elder(6VA)January 3, 2006

Have noticed that many giant vegetables seem to come from more northern lattitudes, except in those cases where very warm temperatures are needed, many even from Alaska. Is it possible that length of daylight during summer days is a strong contributing factor to the growth of giants? Or have I misread the stats? And if this would be the case (and I mention this only because I guess that giant growers are somewhat of a wacky, dedicated group, especially the pumpkin people) why not extend daylight to 24 hrs with artificial means?.....Elder

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Yes the daylenth does excelerate the process. Doesn't work for all plants. It causes some plants to run to seed. Cabbages love it. Lettuces tend to bolt. Everything has it's own internal time clock. 24 hours of daylight won't work for all plants. Later tohechito.

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squarefooterg(md z7)

lettuce has and 8 hour clock and will bolt in 4 weeks from seed in the summer heat.

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24 hour daylight( the white nights ) seems to work well for : the cabbage family (these are cold weather crops)( cabbage, cauliflower, rhutabagas ,broccoli,kale,collards,rape,turnips, mustard ) and strawberries . All grow large in Alaska ! Use artificial light if you want it is not practical on a large scale .

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