New lipstick plant

haxuan(Vietnam)March 30, 2006

Hello, I have just bought this lipstick plant and wish to share a pic.

BTW, the vines of the plant ares trailing a long way down. I also noticed some vines have aerial roots too. I wonder if I can cut off the vines and plant them for new plants. Can I do that now or need I wait until the plant finish flowering?

Also the plant is now in a 5 inches pot. Is it over-potted? Should I repot it to a smaller pot or not?

Thanks for all your advice.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Very healthy looking Aeschynanthus Lobbianus.
Yes - you can reroot the pieces - they will grow roots from the leaf nodes - so make cuttings, they can go as short as 2 nodes, remove the bottom leaves and stick them into the loose soil - like for AV - and they will root. You want to enjoy the bloom though - they bloom for months one bunch of flowers after another. They need the same or more light as AVs, they like to be potbound and mature - means = just let it be.

You will enjoy this vine a lot - just do not get too upset when it will start dropping the spent flowers on the floor. If they get pollinated - they develop a long skinny seed pod - I had one 15" - then they crack and miniscule seeds have long hair to travel with the wind.


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Thank you Irina. I'm keeping this plant outside, hanging it under a small three together with some hoyas. So it's getting 'dappled light' all right. But we're now approaching the rainy season. I wonder if I should bring the lipstick inside to avoid getting water-logged or not?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

No - just be sure that it has a really good drainage and water flashes through. It is a native plant.

You can get some cuttings and start them inside just in case.


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Cuttings root very easily--probably even easier in your climate than in the temperate zones. Aerial roots make it even easier, as you have a head start. Potting up lots of cuttings together makes a really nice full pot. If you want, you can start lots of new pots and have them hanging everywhere. It sounds like you have a large mature plant for the size of the pot. So, I suspect it will handle the rainy season well. They do like a lose epiphyte mix, similar to a hoya.


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Thanks irina and jon.
I've already put some cuttings to root. The vine was so brittle that one of them 'broke' when I tried to 'get it to behave' (you know what I mean - LOL). I planned to have some more pots as you suggested. I'm thrilled to see if they will flower for me in time.
Jon, does this plant have a flowering season? Or does it flower all the time? I saw different pots at the vendors, some flower some don't.

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

A little used term I would apply to it is a "chronic bloomer", meaning it will go in and out of bloom, with no specific season. I think it, therefore, may have two or three flowering periods during the year. They take a long time to develop the red corolla, but the colorful dark calyx colors up for quite a long time before the corollas emerge, so the effect is that you will have color for much of the year.


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Thanks Jon... that's good to know.
Have a nice weekend. (It's Friday in Vietnam already!)

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