amish manage. Of course they're asleep early, but wake to the sun. Or dark, depending on time of year. I give them credit. wish I had their strength and frame of mind.

Rosie, I'm very very upset about the hole. I think there's a problem in the bathroom which is directly about the DR/room w/hole.
Dh patched the wall three times in the past, but for some odd reason won't accept the fact it's going to continue leaking until the plumbing is fixed. This problem should have been resolved years ago.

I'm sure there's mold and God only knows what else. And spiders!!!
He's like his parents..they went on while thier house fell apart, acting like nothing was wrong.

If I knew how to work on houses, I'd do it myself.
So many things need to be worked on.

Because we live between a creek and river, we sometimes get mice. Those little rodents made holes from outside in. Now walls need fixing. Again, if I could fix it, I'd run to HD, buy supplies, and patch them up.
Dh doesn't realize cold air is entering house in winter. I placed pads between holes, but it rarely stays and look just awful. Makes me depressed..

Anyway, Congrats. I can't believe you got the lights so fast. I forget, what type of plant/s you order?
It's exciting getting packages. lol.

You must take pics after setting up your lights..and plant pics, too, of course.

I pray your new stand is what you wanted. And plant/s is/are gorgeous and healthy.

When you have time, let us know how it went. Bet you're counting the

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one more hour and I can rush home and see my new lights. I'm hoping the plants will arrive by then and I'll be ready to get my hands dirty with transplanting tonight. I only ordered 2 plants. 1 Jasmine Polyanthus - which I read online of a person who turned her's into a frame that climbed up a wire run around the window frame. I think that sounds really pretty having a vine and jasmine flowers in bloom in a place such as that.

So last night, I got rid of a plant that I'd been ignoring and had quaranteened for a very long time. It was a mixed pot with a small possible hoya? that was covered in lumps and stickiness and a small umbrella plant that was similarly afflicted by the stickiness but not the lumps under the leaves. I was reading last night and think it could have been scale - regardless - I was tired of seeing the mess of an unhealthy plant struggling along - and it's gone now - to my backyard plant-grave. (where I throw old potting soil and dead plants and some not quite yet dead).

Anyway - I'm thinking to attempt that framing project to that 2nd story window. I'm sure the 2nd floor tenants wont mind the scent/beauty of jasmine in that shared landing. :)

and plant 2 was the Chinese perfume tree. - I'm excited to see what's been sent to me. I'm hoping to turn the tree into a bonsai project. Never attempted to do a bonsai before - so it'll be a work of months of research probably before I start feeling comfortable to clip anything... but, at least I'm developing a plan.

as far as moving the bedroom is concerned - I won't do a full furniture move. I will leave the bureaus in the back room and turn it into a mixed dressing/sitting room. A coffee table, an arm chair, a rocking chair ... my exercise equipment - can stay or be moved to the back room.

This will mean that I can have the plant light fixture in the front room, instead of the back... and I will indeed wake up to "LIGHT" :D they may be plant lights - but - I'm perfectly happy to wake when my Jasmines do. :) - this 5:30 am, before dawn wake-up routine is killer ... Yes, let there be a timer - LET THERE be LIGHT! :)

So - I'll just move the bed and a night table into the front room - this may only be a winter season 'switch'. The shade and cool of that back-room with all the trees hanging over-head ... well, it's really nice back there in July.

Anyway, the back room will be the 'cold room' this year. No point in heating it for the 10 minutes a day I'll spend in there while choosing clothes to wear. :)

I'm pretty excited to make the switch. who knows - MAYBE I will move furniture this weekend... I'll keep you posted. ;)

Plumbing issues - haven't I seen a bunch of those. I've had 2 different friends' who had to replace floors in their bathrooms because of plumbing woes. One friend, her floor was so bad, her son got out of the shower one day, and his foot went right through ...

that's what we get for living in 100 year old houses. bandaids are not a solution when it comes to plumbing. well, I can recommend HGTV. They have some really good shows that teach repairs. Some of the flip-it shows, are also good for learning what it takes to handle some projects. And if he doesn't sit and watch them with you and get inspired - you could always give him a deadline, and then call in a plumber or handy-man. (just the thought of that bill might make him do it.) :)

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Wow, a lots going on in your life. keep you busy.

"Anyway - I'm thinking to attempt that framing project to that 2nd story window. I'm sure the 2nd floor tenants wont mind the scent/beauty of jasmine in that shared landing. :) " rose , you might want to check to see when this Jasmine Polyanthus blooms. I know mine blooms in winter time, maybe yours different... otherwise, the whoever lives on that second floor won't smell a scent but see a dead vine.

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Rose, don't stare at the clock; time goes too slow. lol Like the old saying, 'a watched pot never boils.'

At least you have a plan..a good plan to boot.

Heck, even if you switch for winter, it's something to look foreward to. Know what I mean?

And there's so much you can do. Ever think about placing ferns in the back room? I like Leather Ferns..They're hardy, prefer cool temps and don't need as much humidity as other ferns.

Ferns do well in my kitchen, 'north-facing' window. Been there for years.

Yep, Jasmine growing up a window will look good. I once had Passionvine, sown from seed, growing around the window. Problem, it got so big it grew along the ceiling, too. lol.

Yep, sounds like scale. I use Fish Emulsion to rid scale, though thankfully, it's been years since finding any.
I learned about FE from a citrus grower in Fl. They spray their trees w/FE as a preventative..It works great.
In 1999, I ordered an Olive tree. Didn't notice at first, but while misting, there were hundreds of scale on this plant. I placed the Olive between two citrus tree. Branches nearest the olive had scale, too..scale travel, so I hope your two infested plants were away from others.

1 cap of FE per 16oz spray bottle of water. Worked like a charm. One application scale were gone, but I sprayed a second time for good measure.

Heck, I'd be estatic if neighbors grew fragrant plants..heck, any plant. Most ppl here don't care for tropicals or succulents. Many who buy plants for summer toss them in fall. What a waste!

I wish you luck growing CPT as a bonsai. Yes, do reseach and ask questions. If you ordered from 9GreenBox, on Amazon, why not give them a call? Someone here on GW phoned them to ask questions..they're very helpful. They probably know about Bonsai's.

Timers are fairly inexpensive, depending on brand. Mine were purchased at a hardware store for 7 or 8.00 in the mid-90's. Both work great. One was a little more money because it has two settings for different times.
Whatever, when you buy one, make sure the prongs fit in your outlet. Some have ground devices, so be sure your outlet has the extra hole so the ground fits.

LOL, I'm very close to calling a plumber and someone to patch the ceiling.
Three times while sitting watching tv, water was dumped on me. Do you know how ANGRY I was. Dh went to bed instea of listening to me complain. Don't know where the water was or used for, but just the thought of it makes me cringe. Disgusting.

Yep, if I start calling in for help, he just might change his mind..I think he KNOWS a plumber is needed before the ceiling is redone.

And it's a mess. The first time he added a ceiling, there were boards, plastic, and nails everywhere..He didn't think to cover doorways w/plastic, so white powder was everywhere. Ruined our VCR.

But worse, I had a tumor in my spine and just got home from the hospital..that's when he decided to work on the ceiling. I was furious. He's book smart but no common sense. I swear.

I too have a few plants coming in..all were on back order. I was told two would arrive yesterday...well, yesterday's gone, and no plants. Another order, Begonias, are also on back order. A third should come in any day. lol. Think that's it.

Like you, before bringing plants in, any that look sad are going in the trash. Or those I'm bored with. lol.
I have two Peace Lily's..One green, one variegated. Although I've had the green for years, it's not very interesting, so out it 'might' go. Doing it is the problem. The variegated is a keeper.
I also may pot more than one plant together..for room. We'll see.

Once plants are inside, lights are going on. I've been holding back, but it's so dark, 'all day no sun,' lights must go on.

It's difficult tossing plants, you know? Especially plants that have been around for years.

Well, good luck. Hope your house looks like you've moved, and you're happy with your new purchases.

Keep me posted...Toni

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I ran out of plants. :) I set up the 4 foot light. Didn't fit any of the places I thought it would. I won't be able to post pics til Monday but the set up is now in the front room. I have it in front of one of the 2 west facing Windows. I have 2 matching tiered coffee tables. With taller side up against the window sill. I pulled the 2 tables apart so that the feet of the light can be on the lower tier. This gives me 3 levels of lighting with the highest tier getting supplimental natural light from window. The mid le vel tier takng the taller plants. And the middle between tables I put a 1 foot tall plant stool, which holds my MOO jasmine.

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Again, between all the plants that fit on the 3 tiered set up, I only have 6 pplants in my south window. I don't need to set up the 2 ft light unless I have some significant growth, or I buy more plants. Oh, what a dilemma! Hehehe! An excuse to shop... :)

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Rose, a picture speaks a million words. lol. Can't wait to see photos. It's hard to imagine what your setup looks like, 'my brain is still asleep,' lol.

Yep, you need additional plants. lol. Choose a few?? you really like and can thrive under lights.
How much space in-between tiers?

Do you like flowering plants like Episcias? Small Gesneriads? Or Orchids?

Gee, wish I was 'suffering' with your dilemma. Need more

Can't wait to see your plants/setup. Toni

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ok, here is the set-up, as it was on Saturday morning - I had the lights on, and with the light from the window, I couldn't tell exactly how bright it was.

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and, then by Saturday night - this is what I had.

Now, you can tell how much 'light' comes off the bulb. I think my jasmines, gardenias, and aloes will really like this new set-up.

I had to buy more pots this weekend. I ran out of smaller pots and resorted to using a caserole dish for holding the rootball of the Aglaia Odorata (seen more prominently in the daylight photo). By that evening I had cut the top off the tree so that I could begin the attempt of 'thickening it' for creating a bonsai. Yes - it may be the wrong approach - but, 14 inches and thin trunk - or 7 inches and 'hopefully soon to be wider trunked' ... I'm still looking for a bonsai pot and need to get this mini tree into a real pot until then (albeit a small one).

The jasmine polyanthus is on the window sill. and came to me as a 6" twig with some greenery. I have a better picture of it - have to say, I looked at it this morning and it's already growing - I can see 2 more shoots coming out of it's base.... it may be a very thin vine - but I have a feeling it'll be a quick growing wonder.

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the jasmine polyanthus

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and the 'remainders'... the plants that are in only one of my south windows. The other south window is empty now. Told you I needed more plants. :)

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Morning Rose,

Wow, very nice setup..the lights fit perfect on the end tables. You're giving me ideas..:)

Your plants are doing great. They'll love the light and window, so winter, yuck, darkness shouldn't be any problem.

What's the plant in the top pic, front row to the right in a square ceraminc pot?

Hey, your Aglaia in the caserole dish looks What size bonsai pot are you looking for?

Your Jasmine P is doing fantastic, considering it was a little cutting upon arrival. Will it grow in winter? I love Jasmines, but they don't like me.

Luv your succulent. Your Euphorbia is doing well, getting tall. I like its shape. Did you cut it back when younger to get it grow the shape it is?

Well, Rose, I'm glad you decided to get the light fixure. Your plants will be happy campers.

Yesterday I started cleaning/preparing areas for plants to come inside..Thank GOD, temps aren't going to be as cold as first predicted.

I got half a room done, 'started at 10am, finished 7y pm' watered plants that stayed indoors..Today will finish the other half, then start the back room. Then, in come some plants.

Do you plan on keeping your lights on now, or will you wait a little longer? Toni

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euphorbia? ... I so rarely use a 'latin' name ... which one is that? the cactus? or the crown of thorns? ... I only received the crown of thorns a month ago and it came that way. no cutting... the cactus ... in the south window photo (I've had it for about 3 years - quite a slow grower) but this last season it's really seemed to add some serious height - at least 4 inches. I don't do any shaping. occasionally a piece falls off, and I push it into a small pot with dirt and rock - and voila - I have at least 4 mini cacti ... I can't seem to throw the bits away - so they grow ... I may need to give some away soon if they need to get into a larger pot size. How many cacti does a girl need?

the right side plant in the yellow pot that you were asking about - that's a type of aloe. and, it grew out of the pot in a very warped manner... this happened because I planted it funny then had it on a sill so that it couldn't grow straight since it was up against glass. I like the way it grows over the side though. this year, with the light on top - it may end up straightening up ... it's going to be interesting to see how well she will take to having room to stretch in all directions.

I rarely clip plants. the only one who's received intentional trimming has been the MOO jasmine and now the Ch. Perfume tree.

I'm looking for a small bonsai pot - perhaps a 6x8x3 oval.
but I'm not rushed to get her into that potsize yet. First, I want to get her acclimated to my lighting, and being clipped (shaped) regularly, before I attempt to play with her roots.

