Columnea species

harrywitmore(Zone7 NC)March 30, 2008

I'm a newcomer to this forum. Actually didn't know it existed. I have become a nut over Columnea species. They are not the easiest to come by but I have had very good luck growing them. Most are in a growing area where the winter temperatures are about 50F minimum and the humidity is 70% or more most of the time. Most all have or are flowering. Many of the plants I have are still too small to share but many are not. So if anyone is like me and looking for a trading partner in this interesting genus of plants please let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Columnea

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Hi Harry,
I love your columneas, pity you weren't in oz. I have been tryng to get a columnea collection going with seeds from ges soc seed fund.
But can you tell me what is the small plant that i can just see on the "log" inbetween the broms on the pic. that is inserted in place of no image yet?????

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harrywitmore(Zone7 NC)

Dee, If you are speaking of the small creeping plant I can't. I took this picture at Fairchild Gardens years ago. It looks like it could be a small fern of Peperomia. It could be a Gessie also.

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You have some beauties there:) Great looking plants.

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Hi Harry,

That's quite the collection. I just started into Columnea. I have a number of hybrids but only one species -- C. moorei. I received C. Goldheart for our club sale and have been trying to find out what the bloom color is. Do you know?

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harrywitmore(Zone7 NC)

My Gold Heart has not flowered but I suspect it's red. My Cascading Beauty (I think) is in full flower now and it's red as is microphylla which may be in the parentage of Gold Heart.

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