Mock Orange or Lemon?

Morgan2475August 13, 2005

I was thinking of getting one or both, Does anyone have any thoughts on which is better for a sent garden? Im just starting a bit of reserch on them so and comments are welcome!

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You are asking about mockorange versus lemon tree? Which mockorange, Pittosporum tobira?

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Mock Orange,Philadelphus x virginalis 'Natchez' Verses Aglaia odorata, Common names; Chinese perfume plant, chinese rice flower or Mock lemon. Sorry I should hve been more clear in the first place

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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

Aglaia odorata.

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will only the mature plant flower or will say a one gal. size plant flower.
I just don't want to be old and gray to start enjoying it if you know what I mean.

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I second the aglaia. From what I remember, pittosporum only blooms at one time of year while aglaia blooms repeatedly, and the former that I had when I lived in your zone never wafted very far. Aglaia blooms while quite tiny (have one now as a houseplant that's been blooming since it was in a 4" pot). Is it hardy in your zone, though? I'd be sure to give it some protection.

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Heavinsent(z9 La)

The sites I have checked say zone 10 and above so I will most likely keep it in doors. I have found several other plants I will use outdoors while reserching Aglaia. Im glad to hear Aglaia blooms from a 4 inch pot size for that is what I have ordered. Pricey little things but, I'm sure it will be well worth it!
Some of the plants I have chooesn are:
Elaeagnus Multiflora
brunfelsia americana
Clerodendrum philippinum
I'm sure the list will be growing it is a wish list after all. If anyone wants to add any sugestions feel free. I have few limitations as far as size. I am no master gardener, but I have good general knowlage of plants. More every day I spend at this site! Also, I need to find a good mail order source for all the plants I listed and most likely any added. my local nuserys are a joke to be kind, (Home Depot and Lowes have the best selection)LOL! If anyone has one please help!

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I've always thought pittosporum makes a nice landscaping plant. Since it doesn't sound like space is an issue, have you thought about getting both and planting the pittosporum outside? Then the aglaia could be a pot plant that you could take in when necessary, which I bet wouldn't be very often. I bet you could even treat a real citrus that way, too.

Are you planting all the great Southern stadbys like gardenias and tea olives?! Lucky you that so many plants love your heat and humidity! Also michelia figo and brugmansia come to mind. Several jasmines, like polyantha...there are so many more. It might help to check out the local section of a bookstore for any books put out by nearby garden clubs. There's also a book called The Southern Living Garden Book that has a section on fragrant plants for the South.

I hate to recommend mail order nurseries because there are so many. A great tip someone once gave here was to try googling the name of the plant you want + "nursery" after it. You might also want to get friendly with the owners of your local nurseries even if they are a joke...they stock whatever people want, so if you show an interest in something different, they may order it for you. Good luck!! I think part of the fun is in the planning!!!

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Sorry, I reread and realized you weren't even considering pittosporum. If you want a philadelphus, I'd try hard to find it in bloom because some don't have a strong scent. Or if you do order one, do it from a place that sounds trustworthy and make sure they're claiming theirs is very fragrant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flower Scent

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Heavinsent(z9 La)

Thank You Mare,
I did consider both pittosporum and philadelphus the reason I chose philadelphus was for its arching form as well as scent. I picked one up the other day at one of my local nuserys that seemed to be the one most willing to help me get some of my harder to find plants. It was not flowering but it will be a beautiful addition all the same.
I have not had much luck with Gardinas and I have 2 Osmanthus fragrans and 1 Figo. One of my Osmanthus fragrans it quite un happy with me at the moment the other seems to be doing good for now.I have thought of several Jasmines but for now I really don't have many places for vines. My husband likes clean lines and I like jungle as he calls it, so I will have to ease him in to the idea of arbors and other such homes for vines. I did however pick up a Pandora Vine the other day an got "the Look" (a discusted not another plant look)But I just could not pass it up.
As far as mail order sources, I have found a few on this site and I have ordered my Aglaia odorata and a Lady of the night (can't think of the latin name) from and I have checked into and Rare flora was the only one still shipping. I hope these are good sources. I learned my lesson the hard way with mail order nuserys several years ago so now I like to find good sources thru word of mouth and recomendations. Anyway I know Im rambling so thanks again!

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fennelgrl(Z6a OH)

Heavinsent - do you have any feedback on I saw that they have Chinese Perfume Plant. I was thinking of ordering but the company isn't reviewed on Garden Watchdog.

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I've ordered from them a couple of times and been very happy at the quality of their plants -- sizes can vary widely, so if you want a good, large plant, make sure you talk to them first -- they often have larger sizes than what they list.



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Heavinsent(z9 La)

Fennelgirl, I think it is under Gardino's Nusery at Garden Watchdog. I have only the best to say about them!

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How about Murraya? It blooms citrus scent flowers throughout the yr, including winter. Citrus too are great, but depending on the type is when you'll see flowers. I'd go for both..LOL. Toni

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If you resolve to get a mock orange then you may do well to look for a variety called 'Belle Etoile'. It is a bit rare in the trade but, you can locate one on a web search.

Belle Etoile has a nice growth habit for a mock orange. The flowers have a rosey blush at their centers and have a clear,clean fragrance.It was Mrs. Wilders favorite philadelphus, and it has been honored with an award of garden merit by the royal horticultural society.

I have seen it offered online for as little as $8.00.

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Heavinsent(z9 La)

Hopeful, I do have a Murraya it is still small and it has not flowered yet but I cant wait. I settled on an English mock orange(Philadelphus coronarius)for the fountain like form but I think I will disapointed by the fragrance so I will most likely continue my search in spring when most are in bloom. Thank you Qzark for the heads up on 'Belle Etoile'I will have to look into it!

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in zone 9 you're going to have a time growing any philadelphus but P. inodora, they don't tolerate heat well at all, though inodora does nicely.

I can't recommend a "nice" smelling citrus bloom scented flower, I don't care for most citrus flower scents because they're too strong, but for actual citrus scent, specifically lemon, I can't give anything higher ratings than Aloysia triphylla, lemon verbena. To me it's the most pleasing, all sweetness and light without the sour qualities that a lot of other lemon scented plants have; the fact that the scent eminates from the leaves rather than the bloom means you can get that "rush" any time you want it, lol.

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Heavinsent, remember, Murraya is a relative of citrus..Do not prune. If yo prune this will effect flower production..I made this mistake w/my Murraya bush when I got it back in the mid 90's. They also loves sun, and fed with citrus or azalia fertilizer.
The flowers smell exactly like citrus flowers, so if citrus is one of your favories, you've made a great choice selecting this plant. One more thing, they do not like soggy soil..
I've a mock orange, and it does smell good..UM, can't wait till

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I'm thinking of ordering several drought resistant low bushes called Nepeta Walker's Low from I live in Western Colorado. The location will have some very limited drip irrigation. Soils are akaline. Air is very dry. Winters can get down to the minus numbers. Summers can get in the 90's. Does anyone (especially if you live southwestern US) have any experience with this plant or with Great Garden Plants?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Barbe, you really should start your own thread. Your question has nothing at all to do with this topic. You should be asking on your regional forum or the perennials forum....

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