I took the 7 inch top that I'd cut off, and stuck it into the dirt with some root hormone... will it take? only time will tell. If it does, I'll have a plant to give away as a gift come Xmas time. (spreading the love of fragrant plants around the world, one plant at a time) :D

The lights are on and running. Since I got them set up this weekend, I've been running them for 18 hour days. Only shutting them off when I go to sleep at night. I have a timer plug but haven't figured out how to set the time on it yet. (no directions any more)...

OH well, I just need to play with it... time... just a little time...

You'll be glad to have all the plants inside, Toni. One or two rooms to water is easier than dealing with both inside and outside plants.

you want some aloe? My poor aloe plant has plenty of babies and I could send you a couple of cactus babies if you want them. Just let me know.

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Howdy Rose,

Crown of Thorns is a Euphorbia..and the plant I'm talking about is Euphorbia too..It might look like a cactus, but it's a succulent. The plant in the last picture, on the left, sitting on a black, metal stand.

I remember I couldn't toss cuttings either, but no longer want duplicates unless a plant is rare. lol.

I love your Aloe and its shape. It's really gorgeous.

There's numerous online shops that sell bonsai pots..different sizes, shapes and prices. Plastic and ceramic. Solid and printed colors.

Wait, which plant did you cut 7" from the top? I'll have to reread this

No directions??? Isn't that a pain in the behind? Does your timer have two different color plastic pieces? Usually red and green. They fit in the rotating timer part. If so, one color is to turn lights on, the other is to turn them off. I don't bother with the time, lol, I stick the pieces in, figure out how long they should run, then stick the second piece in that slit. I can't figure it out, lol.

Oh yes, I'll be SOOOO happy when all plants are inside. Worrying about the weather, and getting them in, are preventing me from sleeping. lol.

You really keep your lights on long. Don't they look nice at night? Like a fish tank or Christmas tree.

Did bulbs come with the fixture? Can't recall if you mentioned it before.

Think a couple of my bulbs need replacing. But, can't complain, they've been working 3-yrs now.

I can't believe how fast the sun set tonight. One minute there was sun, then,
One reason I dislike winter..

I'll hold off on the Aloe for now, but thanks. First, I have to see if there's Don't know why, but I won a variegated, semi-gold leaf Schefflera on Ebay. Normally, I buy small plants..7" or so..This plant is a monster! It's at least 2' tall. I was shocked when it arrived today. I potted in a tree pot, otherwise roots would have stuck out of the pot.

I vowed not to order anymore plants, but you know how that goes?? lol.

Have a good night, and enjoy your new lights..:) Toni

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This is the aloe plant you asked about, as of last February - growing in my south window. As you'll notice - it was just getting ready to bloom. the blooming process took about 3 weeks to occur. One tiny portion at a time. I'll post follow up pics so you can see the actual blooms. I had this plant for 3 years and it was the first time I'd seen it flower - which really made my winter! :D

Last year's pride and joy. :)

the light fixture did come with a bulb - for $59 it was quite a bargain! I was looking at replacement bulb prices and found a similar bulb on amazon for $21 so I will have to get a replacement, but not yet. If your lights lasted for 3 years I may hold off purchasing one this year. :) Doesn't make sense to get it to only have to store it.

The long power strip has 8 outlets on it - 4 that are timer driven, and 4 not. The timer is a circular bit at the end - that one can either push these grey clips up or down ... and one means light and the others not...

and there's another switch that allows for turning it on (despite the clips position), to shut it off, or to have it on timer...

that said, with the light now running in my bedroom - I have to figure out the actual setting of the time for it - otherwise, it'll be 'on' when I'll be in bed and wanting darkness.

I had bought the power strip from an aquarium supplies store - and I think It was under $20. I have a second outlet running my last remaining fish-tank. Me and my hobbies... 3 years ago, I wanted to attempt a natural planted aquarium set-up... and, it still goes strong. I'm constantly either battling algae though, or ignoring it.

I'm patiently waiting for the remaining 7 fish to die of old age so I can say, been there, done that - and get the tank out of my home.

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and this is about 3 weeks later...

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and this was the aloe I was saying - had a lot of babies...

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Morning Rose,

My keyboard either needs replacing or new batteries. Hope it's just the batteries. Wonder what a wireless keyboard costs these days.

I can certainly see why your Aloe made your winter. It's beautiful with a lovely flower. The flowers are so pretty..Nice orange with little rippled edges.

Aloes are so interesting, and fairly care-free. Know what I mean?

Rose, your timer sounds My times were purchased at hardware stores, each 7.00 or so. Two were a little bit more..One for my shelf w/4 bulbs, and the other which is indoor-outdoor..For Christmas lights, etc.
I'd ask for instructions or spend hours/days trying to figure it

Are there pictures of a sun and moon on the timer? Some say AM or PM. Happen to have a pic of your timer? I can't imagine what it looks like.

It never hurts having an extra bulb. For instance, the other day while dusting a light fixture, the darn bulb popped out. Thankfully, I have fast reflexes, so caught it before it hit the floor..What a mess that'd have been! Everytime I start a project, something happens..plants fall, I trip over something, etc, lol.

Did I ask before? What type of fish do you have? Did I mention I used to breed fish?
Started from Guppy's then went on to Betta's, Angel Fish, and Jack Dempseys.
It started when we lived in Chicago. I used to shop at different pet stores..then one day, I decided to try breeding. It was a nice hobby, but like everything else, lots of work. We had one 135-gallon tank, 'dh's idea' for our fish, not breders..then I had 29's, 20's 10's and 5 gallons.
Babies were cute, but there was always something to do.
After we moved out of the city, it was too much hauling baby fish to the city, especially in winter. The last batch I sold were 79 Jack Dempsey's. The owner asked how many babies there were, on the phone..JD's are dirty. lol. They uplift plants, and w/so many, water turns murky. I took a guess..think I said 30 or so. After I got to the pet store, and the owner counted them, came out to 79. lol. Think he was a little irked.
That was the last time I bred fish. I kept the parents, placing them in the 135-gallon tank..Kept Angels in a 20 gallon. My female Beta died, so there was only one male. Two male Bettas can't be kept in the same tank..They'll fight until one dies.
We had two Oscars in the big tank and a Plectomous, sp..the cat fish died of old age which was close to 20 yrs. Same w/the last Oscar. No for tanks!!

The last two days I brought some plants inside. I couldn't believe how cold it got yesterday afternoon. Temps dropped in seconds.
I noticed some Euphorbias/Crown of Thorns and a few other types leaves had frost bite, so I cleaned, sprayed and brought in as many as possible before dark.
There's still so many. I have a doc appt later this afternoon, so doubt I'll get any in today..
Once again they've changed the forecast..supposed to be colder than first predicted. I hate that!

It takes time to clean each plant..first they're hosed, 'to rid spiders/ants/earwigs,' sometimes rehosed, and sprayed w/a home=made insectide..Smaller plants are re-rehosed, lol, in the sink..The thought of a thick-bodied/legged spider crawling on me gives me goose bumps. lol.

I normally repot in late winter/early spring, but some plants are sooo rootbound they need bigger pots now. I don't recommend repotting so late in the year, but I've done it before w/o harm, so it can be done again.

I KNOW I'm going to run out of ingredients, so trips to the stores will be necessary. I buy tiny pea-gravel, 'smaller than the type sold at Home Depot,' and coarse sand..The place in an hours drive..this time I'm buying two bags each. Maybe 3.
Then I'll have to go to HD or Walmart to buy MG, Peat, and bark. Aw, such fun. lol.

Yesterday, after hauling in Euphorbias, I looked at my indoor shelf then nodded..Half the shelf is full, and there is still a large, wide table full of succulents outside that need to be brought in..How am I going to water this winter w/o making a mess?? lol.

Guess I over-did I see a plant I like, and end up buying, 'if it's reasonably priced,' of course. I even considered tossing some, but that's difficult. I love each and everyone.

Oh, wanted to mention. My bulbs lasted, but they're set to go on at sunset, about 5pm, then turn off around 11pm, seven days a week. They're turned on either Sept or Oct, then off Apr or May..

I'll have to find pics of my shelves/fixtures w/bulbs. During winter, our house looks more like a plant store. lol.
Oh well, it's my hobby, something I've done before meeting dh, so he doesn't complain. Some family members would throw a fit.
Growing up, my mother wouldn't allow one plant in the house, among other things. I moved out ASAP once I hit 18.

Well Rose, your plants are doing fantastic..Are you going to add more? lol..bad influence.

TTYL...hugs, Toni

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Toni, I missed your note, thinking your response was mine. :) oops.

I don't envy you the clean up process. I am very glad that my houseplants haven't sat outside because I don't think I'd have the energy to do the clean-up you just described *and I hate creepy crawlies even more than you do* ...

I have a few plants that won't wait til Spring to transplant. The aloe plant is definitely root bound - and every time I go to lift the pot, one side cracks - definitely in need of a replacement pot, and a few sizes up...

I only have one running 20 gallon fish tank, there's 5 albino cories and 2 cardinal tetras. All that is left from when I had girl betta colonies and the fast swimming chaotic Albinos would keep them on their toes. I had a few smaller tanks with male bettas in them - and, am relieved that they passed away. I'm getting lazy to take care of multiple tanks. One year, I was really gung-ho to learn about aquariums and fish, and natural planted tanks ... and in a month I went from one 20 gallon tank to ... eleven of them sized from 2 gallons up to 30 gallons. Yes, all that in my 4 room apartment. I was nuts. :)

these days, my plant hobby is a lot easier, turn on or off lights, check water, ... I've got the daily routine down to about 10 minutes to take care of 2 rooms of plants. Much easier than changing water on fish tanks!

I should have a favorite plant for this season... I haven't decided which one I like most yet, from the summer's additions. I'm really hoping that the gardenias will blossom.

I keep looking at the cute dwarf gardenia - because I can only imagine how pretty tiny white flowers would be. But nothing yet.

I'm definitely getting at least one more plant. I want something for my spot closest to the couch, that will be cat nibble friendly. (ie. not poisonous) ... and fragrant. My eyes are open to the possibilities. I'm hoping for a plant that will stay under 1 foot (full growth). I know it's only a matter of time where some of my West room plants may need extra space and will need to move off of the light - tables. especially with so many 18 hour days

-below - a rose from my garden. I planted this climber this spring - and, this is her first bud. Yes, this late in the season - but, I'm not complaining. Next year, she'll be loaded!

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Nice rosebud, love its color. I was looking for a yellow climbing rose that is fragrant to put in front of the house. But I can't find one that is cane hardy enough , is fragrant, and free flowers. Is your rose fragrant?

I grow aloe for years, lot of babies but I must say that I have never seen my aloe flowers. Maybe mine is wrong kind or is in wrong hands? Your aloe flowers looks like a tuberose, nice pink and elegant spike. I am learning something new from you, Rose. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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Rose... I doubt you hate creepy-crawlies more than I. If it's true, I feel sorry for you. lol. A centipeded got in our house the other day. I ran..ran for the vinegar, then quietly went in the area he/she was, set the sprayer on high, and sprayed away..the creepy thing got away. Now, whenever I go downstairs/basement, I have to worry about seeing that thing! Or worse, it jumping on me.

Yesterday, was a cold, gray day, so nothing got done. It's still too cool to go outside, plus I have to shower, but once it warms up, I MUST get outside and bring more plants in.

Oh goodness, some of my Aloes and Agaves needed repotting three years ago. But, I just KNOW there's spiders so I fear repotting. Guess I'll don on thick, long gloves and pot away, 'if there's enough soil left to pot.' So many other plants need bigger pots. One is a Bird of Paradise, which again, has been neglected because I've SEEN spiders in the soil. I HATE bugs/spiders/what have you. Gross.

Funny, I had to look up Cory fish. It's been years since we've had tanks, and I couldn't recall what Cory's looked like. What color are your Cory's?
A few years ago, while dh and I were in a pet shop, we were very very close to buying a beutiful fish. It had a yellow body w/black edging on top of body w/a black stripe on its face..He/she was gorgeous..At the last minute, after much contemplation, we decided against getting another. Did I forget the amount of work cleaning tanks? Now that I've seen the pic I think the yellow fish might have been a Cory.

Rose, I've repotted plants throughout the year, without any harm,....but when people, especially newbies ask, I suggest waiting until spring. I tend to keep plants under-potted in the first place, but some plants, Aloes/Agaves, haven't a zillinth of an inch for roots to grow. One reason I have for not repotting this year is, they'll soon go into dormancy, so maybe they can get by until

Spiders and not enough soil...good enough excuses? :)

Oh yes, since your pot is cracking, it's a good time to repot..Besides, doesn't water drip from the crack?
I lost three pots to roots of a Clivia/Kaffir Lily. The roots literally broke through each container. It's now in a 10" pot and hopefully will stay there a long time..if not, it'll be divided. I don't want duplicate plants, but I started the Clivia from seed in 1982, don't want to lose it.

