Giant Pumpkin question

organicpepper_grower(Nova Scotia)March 27, 2009

I was given some giant pumpkin seeds last year and I have a few questions?

How deep do I plant them and how?(i.e: mounds)

Shouls I start them as a transplant?

How much space do I need?

I only have 5 seeds

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uncron1(z6 OH)

I like to start them inside only about 1 week before going outside because of how fast they grow. For best germination the starting mix needs to be 85F and slightly moist , not wet. I lay them flat and cover them with 3/4 - 1" of mix. Planting in a mound provides good initial drainage and helps the soil to warm up faster. I would put 1 plant per mound. For something big I would go with no less than 300 sq. ft.

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Karen Pease

I have two Dill's Atlantic Giants growing under LEDs right now. Man, those are some fast-growing plants. I'm worried they're going to crush everything else in there; the bigger one already has three tendrils, lots of little immature flowers, and leaves the size of my outstretched hand!

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is it too early for my small atlantic giant plant to have small buds on it?

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