New to gesneriads - what's causing this?

elkay_gwMarch 15, 2012

I have 2 streps, 2 episcia, 1 AV and 1 kohleria that I ordered from The Violet Barn last month. They are all basically in the same conditions - around 67 degrees and humidity around 60%, varying a little here and there. They get morning sun in an east window and bright light the rest of the day. One strep is showing this on the two leaves....

What is causing this? Is the end in sight already? The other strep is fine and has 2 flowers. Should I put it in a terrarium to increase the humidity? I'm very careful NOT to overwater. I have not transplanted them yet, I thought I should wait until April or May.

What do you think?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Streps do it no matter what. That's why everybody trims the foliage before the Shows. Let your strep soil dry between waterings - the strep should still look good, but the pot should be already light before you add more water.

The damage on the leaf could be from being on the road.

Healthy young plant.


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Is that right? Thanks for the info!

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Elkay, I agree with Irina. I order from Violet Barn as well and from time to time will get a strep with the same type of markings. As well as they pack them, the USPS and it's contractors are not as gentle with packages as they once were. There is nothing wrong with your culture and if it really bothers you, you can trim the leaf back with a pair of sharp scissors.

My only suggestion is to do so in the early morning hours when the water content of the leaves is the greatest. When the cut heals it is less noticeable and less chance of the leaf drying back more.


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