10 minutes a day..Wow, that is takes at least 10 minutes misting..forget watering and fertilizing. Fertilizing takes 3-4 One reason is I use different fertilizers..mixing takes time. Plus I add SuperThive...3 drops per the time each old milk container is mixed, the clock is ticking

Choosing a favorite plant is impossible. Each have meaning. Sometimes, threads are started, 'What's your favorite plant.' A few people can name one, but after the first few posts, people cheat, adding their 5 favorite plants, sometimes

So, is your Gardenia your favorite plant? How long have you had it? What's its size, and is it grafted?
Got my Gardenia 1994/5. It took a few years before flowering, and it only had one bloom. Don't think it gets enough fertilizer. It's fed w/Azalea/Rhodo fertilizer, time-release. Seems after it's fertilized and watered, a few days later new buds form. Warm days and cool nights promote flowering...

Your Gardenia will bloom..key is patience. I learned that long ago. A watched pot never boils, same w/plants..A watched plant never

Before adding a new plant, check out Cat Fancy's website..They had a list of toxic plants..toxic to cats..I was shocked when I read the number and names of plants that are poisonous. I threw out an Oleander tree, 'long ago,' after finding out how toxic it was, and here, most of my plants are poisonous to birds..Sheesh. Thank God, they 'usually' stay in their room atop cages or sometimes fly in the kitchen. I don't want them in there, but they like sitting on top of cabinets. I used to shoo them out, but now that my oldest, 16/17-yr Cockatiel, is up in age, I pretty much allow him to get away with, well, murder. lol.

Spider Plants aren't toxic, but when off-shoots hang, cats enjoy swatting them. I don't think Dracaena 'Corn Plants' or D. 'Janet Craig' is toxic, but your cat might kneed the canes. Still, check out harmful plants to cats before adding an addition.

Rose, I LOVE your yellow Rose. :) Yellow flowers are so pretty, but impossible finding here.

Ever hear of Aldi's? It's a grocery store. In the early 2000, they sold bagged roses w/names and pics of each rose printed on the bag. I choose an upright, yellow flowering rose...well, after a year or so, turned out to be a red flowered, trailing
Don't get me wrong, it's very very pretty, but I wanted yellow. boo hoo.

Do you know about roses? Since we've lived here, a white, 'guess it's semi-trailing,' white, fragrant rose is in the back yard. Gets very tall.

During mid-summer/early spring, red berries? grow on this rose. Are they seeds? My red rose doesn't berry.
Next to the rose is/was a stinky Mull-berry tree which we've sawed down, pruned, a million times, but it insists on thriving. Ironically, the rose which was originally on the left of the tree, died back, but started growing on the right side of the tree, in front of the garage. I don't want to lose this's old and smells wonderful, when blooms once a year, unlike the red trailer..once strong winds or heavy rains come, flowers drop. Would you happen to know what this rose is, and what the berries are?

You mentioned you've been an outdoor gardener a while and know about garden plants. Hopefully, you'll have an answer. I gave up years ago, but would still like to know its type.

Is your yellow rose fragrant?
Wonder if there are roses with variegated foliage??? That'd be one beautiful plant!!!

Hi OG...I agree, Roses Aloe flowers are beautiful. There's a good number, too.

Don't worry about your Aloe's blooming..they will. A few of mine took years before blooming...some start sprouting as youngsters...guess it depends on the type.
BTW, I believe all Aloe and Haworthia blooms are orange.

One variegated Aloe bought in the early 90's first bloomed 3-4 yrs ago. Another plant that NEEDS repotting. But it has spiders, so I'm waiting as long as possible.

It's easier finding a fragrant, yellow trailing rose online than locally.

As long as the nursery is reputable. I once ordered a rose called Blue Boy..Pics of the flower looked true blue. What a disappointment! Turned out red/purple. I was so upset.

I notice many people call purple flowers blue...especially with African Violets. Why do they mislead us? Can't they see the flowers are purple, NOT blue.

I found a true, light blue, bell-shaped AV at either Jewel's or HD. I really loved this little guy..
Although my plants have been pest free over 20 yrs, three years ago, via an order, the new plants had Mealy..Mealy bugs are the worse. The first plants infested were AV's..I tried saving them, but mealy is impossible ridding. I ended up tossing 29 AV's, plus 10 or so Clivia/Kaffir Lilys, some shipped from China, in the trash.

I enjoy ordering plants online, 'unless plants are infested.' One can find species never sold here. In or outdoor plants.


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Toni, I would not call myself a knowledgeable outdoor gardener. I've been working on my yard for about 5 years - and I learn by making mistakes then researching what went wrong. I have about 6 rose bushes in my yard. 2 of them are yellow. The one I'm posting is a 3 year old bush - it's given me almost 20 blossoms this summer. And, I can't tell you what it's called, but for my yard this year - she's a definite favorite. The other yellow rose that I'd posted above (the climber) - is newly put in the ground this year. That blossom was a first bloom for the season - and there's one other coming out now. I wasn't expecting to see it flower this year so I'm excited to be able to enjoy its beauty even this late in the season. Yes, it has a scent - but seems very delicate; not cloying like some roses can be. The bloom, opened was very large, fist sized and the stems are still to thin to support their heavy weight. I have it twisted into an iron trellis to keep it from being so top heavy that it's on the ground. but still, it's to heavy to face upward toward the sun. I will have to do a better job of getting it tied into the trellis and the porch lattice before winter hits if I hope to make this climber into a porch covering beauty that it could become in a few years from now if I take proper care of her.

I learn from mistakes. I've had another climber before and didn't know that I was supposed to string it up. It grew at a weird angle into my yard and with a thorned stem 3 feet out extended into the lawn was a danger to the mower. I removed that one this year, hoping to move it closer to the house and turned to better get it tied onto the porch - but the transplant process killed it.

I learn from mistakes. I try to put roses in now, with the idea that I won't need to move them. But, I'd overfilled my flower beds for years - and, Roses HATE crowding. I've had my share of fighting black spot because of my roses and oriental lilies fighting for air space. That's another task left for this time of year... finding a new home to bed down my oriental lilies so that my sunset sorbet roses will be happier and less spotted next year.

Gardening is one of those hobbies that is meant for lifetime learning.

I haven't decided what my favorite indoor plant is this year. The gardenias are both new. I have high expectations for them. The Jasmines - I've had some summer blooms and I'm looking forward to some more, quite soon. Actually, it may seem strange - but, I am considering that the serotina honeysuckle may be this winter's favorite. It's not supposed to be an indoor plant - but, I got it to late this season to put it outside. When I received it, all the leaves fell off, so that I was transplanting a stick. now - it's 3 weeks later - and my honeysuckle has leaves. She's thriving under that flourescent light. Her new growth is very healthy looking, and the leaves bigger than they had been when I'd initially received this plant.

Yes, I think that the honeysuckle will be my favorite because I brought it back from a stick. I'm looking forward to seeing what will come of her in the season ahead.

Other than that - I have high hopes for all the other plants. It was the best move, picking up that light. Thank you guys, for convincing me of it. Every day - I feel like I have my perfect space - right there by the west window... I love my plants and that I now can share my bedroom with them.

thank goodness, no creepy crawlies this year.

Toni - I live in an attic apartment, and for the last 6 years there was a huge tree that overhung the back side of the apartment. In the summer, with rain, I would find very strange critters occasionally walking across my bedroom ceiling. Yes, centipedes. Nasty creatures. I would stand on my bed to swing at them - and, they'd fall goodness knows where.

Needless to say, I spent a few nights sleeping on the couch after experiences like that. The cats are very good at noticing critters crawling on the ceiling - they're usually the ones who 'tell' me we have a visitor.

Anyway - thank goodness for cats.

And, now that my bedroom is in the front of the apartment - no more centipede worries next spring.

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If you are looking for a fragrant rose climber, I recommend this one which is hardy. I am not dissappointed with its performance since it has been planted 2 years. It gives fresh canes that are 7-8ft long and the good part of this rose is it is thornfree. The fragrance is very strong and I absolutely love it. Below is the pic from this spring

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Good Morning...

Rose..In an upper thread you mentioned you've been outdoor gardening longer than growing house plants, plus, in addition to your screen name..Well, I assumed you've been outdoor gardening 20+ yrs..Someone mentioned they'd been at outdoor gardener 32 yrs..for some strange reason I assumed it was you who said it..Sorry about that. :)

Yep, guess we all learn from errors and experience.
So, you're going to dig up Lily's and relocate them? Won't that disturb next years blooms?
Rose, I know very little about outdoor gardening, even though, the first real gardening I've done was 23-yrs I love outdoor gardening, but indoor plants are my true love.

It's amazing your new flower has already bloomed and have more buds.

Your yellow rose is perfect, absolutely beautiful. Plus, it has fragrant..and yellow!

To be honest, I don't do anything to my roses. lol. That's sad, but although I adore roses, they pretty much care for themselves..I think the red rose had black spot, but not sure. Anyway, it cleared up on its own w/o adding chemicals or non-chemicals cures.

Several years ago, I bought a used outdoor garden book for 1.00. lol. I read through it a few times, but not much sunk in.
I remember one thing mentioned about roses..The author wrote, they need pruning late Feb. Is this true? The book was written in the 60's, 'I think,' when people used different techniques.

Like you, I had to prune the red rose; didn't want anyone injured while mowing, getting hose, or walking past. Thorns are big, and,, well, thorny. lol.

Here's a pic of red rose, supposed to be yellow flowered.

Pic of white rose, planted before we moved here.

This summer, the white rose didn't produce half the flowers its had in past years. It's highly fragrant, but one windy day or heavy rain, there goes flowers.

So, one reason roses get black spot is from lack of air circulation? Too crowded?
What do you use to rid black spot?
It's said roses shouldn't be watered at night...what about rain? lol.

Funny, I too bought a variegated, 'baby' Honeysuckle this summer, too. It's still small, hope it over-winters w/o freezing.
Do you know about Honeysuckle? Their growth rate, etc.

I pray it's not as invasive as Trumpet/Hummingbird Vine and Morning Glory. It's amazing how many TV babies grow, everywhere!
We first saw TV at Botanical first thought, I must have that plant. Their speicmen was nice and neat..huge, orange blooms. They must use a ton of spray to prevent it from growing in other locations. lol.

I truly hope your Honeysuckle does well this winter. Wonder if it needs a cooling period...Do you know if it's evergreen or deciduous?

Speaking of creepy-crawlers. This weekend, I started hauling plants inside.
If I didn't fear spiders, most would be indoors already, but I have to hose and rehose to make sure plants are spider-less.
After hosing a couple plants several times, then brining indoors to set in the sink and rehose again, two darn spiders ran out. I couldn't believe it. Thank God they weren't the thick-bodied/legged black spiders..they were light brown and thinner.
Well, I got my fly swatter, lol, and swapped both. I'm telling you, spiders are determined to live. They'll fight to escape. Between the swatter and vinegar, both are now goners, but I wonder if more were hiding.

Oh Lord, centipides on your ceiling. I'd be afraid they'd fall on me. lol.
Do your cats hunt for them when you knock them off the ceiling?
One thing about my little dog..he'll go after a bug..I'll say, 'get the bug,' and he goes after them. Although I fear him messing w/spiders in case one is poisonous. Like Recluse or Black Widows.

Rose, I don't think I'd be able to sleep if I knew a centiped or spider was lurking near the bed..thank goodness for the

Looking at your rose, it's truly beautiful. Do you mulch in winter? If so, how cold should temps be?
The only fear I have mulching is rain on cold days and nights. They might rot????

Kandhi..Was a nice setup. Thornless roses?? That's wonderful. Never heard of thornless, but it's something to look into.

Flowers look different than a standard rose, and huge.
Happen to know the variety name? Toni

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Oh Toni, don't get me wrong. I LOVE ROSES! always have. I've had several gardens over the years - and this one is my longest lived one - because I haven't moved in a while. (Im a bit of a gypsy in spirit - having a history of usually moving every 2 years, and sometimes less) Six years in the same space is unheard of.

The picture below is another new bush I planted this season (variety: Blue Moon) - more of a lavendar pink color - but still really pretty. And fragrant too.

I don't mulch. I just make sure that the roots are well settled for the season - I don't do replantings in the autumn... generally, it starts getting cold, I leave things as they are. That being said, I know I need to move those oriental lilies before rose season begins next spring. I may hold off moving them until spring though, because I'm lazy this time of year to dig up a new flower bed.

