Why are streptocarpus leaves like this, i let it dry out

katsols(7b)March 19, 2013

I've read carefully all the care instructions about these guys because i know they can be tricky and i don't know what i'm doing wrong now... i let it become completely bone dry between waterings. It was 6 leaves all together and i noticed when it's bone dry four leavess are still very erect and stiff. It's those two that i noticed got all droopy all of a sudden. Was that my mistake? should i have waited until the big leaves were slightly droopy?
The soil for them is very fast draining so i dont think that is a problem.
I really don't want to loose geraldo lol

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Katsols, the problem could be you let it dry too much, thus shocking the plant. Are you sure the soil was bone dry? It may look dry at the top but where the roots are could have been still wet. Though I doubt that is the case because if too wet the whole plant will tend to collapse.

If all leaves were droopy when you watered and the two outer leaves have not revived, try placing a clear plastic bag over it for a few days to see if they perk up. DO NOT leave the plant in direct sun! Place it in a bright spot. This should help the plant if it was shocked by being too dry. The leaves should revive but if they do not you can always cut those affected off. Take off the bag and return to it's original spot.

To avoid this from happening again, stick your finger into the soil down and inch or two. If wet, don't water,if slightly damp then it is safe to water. The key is to avoid the extremes too much or too little water. If you rather not stick your finger in, then take a sharpened pencil and stick it I the soil. If it comes out wet, don't water. Hope this helps. Irina may have some more ideas or tips to share. She's very knowledgeable. I sure she will post as well.


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thank you dave! yea when i watered only those two leaves were droopy and the rest and those two large ones were perky and full as in the pictures above, so strange..

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dave is so right - avoid extremes. If you lift the pot -- and it is light - - time to water it. Do not wait until the leaves are all droopy. Somebody wrote that he can see the difference in a leaf sheen - I guess they look dull before they start drooping - and it is the time.

The second thing I want to mention - pop the plant out - and add soil to the bottom. They do like to be above the rim, kind of on the top of the hill - probably because improves the air circulation in the root area.

I think you can trim these smaller droopy leaves - it will stimulate the growth of the new ones.


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