Lighting for mixed gesneriad seedlings

snappyguyMarch 14, 2012

I have a container of gesneriad seedlings that came from a mixed packet. The seeds included Achimenes erecta, Primulina tamiana, Nematanthus albus, Columnea linearis, Columnea hybrids, Nautilocalyx mellitifolius, Sinningia speciosa, Chirita viola, Chirita sp. from Phuket, mixed mini Sinningia hybrids, and mixed Streptocarpus hybrids. I had been growing them on a kitchen counter top with natural light, but they weren't getting enough light, and it wasn't the most convenient location. I moved them and have a 17W T8 aquarium lamp about 12" above the seedlings with a light cycle of 12 hours on, 12 off. The seedlings are just now beginning to put out true leaves. Do the lighting parameters sound ok, and if not, what would you change? I've grown a lot of gessies, but never from seed. New ground here.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Mark -

I would move them closer to the lamp = probably 6-8". Most of this stuff is AV requirement lightwise. And you probably need to think about repotting them now before they became one tangled mess. Toothpick works. Or you can take little clumps and put them in water to untangle - as M3rma1d suggested some time ago . At that point they will root immediately even if you damage the roots - and moved seedlings grow much faster.


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