My zone - being close to Boston and the ocean - I've lucked out - we don't have many 'bad' winters here. It gets cold - but, not like western MA. I think our temps are usually in the 20s during the coldest part of winter. And, if we get a good snowfall - it covers my flower-beds and insulates them from fluctuating wind chill factors. I usually shop for roses that say they are 'hardy' or 'cold resistant' though.

I'm looking forward to seeing how well my yellow climber will do next year.

From some of the readings I've done recently - some honeysuckles are invasive, and others not. You have to research each 'variety' separately. I believe my Serotina is 'safe'. :) I almost made the mistake of putting in a trumpet vine, thank goodness I changed my mind!

Part of me wonders if I will be able to keep the seratina honeysuckle as a houseplant. I know she's supposed to get long and viney.... could I just keep her clipped back? turn her into a largish bush? ... I love the scent of honeysuckle, and if I put her outside - me, 3 floors up - won't be able to appreciate it.

I know, this is me - holding on to my plants and not letting go... I should share them with my neighbors - with my gardenias and Jasmines - I should have plenty of delicious scents indoors. But, I may be really slow to put the honeysuckle in the ground next spring. I admit it now.

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The above post on pink rose vine name is Zephirine Drouhin. It is highly fragrant and yes there are no thorns on the stems. I handle the canes with my hands to train them on my deck rail. When in full bloom you can smell the fragrance 15ft away.

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Hey Rose,

When you move do you take plants with you, or leave behind?
I want to move sooo bad, but hubby doesn't. I've often wondered, if I'd take a few outdoor plants along. And if and how to move them w/o killing each one. However, we'll probably be here forever. Sigh.

Oh Rose, your Blue Moon is beautiful! And fragrant too???
I guess there's several alleged 'Blue' varieties..Blue Moon, Blue Boy and Blue Girl, possibly more. Although yours is pink-purple, at least it has blue hue/tones. But, not true blue.. Know what I mean??

There are very few garden plants, mostly annuals, w/true blue fowers..Can't recall the name, but there's a true, light blue annual, usually grown in hanging. There's another garden plant we saw at Botanical Gardens with medium blue flowers. I believe it was a perennial.

It still irks me. The picture of the Blue Boy I bought was true blue. this happened years ago, but it still bothers me..

LOL. I KNOW and AGREE with you about being lazy this time of year.
Peony's were here before we moved in..I read they're supposed to be divided every 3 or so years..we've been here 23 yrs..never got around to dividing. Every year, the flowers grow smaller, and don't last as long..Their fragrance isn't as potent either.

Who feels like doing anything now..the sky is gray and its drizzling. And I still have more house plants to haul inside..

Yesterday, it was so nice..sunny and warm, but had a doc, no appts, but it's raining..supposed to get heavier in the PM.

There are a few plants that NEED mulching, no matter how lazy I All were planted this year, and young. Mock ORange, Azalea 'Innocence,' 'fragrant,' and Honeysuckle. I also have an inedible Banana Tree that needs cutting back to 1', and heavily mulched.

Wow, you're lucky, living in an area that doesn't dip under 20F...I assumed every state/part of the east coast had freezing cold weather during winter..Sounds like you don't get much snow either..
Although, we too get less snow as the years roll by. The climate has changed drastically.

I pray my Honeysuckle overwinters, and grows where it's planted..Trumpet Vine IS terribly invasive..Maybe it's good you didn't buy one. One that turns into thousands. lol.
TV is very pretty, but when it takes over the back, front and sides of the house, it's no longer that wonderful plant you

Didn't think about Honeysuckle being invasive or not..I can't recall the species, and they never tell you, 'this plant is invasive' didn't even occur to research. Now that you mentioned it, I should have.

Rose, I really don't know how you should care for your Honeysuckle indoors. I've grown a few annuals in the house..kept them in the brightest window in a cool room.
Is seratina its species or type of Honeysuckle? I could research for you. Let me know.

Being 3 floors up, your plants should get a lot more sun.
Are you planning on planting your Honeysuckle in the garden come spring or keeping as a house plant?

I know what you mean about not being able to appreciate a plant when not near..For Christmas, about 7 yrs ago, dh bought me a small green house..During winter, my citrus, larger trees and plants are set in the gh. It's not the same as keeping them in the house. These plants grew up indoors, so I miss seeing their blooms and fragrance. At times certain plants like Aloes flower. If I don't go in the gh 'x' days, I miss seeing blooms. Besides, it's really

Rose, don't think I've ever smelled Honeysuckle it sweet like Jasmine, musky like Gardenia or a totally different scent?

Oh, sorry, I'm reading your post paragraph by paragraph, so you are planning on planting your Honeysuckle in the garden afterall.

Are Gardenias and Jasmines hardy to your zone? If so, you ARE sooo lucky. Are they special types? I've heard of hardy Gardenias, but didn't know if they were truly hardy to z5 and 6 as stated. I wouldn't want to spend a zillion dollars for a plant that ends up a stick.

Rose, I hope your HS makes it through winter. How long are we talking? What month is planting time there?
Since zones were changed, planting time here is May 15th. It used to be Apr 15th, but considering we've had snow as late as late May, not to mention freezing temps, it's changed. But, as I said earlier, the climate has changed so much, winters are milder, planting time may go back to Apr. lol.

Let's hope next year both our HS's are growing beautifully.

Kandhi. Your rose sounds wonderful..15' away?? That's a good distance for a scent to permeate. Wonder if these roses are hardy to lower zones?
I once bought a standard, grafted rose, locally, assuming it was hardy..It died that winter..never returned.
Thanks for the name..I'll Google...Toni

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Kindhi, I really like your pink rose. It looks so nice that it climbs up to your deck. I have a red climb rose that comes with the mortgage. It has no scent. I really want a climbing rose ( prefer red, pink, yellow, blue...) with nice strong scent. Zephirine series will survives in Zone 5 but it is not cane hardy enough. I read from rose forum that many had experienced cane die back . You are so lucky that you can grow most of the fragrant roses in your zone.

Toni, What is the name of your white rose in the picture? How tall it can grow? It looks very nice.

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Hi OG..haven't seen you for the longest time..Hope you're well.

I wish I knew the name of white

Thank you. The white rose was here when we bought the house. It's very fragrant, blooms once a year. Spring. Flowers remain until strong winds or heavy rains knock them off.
It produces green berries/seeds? that change to red. It can grow very tall..had to prune quite a bit when it took over, grew over and 'INSIDE' the garage through little cracks.

Anyway, I love this rose, but wish flowers lasted longer..

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well, after the talk of annuals growing indoors - this is the petunia that grows in my bathroom window. It's a north facing window - and only gets indirect sun but she thrives. It's a blue-ish purple. I have her sisters planted at the base of my Blue moon rose and it was a good blend of colors in that corner of the yard.

the Serotina designation is the name of the hybrid. Honeysuckle is a stong scent but very light on the nose - it's more of a tease, and come hither (from a block away)... than a vava-voom type scent. comparisons to jasmine or gardenia ... since I've not smelled my gardenias yet - that's quite the question. I'll say Jasmine. :)

my honeysuckle might go out into the yard, but if I put it there - I'll have to decide whether to use a trellis and have it climb up the porch lattice? ... or give it to a friend (neighbor) to climb along her metal fence.

Ideally, I'd love to keep her in a pot in my apartment, but she might never bloom that way, which would be a HUGE disappointment.

To move plants when moving. I've seen others do it... I think it would depend on if I had an attachment to a specific plant. I usually move with the attitude of having a fresh start and leave the landscaping on the old homestead, as is. Roses, unless with sentimental attachment, are easy to replace. Every visit to the christmas tree shop is another rose bush that finds a new home. I'm challenged by walking through garden areas without feeling the cries of little greenery calling for a bit more dirt and sun. An ignored rose bush, in packaging - growing in 'low light' conditions - sends out a VERY NOISY call for HELP. :) I'm sure you all can hear them, too...

The last few years in Boston has been pretty easy on us, weather wise. Last year, we only had one or two snow storms. the year before, there was more - but it wasn't painfully cold like it had been when I was living further in-state. I really do think my town is blessed with relatively easy winters. (I hope I'm not jinxing myself, here.)

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Rose, your Petunia is doing wonderful..espeially since it's in a north window.
I adore Petunias, but gotta watch for spider mites.

We have two window-boxes mounted on either side of the railings. I usually plant Petunias in the boxes. Seeds drop and land in house plant soil. Several times, during mid-winter, a Petunia would pop up. I'd smell their scent before actually seeing them..
They ARE fragrant..

Is the sent of your Petunia strong? Don't know if it's my imagination or not, but it seems white flowering Petunias have a stronger frgrance.
I can't smell Doubles at all. Are Doubles fragrant?

Do you know how old/tall Honeysuckle grows before blooming?

Rose, if you plan on staying where you now live, I'd keep Honeysucckle on your own property.
If you plan on moving, well, then, I'd give to a neighbor..You can always ask for pictures, or drop by the neighbood to see how they're coming along.
If you leave on your property, the new tenants might not like it, and tear it out.

For me, moving outdoor plants wouldn't be a problem..There are a few I'd take..Star Gazer Lily, pieces of the white rose..House plants are a different story..Moving 350-400 plants would be a job..
When we moved here I had about 75 plants..seemed to take forever to with a little more than 4 times the amount it'd take

Seems like temps are changing everywhere..I love snow for Christmas..can't recall the last snowfall we had on Christmas Day.

Snow is great for outdoor plants. For one, it gives some moisture and snow on the ground keeps roots a little warmer.

Freezing temps are another story. I pray this winter was like last..3 weeks of icy temps, but not bad the remainger of the seasons.
It's not starting out well though..As of an hour ago, it was 43F. That's the high..tomorrow, colder..What will it be like tonight?
43 is way too cold for the beginning of Oct.

Ever go trick-or-treating when you were a kid? Most years, we could go outside to show-off our little costumes w/o a coat..Times have certainly changed.

The last 5-yrs, the children that stop here for candy must wear coats, and at times, their parents are carrying umbrellas.

I still have a good amount of plants to bring inside. Worried about succulents w/all the rain we're getting. Afraid they'll rot.

Who knows, maybe your Honeysuckle will thrive indoors. Hope so. Give it light and see how it goes...Toni

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Over the weekend I set up that 2 foot plant light, and prepared another table set-up in a southfacing window. it's a shorter set-up and, most of my plants are 'testing' the limits of whether they're growing above it.

I'd noticed that my first set up felt really crowded and that some of the plants weren't doing as well with the natural light coming through the west window. So I moved all the jasmine into the south window - and am supplementing with the plant light. why the jasmines? Well - the Mysore M - has buds that just weren't opening, and they were falling off - to me, this seems like it may be a lghting issue - so, add to the light (I can do that).

The Serotina is supposed to eventually get to be 15-20 feet tall... but, says that it should be regularly trimmed down - so I may be able to keep it around 4-6 feet and make it a bit bushy?

that's my hope.

I am really wondering whether the lights are giving my plants enough 'energy' to thrive. It's more light than they would get in my dark rooms, or with the windows alone - yet I feel like they aren't being put into a grow phase with these lights alone. Although, I should probabl also consider that it is the end of the season (try to fool them as I may) ... the lowered temps in my apartment are still probably warning them it's time to going into winter dormancy.

It's still to early to put on the heat, though! I am going to try to get to mid november before I get the heater going.

the petunias - I have a horrible sense of smell. I don't smell anything unless my nose is right up close...

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Hey Rose,

Yep, even with artificial lighting, most plants sense it's time for nap..some more than others.

That's one reason I don't fertilize in winter. Moreso, when it's totally dark 'outdoors' by 4pm. Don't care for winter!!

About crowding plants..I agree, plants don't like being cluttered..of course, in some situations, keeping as close as possible, for the sake of space, is the only option.

I wanted to tell you. The other day, while browsing, I came across a Honeysuckle grown as an indoor plant..Didn't have a botanical name, and of course, can't recall the site, but I will check again..not today, too much to do.

Don't worry about your plants slowing down/halt growth. Really. I'm sure it's the seasonal change.

Professional green houses use super-duper lighting, fans, humidifers, etc..yet, many of their plants slow down this time of year.

BTW, do you have a humidifer? A great investment for plants AND people. I can't breath when air is dry, my skin feels like sand paper, and birds scrath a lot. Once humidifers are running, things go back to normal.

Tropicals require and appreicate humidity. Some won't thrive w/o it.

What's the temp in your house? If too cold, plant growth slows down/halts. Especially day temps. Cooler nights are fine unless your house is freezing. lol.
Gardenias prefer cooler temps..

My nose is can smell fire way before hearing engines, yet flowers must be super-fragrant before I can detect a scent.
Ppl say Hoya blooms have a wonderful scent..I can't smell them from a distance or closeup.

Freshly mowed grass smells wonderful. I love it. Wish ppl were just starting to mow lawns instead of buying new snow hoo. lol.

