growing giant tromboncinos

greendesertJanuary 29, 2013

I saw the tromboncino squashes these people grew (see link)

Two questions: Can I use just any tromboncino seeds to get results like this, or would I have to get this strain?

What are some of the tricks to growing something like this?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You might contact them at the web add at the bottom of the pic and ask where they got their seeds, maybe they will trade with you.Couldn't hurt to ask ;)
Let me know if you get a trade.
I have seen these on a prepper show recently,I don't know if it's the same family but they had an amazing garden.

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Last year I grew trombetta squash and I think they may be the same. I don't remember what company provided the seeds, but my seed store has ordered them again. I will look today to see if they have come in and let you know. I loved them...cooked or raw when young, similar to yellow squash or zucchini, or mature as a winter squash.

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