How do you lift giant pumpkins

Paul2101(z6 MD)February 9, 2005

I'm new to giant pumpkin growing. The only thing I'm afraid of is success :) I don't know how to move a giant pumpkin if I manage to grow one.

What are some good systems for lifting and moving giant pumpkins?

Should I place something under the pumpkin before it gets large - so there is something to grab onto when lifting?

I see pictures of pumpkins sitting in the field and I can't quite figure how anyone manages to get these things onto trucks and trailers without damaging them.


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paul i suggest you go to
and ask their. there are several methods for pumpkin lifting, pitures diagrams,products and blue prints.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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wayne_perrier(z9 CA)

Generally they use a purpose-built "pumpkin tarp" with many (10+) built-in handles to move these babies. Another method I've seen used is when the pumpkin is still small (

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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

This is how we moved my 615 lber. last year:

After cutting the pumpkin from the vine, we rolled the pumpkin on its side, and tucked a tarp with handles under it. Then we rolled it the other way, and pulled the tarp under the other side. Then a number of us lifted it onto a pallet(covered with cardboard), using the tarp.
Our neighbor, who is a farmer, then used his skid loader(with forks) to lift the pallet and pumpkin onto our pickup bed. All this requires attention to safety.
Then off to the weighoff we went.


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bloomorelse(Z4b NB Canada)

Here's a picture of my Brother loading his onto the truck to take to the Windsor NS weigh off.

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Maxpower(5 MA.)

in abscense of a skid loader or a tractor 10 or 12 guys 8 pizza's a five cases of beer.

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