Anyway Rose, don't worry..time goes by fast..before we knonw it, longer days will once again be here, and plants will resume growing and flowering.

BTW, although not fragrant, if you like flowers during gray winter, ever try African Violets, or winter bloomers like Azaleas or Cyclamen? Toni

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I think I'm in love with that honeysuckle plant. It's growing quite fast for being the autumn season. She's really thriving in the 'fake' lighting. Her leaves are a gray-green tone that's really very pretty. and, in a matter of days, she's pushed out a second stem that's already 4 inches long.

The second plant that I'm really surprised by, is that pink hydreangea vine. The advertised 'slow grower' it's not growing by much - but, what a pretty little house plant! Yes, I realize eventually both of these beauties will deserve a place outside - but, I am really enjoying their current small stature and the bonding process of having them so close by me this season (when most of the exterior plants are going into hibernation mode) - having these inside - I love being able to watch each new leaf or curling stem. Yes, I'm a bit wierd. (but it'll get me through the winter doldrums, quite nicely).

I'm not having much luck with the mandevilla. the top is growing, but one by one - the bottom leaves are turning yellow. I don't think i'm overwatering her. She seems quite green on top, and looks ready to even give me another bloom. should I give her some plant food?

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oooh, well, I have more confession... I sinned again...a leopard can never change its spots, a sinister can never resist fragrance temptation...
This time, I sinned on tree jasmine, white forsythia, and plumeria.... LOL, I got a plumeria now! can't resist it... especially, plumeria invasion is in every forum I lurked. I can't stand it pop up in front of picture of something else, always in my sight, got to have one...Sorry for being a weaker minded...

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Yay! You joined the ranks of us plumie nuts! Do you know the name of the plumeria you purchased? I'm sure you got a fragrant one but I'm curious! :)


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Robert, It is just Plumerias are everywhere I go, I can't avoid it, might just join the nuts group be part of it...
The one I purchased is the dwarf Singapore. I like the sound of dwarf, I am 5'1" so kind of in dwarf status....LOL
I heard it is fragrant but not sure if it is fragrant enough to be addicted...maybe it is not a bad thing not to be ... my wallet will be happier.

It is grafted, I am wondering what was the original size without graft.

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dwarf????? is there such a thing as a dwarf Plumie?!? Oh Toni! what have you started? I may have to research this and see if it'll fit in my l'il attic appt. :)

And here I was thinking as I clicked into this chain that it was MeyerMike that sinned again... I thought you had a handle on your addiction, Toni. Oh well. :)

Congrats on the mini-tree. :)

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Hi, Rose I think we are all sinners . The difference is whether we confess or not. I am one of hopeless sinner... who confess to the public and does it again a minute after my confession. Although there are lot un-confessed sins tugged in between the confessions... LOL

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Olympia, I am researching plumerias - and I think the dwarf is still way to big for my humble abode. I don't sin nearly so often since the windows closed in my apartment. I have to admit it - I'm worried - I have so many different types of gardenias and jasmines, and the chinese perfume tree - I'm worried - that .... what if they all bloom at the same time? what if the scent of so many different flowers makes my home as unihabitable and unescapable as taking a train and squished up beside someone with an overload of bad perfume? Yes, I worry about the wierdest things...

I guess I should be glad that I can't fit a 5 foot scented 'giant' into the equation...

I don't sin, I rescue. All my plants 'needed' a home (sounds reasonable to me...)

so, no-body thinks I'm in denial, right? :)

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birdsnblooms't me who mentioned dwarf Plumes. I did say, in the other forum, there are dwarf African Violets.
I only have 2 Plumes, 1 AV.

I can honestly say, I haven't broken any Commandments lately although I received a few plants that were ordered back in May, 'back-order,' but have said NO to more

Went shopping Monday...didn't even browse. How's that for being a

Who stated dwarf Plumes?

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Toni, I did. It is my newly acquired sin... I got a dwarf Singapore plumeria...

Rose, don't worry about your plants getting too big or blooming at the same time. you always have a solution of sending them my way...:)
BTW, I saw from your picture from other forum that beside of your Chinese Perfume plant, there are some cuttings. are these Chinese perfume plant cutting? How did you root them? They looks like just in the potting soil.

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Correction. The plumeria I got is not dwarf, it might just grow taller than its mom...

Robert, Thanks for finding it out for me.

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Olympia, they aren't rooting. They just stand straight in the soil and look pretty. I have the 2 coated in root hormone and pushed into the dirt. After a month, they still have their leaves, but no roots. (yes, I checked).

Ah, if only I had more luck with cuttings... but, my thumbs are less green than most.

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God, all this talk about fragrant plants makes mw want to sin!

I should get out of here before I go down the path of self destruct and sinful obessions!

By the way, i committed a worst sinn and offense against my pluneria one day. I killed them all instead of offering them to my beloved friends here. Now that is a sin.
You will be glkad to know that I did manage to save only the ones I revieved as gifts, since I had way to many bought on my own. Hummm, like about 30!
Yup, I held them liek sticks in teh basement in total darkness and barely fed them or gave them a drink. They survived all that abuse until I decided to pitch them.
Ok, now I am condemmed forever until I make pentinance and give anything else I want away to people that will love them more than I.

Oh, I must confess though, I have my eye on a Tree Jasmine and I too am a Logeesholic!


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Oh dang, I forgot to tell you all and confess.

I have a 'Dwarf Singapore Plumeria' that I picked up at Logees, TWO years ago and I have to see it flower. That one will get pitched next if it does nothing for me next spring...........I just confessed.

Now, don't slap me with a wet noodle, please..

Godness, my speling was horidble in mi last post triing to hury up befor my bos c's me on


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Mikey - stop killing plants. If you decide to get rid of that plumie - send it my way. that will give me a chance to try a 'large' plant - without stressing over its health if it doesn't survive my small digs and inadequate window space. :)

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Rose, they looked like little plants , all green, very nice. It might take them much longer to root. hanging there.

Mike, indeed, throwing a fragrant plant or any plant away without offering it to any of nuts here is a 10 times worse sin...Immediate repent is a correct action to take...LOL
I'll be happy to help you on this. Anytime, you want to committee such sin, just pack it and sent it to my way.
Rose is the bean counter here. According to her,you were the last one committed sin before I did. We are pretty much competing in neck to neck in the sin department... LOL, hopelessly. Frankly, I stopped by Lowe on the way home last night and picked up a house plant called Purple Waffle( Hemigraphis Alternata) for $0.50. I love its beautiful purple leaves on its backside. Of course, it is not fragrant so it does not count as a sin. I just helped Lowe to empty its shelve space...LOL.

This is a strange group plants I got. One with big scare on, one is all twigs, looks like dead twigs, one has 3 leaves and will grow into 20' tree... Oh boy, I got handful...The Jasmine is dwarf tree jasmine, I remember something I bought is dwarf; but the plumeria is not, Robert find it out for me ( thank Robert). But it is fragrant. The white forsythia is forbidden in Korea. Don't know how you can forbid a plan there, just tell them not to grow?... anyway,I don't care, but I have one now. It is supposedly very fragrant. here is my three stooges.

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Oh Toni, I'm not really counting beans - just seems that I read recently that Mikey's afraid he'll never take a vacation because he keeps bringing in more n more plants... well... he must be a bigger sinner than me - because I don't stess over this yet. My cats eating, yes. Plant waterings... there's only 5 windows - if the plants aren't there - they probably aren't doing very well, to begin. :)

So, yes, Toni - just maybe you are a bigger sinner than Mike and have been since the beginning ... you just haven't mentioned escaping them for a weekend or two weeks - so, we're gonna have to assume that you're less of a collector than Mikey is. :) (and that's how my mind works - circular n round-about, and assumptive ... gotta' love woman's logic. )

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and I'm a huge fan of twigs... my honeysuckle began as a twig and she's really pretty now.

I may end up gritting my teeth and getting a plumie... they're really quite different seeming. I only wish they'd stay small... can one bonsai them?

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birdsnblooms must have a super-duper green thumb growing not only Honeysuckle, but Hydrangea indoors.
When it flowers, will you add ? so flowers turn blue?

Have you seen loveplants2/Laura's Plumes? OMG, they're gorgeous trees.
For true plant lovers, how can one stick to one plant type? That's how they accumulate.

Rose, of course you're not in denial.... :)

Mike, although I don't agree or condone, I still have plants outside w/o a home..Scindapsis/Screw's huge. Tree, braided Hibiscus..It has a place indoors. Clivia started from seed, 1982. Cinnamon Tree. Jade, 'weighs a ton.' Strawberry Jar filled w/various succulents. Euphorbia. Think that's all, but don't have a clue where most will winter.

I feel bad tossing out plants, too. you know the type of plant that's leafless? Is it dormant or just lost leaves due to neglect? Might turn out to be one beautiful plant.

Wonder why Forsythis is forbidden in Korea? Interesting. Could it be invasive or possibly a religious belief?

Rose, lol..I was a big sinner, and still would be if my MRI's read different..
Although, not fragrant, there are a few succulents I want. Also, can't recall botanical name, but the fragrant plant called Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow..scented flowers that change colors. Oh, Brunsfelsia...I'd like a Standard Bruns..then again a space problem..sigh..

He who is without sin cast the first plant.. :)

Guess we're all sinners. lol

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I'll give you a secret... they grow indoors when you choose semi shade plants, then put them under a t-5 bulb. :) doesn't take any color thumb to do that. :)

Olympia, you're right - the non-rooted cuttings are small - only about 4-5"s each. and, the colder it gets, the more yellow and falling leaves I'm dealing with. I think I may be doing a bit of overwatering, as well. I've got to learn better control on that caserole 'pot'. :)

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I think we should all start our own confession booth, so that way we can all feel less guilty after torturing our plants with less than ideal conditions and even murder them!Laughing out load but feeling guilty about that too.

Now wait. Toni has me beat in the guilty pleasures department! Ask here when was the last time she ordered a plant?
Mine was yesterday and I'll bet hers was 2 minute ago!Hahah

You girls and guys are in with me on this? No matter how much we run out of room, we still buy hopeing for a bigger house with big windows and or a greenhouse someday?
We all buy thinking to ourselves they will all have room someday, but they will just have to wait/sit on the sides of our windows, toilets, refridgerators, bathtubs, cellars, toasters, sheds, attics, closets, T.V's, and left outside to get snowed on.
By the way, there will always be one or two that always deserve that prime spot on the window sill facing due sun, if you can fit them!



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Uh... Mike, you seem deluded... we're NOT all that bad. :) Just you and Toni... ;)

the rest of us only buy plants that we know will fit our space... we don't crowd any of them, either. And while I do have a purple petunia in my shower - it's only there because I wanted that north facing window to have a bit of life in it.

We're not all 'Addicts', ya know. :)

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Rose...I give idea which plant you have. :)'re too funny.

But truthfully, I haven't ordered plants prior to my last two MRI results, nor do I plan on adding more.
Believe me, it's hard not to 'Add to Cart.'
Might as well confess.

My doc said, since there's no surgery that can be done for my spine, 'it's really messed up/long story,' my future might be spent in a wheel chair. I pray to God it's later than sooner.

My left knee needs replacing, but I'm holding off until the time comes where I can no longer stand.

If I can't get around, how would plants be tended to?? You know how dh and son are...
I'm very very depressed about this situation, but what can I do? So, truely, I will not be buying anymore plants. I can't. It's hard avoiding online nurseries and Ebay, places a good number of my plants were purchased.

There's still plants outside, including my Clivia that was sowed from seed in 1982. It's NEVER been out in the cold this long. And a 10-yr-old + braided Hibiscus and more.
I feel terribly guilty plants are sitting in night temps at 30-31F degrees...but remaining plants are too heavy to lift, I don't want to end up in the hospital.

If things were different, every single plant would be safely indoors. Cozy and warm, and I'd be browsing plants, jotting notes which plants to buy come spring.

It's difficult watering plants in the house. I've been watering 'x' amount per day since soil is bone dry.

The house is super dry, 'haven't yet turned on humidifer or indoor fountain,' so many leaves yellowed and fell. It's way too dry inside.

Unless a miracle occurs, no new plants will be added.

However, I love looking at others' plant pics, so I hope more are added to the forums.

Mike, you knew my motto..'There's always room for one more.' :)

Last night I decided to have a talk w/son/Michael. Explain I need help today, in the house and hauling plants still outside.
But at 3am, he woke w/stomach flu..been in and out of the bathroom since..

So much needs doing and here I sit..but I'm waiting for dryer to finish....Michael's clothes..

But, yes, I admit, in the past I have sinned at least 400 times.

Rose, I scrolled up to look at your Petunia again..It's so pretty, healthy and deep purple. I love Petunia's fragrance.

