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printmaster1March 22, 2013

With AV's I have read that you can root the bloom stem. Can you also root Streps bloom stem?
Has anyone tried?

I have AV's, but only just started with Streps. They will probably over take AV's.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Lonnie =

the success on rooting bloomstalks depends on the size of the small leaves at the node where peduncle - the main bloomstalk branches into pedicels - stalks that carry single blossom.
Big leaves - it roots - smallish - probably not. Some old varieties have large ones - and root just right - or produce "baskets". Basket happens when the sleeping bud at the above mentioned node wakes up and starts growing producing a hanging palntlet you can separate and root.

I do not think you can root the bloomstalk of a Streptocarpus - the leaves at this node are miniscule. But - they often produce baskets and this baskets sometimes even produce a new bloomstalk with a blossom.

It is variety dependent - some of Bristols streps do it consistently.


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Thank you for the information.

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