Browning Strep Leaf tips

gigicirca85(9)March 28, 2007

Hello everyone,

I read through here and the African Violet forum quite often, though I don't post much at all, I am very impressed by the vast knowledge you've accumulated over years of experience. Also, I was recommened to purchase plants from Rob's Violet Barn, which was probably the best decision EVER!!

I received my order last October, which consisted of three new African Violets, and a Streptocarpus. The AV's are growing well, but the I'm having trouble with the Streptocarpus. This is the first streptocarpus I've tried, and the one I purchased was Bristol's Party Girl.

When I revcieved it, it was packaged beautifully-- I was so impressed with Rob's company just by the protective packaging! The plants were in perfect condition, wonderfully healthy. The strep had one large leaf, a medium sized leaf, and a baby shoot-sized leaf just growing in. For the first two months, it showed very little, if any growth. I didn't re-pot it- I've kept it in the little white dixie cup, and with regular watering (only when it had dried out for a bit) About two months ago I noticed that the tip of the large leaf was browning and crinkling. It got so bad that I removed the leaf from the plant, and it was fine for a while, but now that medium sized leaf is really browning and crinkling inward a lot.. I'm worried that I'm going to lose the plant.

Does anyone have any advice or know what I might have done wrong? The water I use is tap that I let sit out overnight. I'm careful not to overwater, and it's kept on a table where it receives indirect sunlight.

Thank you so much for the anticipated responses!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Gigi -

The old leaves on streps do dry on the ends. You can just trim the dry part with the scissors.

The streps like to get dry before you water them again. The pot should be light and dry - just before the leaves start wilting - or just start showing the lack of luster because of the drought. You let them dry just a bit - may be they want to dry even more.

The streps like it cooler and more light than AVs. What are the temps? May be it is not enough light?

What are you using for fertilizer?

Good luck


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It could be that there isn't enough of a root system to support the leaves. If that's the case, just cut back the leaves a bit. This will stimulate new crowns to form when the roots will support it.

Older strep leaves do tend to brown at the edges. But streps are very thirsty particularly when they are potbound. I wick most of my streps because all of them would get brown edges otherwise. Misting helped but not enough.

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I have read several places that moving or transplanting small streps actually help make them grow bigger faster. So I have been working with that in mind every chance I get and I believe it does help them because I get blooms on rather small plants often. Just remember to plant them "on the hill" and not too low in the pot as they can rot just like african violets do if they stay too wet. Good luck. Janice

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