BTW and for the record. I'm not giving up on my plants..No Siree Bob. Just working at a slower pace. Toni

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Toni -I'm so sorry to hear what bad shape you're in right now. I guess I'll have to tone down on the spider jokes and pay attention better...

we've got to find you a plant person to help you with those last few plants... (I had thought you'd run out of indoor space as the reason they were still outside) NOW that you've explained, surely there must be someone online here who lives close enough that they can save your clivia?

If you were only an hour's drive - I'd be there tonight. I'm sure there has to be someone in IL.

Maybe we can bribe them with a few plants if they are able to help out. :)

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Rose, continue with spider or any other jokes. Please..We all need a laughter in our lives..Especially these days.

I bought a dolly so that will help carry plants..

Some need dividing, so I might tilt pots, and seperate. Especially the JAde which has several trunks and super heavy.

Thanks anyway..The house is a mess right now, lol, so wouldn't want anyone over...

We're supposed to install a carpet and buy a new couch, but dh had gout and problems w/his arm so that will have to wait.

Otherwise, please make all the spider jokes you's funny hearing people's responses.

BTW, space is an issue with large plants. Sometimes, I forget they'll one day grow into big

Have a good day...

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Rosey, we need to pick Toni's spirit up for sure so keep the spiders coming, will ya? lol

I too have been in a no so happy mood. I can't figure out what it is, but at least we can laugh here.

Not deluded, just

Toni, I was thinking....This is what I have to do, it hurts, but works!

Why not cut some of your bigger plants way back for the winter, and then you will have the room? How about trimming the roots come spring and putting them back into snaller pots? They will come back you know, a much healhier plant and better able to manage. I WISH I could let my plants grow as big as I want or they want, bt I can't do allow them too:-(

Then in summer, they come righ back and sometimes looking better than they did the year prior.

Now come on, cheer up:-) You always have us, and like Rosy said, maybe a Craigs list add or search for a plant lover around here you could ask for help.
You know that I would if I lived within driving distance to you.

Tell Mike and your DH that I am going to kick them in the behind if they don't help you around the house more often. How many years did you carry your Son? He should at least carry your plants for you:-)

Many hugs.


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You said you're feeling a little down, too.

First, you're worried about your parents. Your dad having, cancer, and your mom being il.

Second, I believe a good number of people feel blue when winter approaches. Gloomy weather equals gloomy spirits.

I'd rather see snow than deal with dark, gray, sunless days..I feel awful when there's no light to speak of for days on end.

Mike, last Friday I went all but 3 plants safely indoors.

The three plants left are Pandanus, Ming and Foxtail Ferns. Pandanus cannot be cut's grown, 'at least in my eyes,' for its thick, swirly trunk.

Also, don't know if new fronds will grow on Ming and Foxtail if stems are cut back. should see my 'shiner.'

While hauling plants in on Friday, I had an accident.

I placed my Clivia, 'heavy weight,' on a dolly..As soon as the Clivia was set on the platform of the dolly, the entire thing tipped over and the metal handle smacked my head..oh my God!

Everything went black. Minutes later a bump, the size of a large marble, appeared by my temple.
I was sooooo scared.

Didn't know if I should go to the ER.
My eye is black and blue. It's embarrassing going out..I tried covering the shiner w/makeup, but it's too dark to cover. lol

Mike, believe me, there's nobody around to for Crsigs List, didn't you see that movie? The Craigslist Killer.. Based on a true story..I'd rather lift the plants Crazy people in our world..Serial killers..too many Gacy's around.

If I ask Mike or dh, they'll help, but complain...sometimes I ignore their grumbles, but it's easier doing it myself.

Also, Michael's very sick..he either has stomach flu or food poisoning. He went to Dunkin' Donuts at 4am, Thurs morning. An hour or two later he ended up in the bathroom.. He's still in the bathroom with 101 fever.

Since dh is the bread winner, I hate asking for his help, but in the meantime, he's gotten lazier over the years..Our house needs a LOT of work..he won't fix the problems nor will he hire someone to do it. So, as I sit here, there's a hole on the ceiling, cover w/crappy plastic, that leaks. See what I mean?

Anyway, I'm thinking, if possible, Ming and Foxtail will be divided..I don't want to lose either..
They've been w/me a long time, and very pretty around autumn. Both flower and berry.

Thanks, Mike..I know you'd come over if you were in the neighborhood..of course, if you were nearby, we'd both have twice as many plants as we do Toni

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Toni and Mike, I'm sorry you're both been in a fowl (foul) mood, that worries, health issues, and pet woes abound.

My Papi is still with me, getting worse but I'm not ready to let her go yet. She sleeps with me every night, and still picks up her toys to play every morning ... so, although I know she's not what she was, I still get enough food into her, and am hoping she'll last a bit longer.

I'm hoping the link I include will 'link'... it's to a artists' website and I found this particular forum link over the weekend for members to post their worst art ...and was laughing so hard ... Sad to say, some of these paintings are masterpieces - I'm to new an artist that I've got a lot of things to learn. :)

I hope you'll get some cheer. (not much more we can do with our plants this time of year - besides try not to kill them... )

Here is a link that might be useful: wetcanvas - art humor

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Oh, and what exactly will I do when my plants no longer fit under the grow lights? I noticed last night that my mandavilla is about half an inch away from the lightbulb. she's grown about 4 inches in the last month and has about 3 or 4 buds almost ready to open.

And the honeysuckle is in similar position. are 5" pots big enough for them, now that they're growing taller??? should I already consider transplanting?

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Toni, sorry to hear about your spine and keen. new technology develops fast, we have better solutions in a few years... Hanging there.

Rose, I saw one of my professor in the college grew vine in his office. He just let the plant circulates around 4 walls. Frankly, he office looked very green and the plant looked very health.

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I don't know how the Mandavilla will handle the low light setting if it strays to far from the grow light. The honey-suckle - ... I guess I could move her to the south facing room and string her up to run up the side of the window????

I'd been hoping to do that with the jasmine polyanthum but she's a lot slower growing than the honeysuckle so maybe they will just have to exchange rooms to make way for the ones that taller/quicker.

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Hi guys! I have a lot of catching up to do with these threads as I've been transplanting, rearranging ecc...not to mention scouting new territories in the antique roses forum!(yes, new obsession already!)
I now find myself with 4 old roses and 3 more on their way with no space for them in the balconies whatsoever... I'm a lost cause in need of a shrink!

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Oh Fenius, I envy you - old roses are gorgious! what varieties did you find? :) If you need some room, you could send them my way - I'll make room for them. ;)

It's the wrong time of year to put roses in the ground up here though, so I guess that wouldn't work...

outdoor gardening ... and there's 2 inches of snow on the ground when I left home this morning. .. and I never had any luck of keeping roses indoors in pots. And I TRIED multiple times! ...

send us pics! :)

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Good Morning..

Rose, I checked the 'art' work..A few were well done, others, well, they'd best go back to art school. lol.

I do NOT like modern art..Looks like someone splattered paint on a canvass. lol..Heck, I've seen Graffiti painted on Chicago buildings, better suited for an art musium. Just my opinion, but I prefer real pictures. I like Currier and Ives paintings, especially Christmas/winter scenes.

Rose, how's Papi doing since you posted? Any improvement? How's the sinus/allergy problem?

Rose, that's the problem with plants..they get taller. lol.
When we first buy a plant, we think of its size at the time, never considering the future.
Maybe we should stick to minis. lol.

Maybe you should wait until spring to repot. How much growth has your Mandavilla and Honeysuckle put out since you got them?

I once read, if one wants to keep a plant on the small side, 1. don't pot often and 2. less fertilizer during growing season.
But, depending on the type of plant, no matter what one does, roots will crack a container when filled.
My Clivia has cracked 3 containers the last 15 yrs.

OG. thank you..trying to be optimistic.. :)

Rose, try not to move high-light plants to too much shade. They might start growing spindly. You know? Smaller leaves, too.

It snowed already??? I read NY got hit..
If you don't mind me asking, which state do you live in? If you'd rather not answer, don't worry about responding.

Winter arrived so fast..What happened to 4th of July? lol. Seems like a month ago.
I dislike night..the last 3 days the sky has been grey. They said sun today..where is it? It's gloomy all day, then night comes early..

Rose, I too gave up trying to keep roses indoors..They're beautiful plants, but are spider mite magnets.

Jewel's 'grocery' usually has mini roses on sale, but not worth the risk infecting other house plants..

I once tried growing a mini rose outdoors, but it died..doubt they're hardy in z5.

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fenius,good to see you. You ought to confess your sin... what are names of 7 roses you just got addict to?
I have been lurking at rose forum wanting to get a climbing rose. Haven't decided on the color, the double/single petals, or ever bloomer, but it must be fragrant for sure. The problem is that most zone 5 rated climber still will have cane die back in the winter...Hardy enough for the roots, not hardy enough for the canes.... It may be a good thing though... I may skip committing one more sin this time...

Toni, hope you feel better. Did the swallow goes down yet?
I love mini roses, they are so pretty and don't take up much space to keep them... I doubt the mini roses that Jewel sale are hardy enough. but I think we can grow mini roses outside with good selection of location. I used to date a guy in streamwood. He has a some mini roses scatted outside his garden. One spring, I moved them all together called the area the grave of the roses... I was expecting half of them die after I moved them, but they all survived. His yard is next to the house and south facing though...

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I couldn't stop laughing at all the art, especially the wandering eye series of the masters' works redone 'wrong' :) I had desperately needed the laugh.

Papi doesn't respond to any of the meds now - although I keep giving her the pills, the antibiotic and steroid. She's slowing down considerably, since the weekend, she no longer wants to play fetch with her toys. She was taking to bed with her, so I'd wake up with a toy mouse under me - what a lump...

but now, she's shutting down more. I think she's having more problems going to the bathroom, she goes into the litter box, but nothing comes out - she stands there, looks at me, gets out ... then goes back in a few times... but doesn't even squat ... just stands in there. I think her kidneys may be failing her, and it won't be long now.

She still doesn't seem in pain. she has less energy to follow me around the apartment and I pick her up and bring her with me when I need to feed, wash her swollen eyes, or medicate. but if she's not in pain, I'd like her to be with the family until the end and go naturally. She's very much loved.

I suspect she's only got a few days left, and I'm preparing her coffin - I found a box that should fit her, and will paint it with some nice art, calming scenery, some photos of her family and her toys for when it's her time. (sorry this is so depressing.)

As to the vines! OH MY! the honeysuckle is now moved to the south window and it's almost??? 3 feet tall stretching within inches of the top part of the window. yes, and she came spindly - she has the one stick in the ground, and grows out into 2 branches. All that, from a 14" dead looking stick and 2 months? ... the mandevilla is growing a little slower than that, thank goodness! still - it'll only be a matter of time before I will have to find another way to get her more light - there's only so many plants that I can put in those south facing windows. I may need to move the metal rack out, and put back in a sill height table.

My geraniums are blooming a second set... who would ever think that ID like seed geraniums inside as a house plant?

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Oh, I didn't mean to avoid the question. I live near Boston, MA.

I have a mini rose outside in my yard now. Doesn't have a scent though - and, she's huge for a mini - almost 3 feet tall. she's called "our little secret". I hope she comes back - she's very pretty. still throwing out blooms last week. Now, with the snow - there may not be many roses left to bloom for this year.

OG, you really do want a climber... a yellow one. :) So, I picked the color for you - you have time to research for next spring and the next planting season. :D

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Good Morning,

OG..How tall do mini roses grow in-ground?
Do you know where the guy in Streamwood bought his mini's?
I wouldn't know which to order..
One side of our house is south-facing..that's where the red rose grows..
Because there's extra room on either side of the rose, I usually plant annuals, but wouldn't mind replacing with hardy mini roses..where do you find hardy mini roses?

Do you know if they need mulching? How did the guy in Steamwood over-winter his?

My dh has family that lived in Streamwood...they moved a few years ago, but lived there forever..5 kids..wouldn't it be strange if you dated one of their sons? lol.

Everyday the eye gets better. Can't believe it's a week today..thanks for asking.

Rose...Oh Rose..I feel terrible about Papi. When she goes to kitty heaven, will you bury her in the yard?

Although you're doing your best hand-feeding her, it might not be enough..I am so very sorry.

Our yard is a pet cemetery. Dh usually digs the holes..I fear, while gardening, I'll dig too far and find..........
So far, two of our sons Iguanas, cat, rabbits, hampster, and birds, including my brothers first parakeet. Can't recall the others.

I only hope, when it's Papi's time, she goes peacefully.
Wonder if you can give her a laxative. Did you ask the vet?
It's not advisable giving a cat/dog laxatives w/o first asking a vet.
I was just reading about laxatives and pets the other day when Coco was having problems going.

