advice please: potting up sinningia tubiflora

rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)March 26, 2014

I unpotted my 2 dormant s.tubiflora just now, and realized that I had made a couple of mistakes right off the bat. These were given to me as 2 stem cuttings last summer, and were rooted/grown in 4" plastic pots.

My first mistake was to snap off the dead stem about 1" above the tuber, realizing only then that the inside of this stem looked very much alive. Did I make a serious error here?
Second, after potting up the tubers, I saw in pictures that the tuber is usually left half exposed on the medium surface, and is rather shallowly potted, almost like a bonsai.
The tubers measure ~1" and 2" across, and have substantial root growth from the top of the tuber. Considering the apparent success of these tubers being fully underground, am I asking for trouble if I plant them deep again?


--Rick in CT

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You shouldn't have any problem because of snapping off part of the old stem. New growth should sprout from near the surface.

I'd replant so at least a third or so of the tuber is projecting above the surface. Later when it's in active growth you can add more soil. You want light to reach the surface of the tuber, and not have damp soil covering the entire tuber before growth starts, to help prevent rot.

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