Anyone seen these peppers anywhere?

blazepepper(7b)April 14, 2009

I am looking specifically for 'Yummy Pepper' seedlings. I have seen these from Bonnies at all of the big box stores for the last several years. I've always had my eye on them, but have never given in and planted, and decided this was the year. Only problem is now I can't find them anywhere. Has anyone seen them? Its supposed to be a petite sweet pepper that ripens to an orange apricot type of color. The bonnies selection seems to be less this year than in the past. Tons of the old favorites, but a lot less of some of the more rare ones that I swear I've seen in the past. If anyone has seen these seedlings in the metro atl area, or have any suggestions for a similar alternative, please let me know, thanks so much/ mac

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I planted these last year and they were fantastic. Small but quick growing and the plant was petite too. I haven't seen it either and I wish I had saved the seeds. These were perfect in my container garden.

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I sent an email directly to Bonnie's, and got a reply that they would try to deliver some of these to the Walmart in Winder, GA. Guess I'll take a drive and see if they kept their promise.

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scmatlanta_gw(8a - Athens GA)

Got a Bonnie's one at Lowe's in Athens last weekend. The only mini sweet pepper they had.

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I think I remember that they had a bigger stock of peppers in May last year. I was at Lowes this weekend and they mostly had tomatoes and only a couple of varieties of peppers (1-2 sweet; 1-2 hot). I'm going to wait a little while longer to hopefully find them again.

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I just bought some of these today at the Lowe's in Acworth, GA! There were plenty left after I bought mine!

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Bonnies kept there word, I drove up to winder walmart on sunday and they had plenty, thanks for the replies.

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I bought 3 at local Lowes yesterday.Planted all three in large container pot. They were not in stock last week

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