Okay...gotta get out of the down mood...

I'm surprised your HS grew so much this time of year..That's amazing!

LOL, I KNOW what you mean about, only so many plants will fit in the south window..lolol.

Did you ever post a pic of your Mandavilla? Can't recall. If you have a photo, and if you don't mind, will you post it?
What color are its flowers?

Rose, given enough light and if possible, cool temps, Geraniums will bloom all winter..
Beside one Crown of Thorns, I depend on my Geranium to bloom..
Flowers aren't fragrant, but leaves are..Ever notice?
I'm not talking scented Geraniums..plain, old-fashioned, seed Geraniums..I love Geranium leaf fragrance..Reminds me of summer.. :)

Ah, Boston! I'd love to visit the east coast in autumn, when tree leaves are that it snowed! lol.
Are you close to Mike? MeyerMie....

I didn't realize mini roses were scented..Now, I'm really interested in finding a few hardy types next spring..for the garden, not indoors..

Do you mulch roses?

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today is papi's last day. she was looking for her resting place this morning when I was getting ready to go to work. I put out several boxes with plastic bags below, hoping that she'd choose one of those to rest in. the clean-up would be easier...

but, she was ignoring those and getting herself in some pretty difficult positions, it may take effort to find her tonight.

She was under the plant table, then was trying to hide herself on one of my bookcase shelves. I closed off my old bedroom door so that I won't have to shift bedroom bureaus to find her - but, there's still plenty of places she could hide herself. It won't be a fun evening.

I will bury her in my neighbor and friend, Lynn's back yard. She told me I could, and Id rather put it there, than in the back yard of where I'm renting. a pet cemetary isn't like planting a bush...

that said, another neighbor is giving me a vine that he needs moved away from his house. So, I'm going to put Papi up close against a retaining wall and put a vine on top of her. This way, her passing will become a part of nature, and I will look at the vine and appreciate the greenery even more.

I don't know where mikey lives... I thought he was from the central states... middle of nowhere ... :) ... maybe with neighboring farms and cows?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Rose, so sorry to hear about Papi. What a difficult time to go through. I know you gave your kitty the best life possible. :(


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Rose, sorry to hear that you are going to lose papi. It is not easy to lose a pet who just like a family member to you. Back few years, our 5 years old bunny died in cancer after spending thousand of dollar on X-ray, hospital stay,..., we were devastated. We buried her in our backyard so she can see us when we are outside. I know how you feel todat, tomorrow, and after... Brace up, rosey, think about papi will be no longer suffering might comfort you. You have my condolence.

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thanks everyone for your support.

It's been very hard watching her get progressively worse. Last weekend, I had been debating putting her down, but was talked out of it... that if she wasn't suffering much, letting her go naturally would give her the ending she'd want.

Yesterday was the first day when I felt I really had to make the call, if she didn't go on her own. She was still playing with her toys on Sunday - last night, all she could do was either, pace, or lay... and, it was the first night where she did not sleep on my bed with me. Instead she stayed in one turned over box on a towel and slept through the night. Her congestion continues to worsen and I know that she's struggling to breath more now. But her kidneys have failed, and she'll die of toxic shock.

Six months of fighting a sinus infection that was actually a brain tumor. I've had time to say goodbye, and I'll be glad to know that she'll be at peace.

And, I'll be glad that she'll be outside in a garden - maybe her spirit will carry on in the plants and trees that abound in my neighborhood. She'd like that she could be a part of it all, she's a personable sort and friendly to everyone. I hope that pet spirits live among us looking out for us like angels.

it seems like as good as any wish.

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Hi rose, I'm so sorry about your papi..I hope you have many beautiful memories together. I have a soft spot for all cats & I can't even imagine losing my melissa..Today I planted the last of my first 4 roses, Rosa gallica officinalis (if you want its name will be papi since it is just a species)
These are the other three:
Felicite Parmentier, Glamis Castle and Gartentraume, tomorrow I'll plant some bulbs w/them and I have three more coming!
Rosa rubiginosa, Maiden's blush and Blanche Moreau.

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Rosey. Again, I'm terribly sorry.

Did Papi sleep with you last night or under the box?

Cats sense when they're about to go to heaven. Wonder why they decide to sleep under a bed or box when the time is near?

Euthanizing is an extremely difficult decision. Last May when I took our 12-yr-old Mastiff, Sam to the vet to be put to sleep, while walking back and forth outside, he suddenly had a burst of energy. I couldn't think straight. Two thoughts entered my mind..should I bring him in or take him back home?

He looked at me with big, trusting, brown eyes. My son and I both shed tears. We adopted Sam as a puppy.
But, deep inside, I knew his energy was short-lived.
Watching your beloved go, is something I wouldn't want to see often..never, in fact.

One reason I gave up my job as an asst vet. People were bringing 1-2 yr old cats and dogs in to be euthanzied for no reason other than they wanted a new kitten or puppy. They were 'bored' with an older pet...older, my a$$. I got so depressed I gave a two-week notice and quit.
The same people who had their pets put down, came back a week or two later with new pets..They made me sick!

On the other hand, people with elderly or very sick pets, didn't want their guys and gals put down. I wanted to hug these people, try comforting them.

You take care, Rosey..I KNOW it's not easy. hugs, Toni

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Toni, Hope your eye swallow started to go down soon... The miniature roses were from 5-12" tall. I don't think they were mulched in winter time. At least I did not mulch them after I moved them together. They were left by the previous owner...

Rose, When we learned our bunny had cancer, we were going to put her to sleep for she has lose a lot of weight, can't tell she was in suffer, she must have. But animal can't express themselves. By the time we see sign, it is usually too late. We talked to our Vet on possible option of putting her to sleep and we want to be with her during the time. The Vet told us, for small animals, put to sleep is not what we think of inject drug so the animal dies in sleep. We were told they will put a long needle like metal pierce into its heart so the heart stops. We can't bear the idea of piercing our bunny's heart so we didn't let the vet to put it in sleep. It was very difficult decision to make. There is a website dedicated to pet owners . The pet owners can write and publish something to express their love and sorrow of losing their beloved pet.

fenius, when these beautiful roses bloom , please post some pictures for us... I might addict to Roses too.

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WELL! it was a difficult weekend. I was afraid to go into the apartment by myself on friday afternoon - so I had my neighbor come with me. Papi had put herself in the cat carrier and was still alive. I called the vet and we brought Papi in to have her put down. It was really hard to do, but a peaceful way to go. they gave her a shot in the butt (and then another in the leg). after the shot in the butt, she had a sneezing fit - poor girl... but, soon after she slept and then departed.

I brought her home and we buried her in lynn's back yard. Over the course of the weekend, it was a lot of digging! first with Papi's grave, then one of Lynn's feral cats died mysteriously - no sign of illness - Sunday, Lynn found her dead under the bureau. so, a second grave, and a transplant of a vine from neighbor Peter's yard, to a spot between the 2 cats.

I'm tuckered, from fighting roots and digging.

I was never mean't to be a miner... but goodness. Peter handed me a shovel and pick and a long (really heavy) metal bar - and told me what to do... I don't think I'm supposed to have muscles where I'm aching. (I'm a girl, darn it!) :D

Thank goodness that the gardening season is over, because I don't want to be doing anymore outdoor labors until spring.

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Hi Everyone,

Maybe because of our dreary weather, I SINNED THIS WEEKEND!! Big time sin....

I really should steer cleer of Ebay and online nurseries..

Today, I'm driving to Worth and Home Town, IL.

The store in Worth, Schroeder's, sells coarse sand and tiny pea gravel. Tinier than HD's. Sand and gravel are perfect for potted plants and prices inexpensive.

Then going to Home Town. A seller on Ebay sells Perlite..It's a semi-long drive, but cheaper than ordering.
4 cubic feet for 16.95, shipping 25.03. He doesn't charge me full price, and of course no shipping price. I'm buying two bags..
Bought two bags from him 4-yrs ago..use Perlite w/all plants...still have half a bag left.

Bagged Perlite sold in stores is 3.99 for 4 I'm saving money. :)

OG...Thanks. My eye is much better, but there's still little purple areas on the side of my eye, (looks like dirt, lol) plus the bottom is dark won't cover it.
I'm embarrassed going out, but today's dh day off; I'd get lost if I drove I've been meaning to go to both places for months..wish is was warmer outside.

Next spring if I can find mini, hardy roses, I might order a few..especially fragrant w/multi-color flowers.
No mulching..Thanks.

OG. I don't like the way your vet euthanizes. It sounds inhumane. I'd have phoned other vets, even to ask questions.
Did you call the vet in Niles 'can't recall name,' or Midwest Birds and Exotic Animal Hosp?
The vet in Niles might see dogs/cats, but Exotic does not. People bring in sick birds, turtles, rabbits, etc.

Rosey..Papi is now in heaven. I feel she was trying to tell you, 'mom is has to end,' by going in the carrier.

Like you, when my 7-yrs old, female Cockatiel got sick, 'liver disease,' she went in a nesting box.
I couldn't look. I asked dh if he would. He checed then said, 'Sunshine is no longer with us.'
Sunshine and I were very close. She was a little sweetheart. On Sat's, after work, I'd go upstairs and nap. She'd come with me, sleet on my chest.
When we went to Springfield, 'dh's work,' she'd come along.
At night, she slept in a small cage in our bedroom, then during the day she'd be downstairs w/me.
A second cage was down here, but she was free to walk around when I was home. (I clipped her wings.) Most of the time she sat on my shoulder, ate from my plate.

I'm sure your not not feeling well, depressed, but the worse if over...It will take time to heal. Papi's with you in spirit and memories.

Take care of yourself, Rosey. hugs, Toni

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Rosy, I wanted to stop by and say I am so sorry about your
Papi..It's like loosing afamily member and I wish you many memories of happiness.

Again, so sorry for your loss


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Toni, buying dirt isn't sinning ... we have to replant after all.

Mike, Toni and everyone, I'm going to be fine. I will always miss her, but she's in a better place. I did all I could for her, and I'm glad to have had the time with her that I did.

I have other cats, and while they don't have her charismatic personality - they're doing their share to bring me out of the grumps.

And, I have my plants too. :) the mandavilla, a Red Fury, is about to bloom again. She came to me in bloom, and I guess this means that the T5 light is enough to keep her happy and blooming. I had wondered if I would see any more flowers with the move of the plants into the darker (west window) - but that light is doing proper duty - and, all is going well. I really do have to come up with some sort of trellis???? for her, and soon. she's growing about an inch or two a month. and that one stick I'd put into the 5 inch pot with her, is now joined - end to vine - with no more space left for additional growth.

I had the wierdest image last night - thinking what I'd do with all these vines as spring approaches and the outdoor light/temps improve again... and, I had the vision of me hanging the top of the vines out top of the windows to let them grow outside. If I didn't have to worry about hornets, bees, mosquitoes and other flying visitors... I would probably consider doing this (and shock the neighbors with a view of plants taking over the whole top of the house... growing upwards over the roof???? or would they, unsupported, flop downwards?)

A mandavilla? a honeysuckle? half in and half out? ... would I wake up to hummingbirds teasing my cats?

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Rosey... I'm not counting pebbles, sand and Perlite.,

It's plants. I ordered 13 plants this past wkend!! 13!!
Don't know what I was thinking. One is being shipped from Thailand..

Rosey, thankfully, you have other pet will never replace another, but we must think about all our pets..

I can't believe your Mandavilla is still blooming. That's fantastic, especially this time of year.
My thumb isn't green enough to keep Mandavilla alive, let along blooming.

Hanging leaves out the window would be a sight, a good sight, but I know what you mean about flying insects entering your house.
I can visualize greens growing out the window, too..

If you can think of a way to fill in the gaps, maybe it'd work.

Someone here might have a brain storm.

How many stems does your Mandavilla have? What type of trellis are you thinking of getting?
One stem vines usually grow up a pole but multi-stems need something wider., extra spaces.

I bought wire and plastic trellises on Ebay a year or two back..not bad prices either. The plastic come in various sizes, but don't know how tall your Mandavilla will get or what size you're looking for.

Two years ago, Walmart had some beautiful vine plants, Mandavilla, Bougainvillea, etc, growing up a pole..the top of each plant grew outwards..Like a Standard..They were gorgeous..

The cost was 19.99. I went there several times but the price remained the same. Of course, I got tired of driving back and forth..sure enough..the end of Sept they reduced prices.r 4.00 each! I missed the
I wanted a Raspberry Ice Bougainvillea.

Yep, your two vines would probably cling to the building, growing whichever way the sunshine was brightest.

