Kossack Kohlrabi

rain1950(W. WA z8)January 22, 2006

Anyone ever try this variety? Supposed to grow to 8 - 10" without getting woody. And I do love kohlrabi!

Park Seed and others carry seed: http://www.parkseed.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?storeId=10101&catalogId=10101&langId=-1&mainPage=prod2working&ItemId=5779&PrevMainPage=advsearchresults&scChannel=Vegetables%20AS&SearchText=p16.v231;s1.Kohlrabi&OfferCode=S1H

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kailea(4 WI)

Hi! BE SURE to try this one if you like kohlrabi. We have been growing them the past 4 or 5 years and won't go back to the little guys anymore. Here in Wisconsin, they have been great. They, of course, take a little more room, but are worth it. You just won't need as many. In fact, right now, I have "part of one" in the fridge that we are eating on, last one of the season. You can start using them much smaller but they will get large and still be good. (Was probably about 10" long and 6 or so across). They do not get as strong; have a sweeter, milder flavor. Rarely get woody like the little ones. Our garage is not heated, and does not freeze so we pull up the last ones before freezing, wash off mud but leave the roots intact and store in the cold garage. They may shrivel some but after cutting up and setting in water in fridge overnight, they are crisped right back up. We use ours raw as we don't care for them cooked and they are wonderful. Have fun and surprise your friends and neighbors with these giants. I think you'll be happy with them.

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