Help!!! My Michelia alba is Dying!

dho1655August 19, 2012

I've had this tree for years and it's now almost 20' tall. It has now lost most of its leaves and there is no sign of it ever stopping. I know even evergreen trees drop their leaves throughout the year and this tree tend to lose quite a few leaves in the winter but it NEVER looks like this in August.

There isn't any discernable signs of disease and I've increased watering hoping to save it. Can anyone offer advice on what's going on? I'll be totally devastated if it dies. Here is a pic:

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Hi dho1655 - your tree look well established so I don't think you have to worry. Here in Southern California, I've seen both Michelia Alba and Michelia Champaka trees hard pruned and it bounced right back with gusto. However, if the tips are turning brown, you should trim it so that it won't continue further downward. Please do keep us posted of your progress.


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