Super newb sinningia question

leahrenee1(z9FL)March 5, 2013

I bought a sinningia in november, (aurora borealis) and it had done very well. The vendor told me that eventually after flowering it would start looking poorly and the foliage would die back and that it would be resting for a few months. The plant, or it may be two plants it had two separate stems emerging from separate places in the soil, one stem is starting to bloom again and the other dried up and vanished. Should I dig it up and check to see if I have two bulbs? Did I kill one of the stems or is it resting? Can you tell this is all new to me? :P

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It is very probably one tuber - 2 stems, one of them got tired and died. Nothing wrong with it.

I grow this plant - and in my conditions it is almost indeterminant - grows and blooms on the very ends on long stems - and keeps growing. Eventually they got so unsightly - I chopped them off - and put the tuber to rest - 2 months later - it sent new shoots - and I potted it again. When I cut the long stems off - I rooted the tips - it roots easily under the dome - and passed them to my gesneriad club friends.

So - it is your call- to let it be - or to chop the remaining stem and let it rest. Sometimes the old stem is still growing - and the tuber sends a new young stem. In this case I would chop the old stem - and let the new one grow, And do not forget to put the tip for rooting - it is a very desirable plant - so you can share it.


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