Of course, some plants just don't know what they're doing.
I planted Wisteria several years ago..can't recall date.
Anyway, it's grown tall, with several stems..the strange thing is a few stems found their way inside the garage, which makes no sense. The garage hasn't any light..Vines even have leaves.
I have NO idea how or why these stems chose to grow in a dark garage.

So, you never know where your Mandavilla or Honeysuckle will end up...probably in your neighbors

What a sight waking to hummingbirds in our windows.

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13 plants???? seriously? that many? what kinds did you get? anything exciting?

the mandavilla has only one vine so far - and is almost 2 feet tall. If she's supposed to get to about 5 feet - and, my windows only offer height to 4 feet (with pots on the floor) ... if pots are on tables - 18" - I would have about 2 feet of vine hanging out the windows. :D ... the honeysuckle can grow to 10 feet - so that one would be even more challenging - possibly climbing up and twining around the gutters come summer. Yes, it'll be an interesting vision. I suppose I could find a way to close off most of the opening with plastic, similar to what I do around the sides of the air-conditioner.

I think if those two vines really take off growing in the full southern sun - I may have quite the problem getting them inside in the fall without lopping off their 'heads'

I do worry about what bugs infestations I'd be setting myself up for with this scenario, though. spiders don't hang out on top of roofs, do they??? would I have to worry about aphids and mites three stories up?

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Rosey. Think I mentioned several plants were outside too late in the season/cold, including Hoyas.
Thicker leaf Hoyas managed to survive w/few frost-bitten leaves, but thinner leaf types froze and died, including one of my favorites, 'actually 2 of the same plant.'
Hoya Macrophylla variegata.

I normally don't buy duplicate plants, but I fell in love w/this Hoya..losing both was devestating.
So, I ordered another H. macrophylla this weekend. Including heat pad.

I'm too tired to write all down, lol..let's see, interesting plants....
I believe it was Robert who mentioned Tecoma is on the list.

Brunsfelia, Grand Duke of Tuscany, blue Plumbago and a variegated Miagos bush..don't know what Miagoes is, or if it can be grown as a house plant..If it turnes out a hardy perennial, I pray it livs througout winter, then planted in the garden come spring.

I too wondered if plastic would work..Are you considering plastic sheets or something else?
I bought a small roll of plastic at HD. 46' long for 12 and change. Plastic is located in HD's Paint Dept. In case you're interested in rolled plastic.

if done carefully, I wouldn't worry about decapitating, however, if vines cling to something, well, it will be a challenge. You'll have to stick your head out the window, to detach. Oh brother! lol. Or climb a tall ladder..dangerous..if you use a ladder, please be careful.

SPIDERS....Girl, I don't know where spiders hide, where they come from or how high they climb. lol. I guess anywhere they choose. Bee's might visit, but that's not a fact, they're beneficial pollinating flowers.

If your area has hummer's, Manadvilla's red blooms will certainly attract them.

Rosey, would you happen to know if Honeysuckle is fast or slow-growing..Hardy Honeysuckle...

IMO, mites, etc, are less likely to attack plants when least here in IL. Better chance of plants acquiring insects in dry, stuffy rooms.

10 or more years ago, the only insect that attacked my plants was whitefy.
House plants out front were about 10' from a hardy Hydrangea..Hydrangea was the wf host. Front plants were first to get whitefly. Wf is so contageous, they also landed on plants on the side of house and back yard.

I didn't notice until plants were brought indoors. WF were sitting on 95% of my tropicals and some succulents.
So, I ordered several, Yellow-Sticky-Traps which worked miracles. A few traps attached to a stem, per room, captured all wf.

If the area is sunny, I doubt spiders will make homes on your vines. They usually build webs in shadier places.
Usually, but not sure.

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I think from the way mine's acting - she's growing pretty fast. I may need to give her a bigger pot this spring or the weight of her vine will pull her right out the window. I also may have to consider putting out in real dirt, that will be a challenge - trying to figure out what side of the yard to put a honeysuckle on - and what roses it will compete for space with - I'm worried that I just don't have the yard to support such a vine.

if you want a slow growing vine ... my roseum hydrangea barely has changed in the 2 months I've had her. she's very pretty, but at the rate she's going - I can't imagine her becoming a 60' vine anytime soon. she barely touches 6 inches now.

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Rose, wait, I'm confused. Are you planning on transplanting your vine in-ground?

What size is its pot and what type of medium is your vine potted in? You're talking about Honey Suckle right?

Actually, I would rather my Honey Suckle grow faster..It's only 8" or so. I'm worried, because of its age/height, winter will freeze roots. I placed quite a bit of mulch around the plant, but if temps drop to 0F...

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mine is growing inside really fast - but, my apartment is in the 60's... and the growlights are given the lower portion of the vine quite a bit of light, as well as the south-facing window gives natural light about 5 hours+ the pot is sitting right on the sill so it's just about direct lighting.

Outside, I'm sure the plants are pretty much mostly dormant now. sure, the roses are giving out their last blooms - but, this far north, they'd better be slowing down - especially since we've already had one snowstorm, and quite a few 30-40 degree nights.

so, my indoors honeysuckle is in a 6" pot, filled with miracle grow. I don't experiment wth special soil blends - if the plants can't survive dirt - I don't have the patience to measure and mix stuff. I water when things dry out, and what's not broken - I don't try fixing it.

My honeysuckle in 2 months went from 14" to almost 3 feet. the bottom 10 inches of her is twig. she's a leggy girl. her one twig so far has branched into 2 vines.

When she got to tall to be in under the plant-light in the west-facing room - I put her in that southfacing window, and I let the glass of the window keep her propped ... so she's climbing glass. when she get's to tall for the glass, I may end up looping her over the curtain-rod and angling her downwards... just so that she keeps as much of her in the light as will grow there.

I don't know what I'll do with a 10' foot vine - ... but am really liking the idea of come spring, throwing half of it out the window and treating it like Rapunzel's hair. :)

next fall, what will I do with a 15 foot vine inside?

I'll be really shocked if she decides to bloom once I put my heat on...

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Rosey, OMG, how do you survive such cold temps? When it drops to 68F, I'm frozen..dress like I'm in North Pole. lol.

I'm surprised roses are growing at all, this time of year..then again, you're z6...When we've drove to southern IL, there was a huge temp difference..even plants that won't grow here, do well down south.

Rose, I've used straight MG for years..Successfully. Like you said..if it's not broken, don't fix it.

I wonder if your vine is grafted?? Amazing how fast your Honeysuckle grew this time of year..heck, even during summer..

Growing vines on a curtain rod is a good idea. I no longer hang curtains/shades/blinds..plants are natural curtains.
We had a 12' curtain rod above the LR windows.
I had a Pothos that hung, grew long, so I set the end on the rod, and it really took off.
I could have shot dh when he tossed the

Once your honeysuckle gets 15' tall, it's going to need a big pot. lol.
One option is to attach it to a topiary..there's some really nice shapes. Holidays, animals, etc. From small to extra large..
Or use a trellis, like you first said.

I thought honeysuckle bloomed a certain time of year?

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cold? ... some nights are a little chilly. I put on my fleece pajamas and socks and I'm fine. :) 60's isn't cold. wait until it's 45 - then I'll run the space heater to take of my clothes to shower... and, be thinking it's cold enough, consistently that I should put the heat on. Last year, I was freezing around thanksgiving weekend - the year before that, I went a week longer and didn't start the heat going until December 4th... the year before that... well, I made it until close to the end of december... I don't like putting the heat on and having it go straight until April... so, I delay as long as I can. :D

I'm not cold yet.

If the heat goes on, and the honeysuckle is growing in a warm room - won't it be faked out to think that it's summer? :) I'm hoping by February, I'll have honeysuckles in bloom - even though it's usually a summer bloomer.

I need to research topiaries...

OH... EVery one of my roses outside has blooms. they aren't all pretty. but that 2 days of warmth early this week did it. I have buds or open blossoms on all my bushes. Even the climber shows some new growth.

I'm not saying they're particularly pretty. this time of year - the flowers are smaller... the stems more delicate. This is the Roses' last horrah before their long winter sleep.

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Rosey, lol..Some people can tolerate cold more than others.
The room I spend most of the time is about 70F. This is what I wore last night.
Insulated top
Thick sweat shirt.
Long knee socks, 'over my knees,'
Leg warmers.
House Slippers.
Under clothing.
Thick, winter Robe.

And I was still cold. lol.

I give you credit. There's no way on earth I'd take a daily shower. lol. Probably would wear Pj's until June. lol.
My sister is always warm..She runs the a/c most of the year..When I visit her, I bring extra clothing.

One Thanksgiving, several family members went to her house. She had the a/c running..Outdoor temps were in the 20's.
My dh said, 'he normally doesn't complain when temps are on the low side, but has a limit.' Anyway, he said, 'I'm going outside to warm up.' lol.

I also have to worry about birds..especially my older guy. When they're puffed up, it's too cold. I usually end up turning on the oven, which is one room over.

It's possible your plants will assume it's summer, but certain plants can't take the cold..soil stays wet when rooms are cold.

Most succulents don't mind, 'unless soil remains wet for prolonged periods,' but certain tropicals can freeze. Especially when close to a window.

Speaking of research..I did a little Honeysuckle reading.
One author wrote, Honeysuckle grows clockwise,
It was also written, many nurseries graft HS.
Remember I asked if yours was grafted? Look at the wood near the bottom..if there's a bump, it's grafted.

Several sites, made it clear, HS should get infrequent fertilizer.
One last thing..It flowers from Apr-Aug.

Rose, I know what you mean about Rose blooms at the end of the growing season..Blooms are normally smaller.
Do you mulch? I might have asked before, but forgot.

Even though flowers don't look as good this time of year, at least you can view a semi-colorful garden.

Aside from Yucca and Sedum, all plants are dormant.

One plant, Ornamental Cabbage is doing fantastic. Normally grown as an annual, this cabbage has been around since 2010. Last Nov, I think, it flowered. Tall, yellow spikes.

The pic was taken 11/4..doesn't do colors justice. Wish I'd planted more Cabbage/Kale and Mums in the front garden. Maybe next year, if I can find it.

Gotta start dinner..Making Chicken Parmasian today..going to take several hours..Should have started ealier, but you know how it is on GW..

My puter will be on, Toni

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You wear all that when it's 70?

last night, I wore a cotton nighty. (to thighs), and a fleece jacket. no socks.

I'll check the honeysuckle tonight, see if I notice anything graft-like...

the picture - from this morning ... shows you how delicate those stems are, this time of year. can't even hold up the flower. I don't mulch. I should because it would be a whole lot easier to fight weeds.

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The sauce is heating..

Temps differ per room. For instance, the back and front plant rooms are super-chilly.

The basement used to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but something's's the opposite.

Thermometer might read 68-70F, but to me it feels like 50. lol. Yep, I wear all that, plus I've taken out winter sheets/comforter. Aside from removing slippers, I place my robe over the covers and sleep under all three..sheet, comforter and

I don't know how you do it,

Yeah, I see how delicate rose stems are..leaves are frost-bitten, too. But, at least your rose if blooming..The flower looks good, much larger than I thought.

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:) I haven't put a real blanket on my bed yet. I have my sheets and a snuggie spread out on top of them. In another week or so, I should unpack a comforter ... don't want to be 'to hot'...isn't it still indian summer? :)

As for your problem with the basement... sounds like there's a window open. It should be really warming up down there between the furnace and water-heater ... positively toasty.

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Indian Summer? Maybe in

I had to run to the store to buy cheese for dinner. It's not as cold as I thought.
I was bundled, but not wearing as many clothes as I do at night..

Nope..Basement windows have storm and inner windows..they haven't been opened in years..Their probably painted shut..

Now the bedrooms windows aren't closed properly..I asked dh to check...he said they were closed and locked..sure enough, they're not..To close them all plants on two shelves have to be taken down....The bedroom is very cold at night.

Come to think of it, it might be warm enough to place Gardenia out for a few's very sunny..

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I'll share my secret. :) I live in an attic apartment that gives me 2 really huge positives during this time of year. first, I'm right below a black tar roof that heats up when the sun hits it. second, heat rises and since there's a family with 2 young children directly below me - they've had their heat on for a while now.

So, unless I have a few days of 'no-sun', bad weather, or consistent temps below freezing - these "2" positives keep most of the chill out of my attic space.

there are a few really chilly evenings when I will put on my fleece pajamas, and a pair of socks.

if it's below freezing for multiple days, I'll probably have to bring out a comforter, or my electric blanket and start running the space heater before/while I shower.

And, if the neighbors go away for the holidays and lower their heat... I may have to put my heat on.

These are the benefits to having an apartment at the top of the stairs, instead of at the bottom. 1) the rising heat, and ... the view from up top.

There has to be some benefits for not having patio, or back yard space or an easy way to water outdoor plants...

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