Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

midnightgardener(9)March 15, 2009

I recently purchased some AGHAIST1075Â08 seeds from P&P seeds. I live in zone 9, Sacramento, Ca. I am going to try and grow a pumpkin for entry into the Safeway World Champion Pumpkin Contest at Half Moon Bay, Ca. The weigh off for the contest is held on 10/12/09. My question is this; what date would you plant the seeds in my area to get the maximum size pumpkin? I grew some regular size pumpkins last year and started the seeds in the 3rd week of march. I had fully developed pumpkins by the 4th of july. If I plant my giants now and they turn orange by july, is it too long for them to stay on the vine until October? Also, I planted some giant pumpkin seeds last year that someone gave me from a pumpkin they grew that was 675 pounds. The seeds were started on 4/10/08. I ended up pulling the plant up in july becayuse I thought it had some type of disease. Now I am not so sure. The plant would be fine as long as it was night or the temp was cool. As soon as it got hot the plant would wilt. It was well watered on a drip system. Since then I have found out that it is common for the giant pumpkins to wilt in the heat. Below is a picture of the plant before I pulled it. It made it to the blossom stage. The pictures were taken on 06/19/08. It was pulled shortly after that.

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Looks like you might need a sunnier spot, lots of shade there.

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The pic is in the early morning, the spot gets plenty of sun. I won't be planting here anyway. I decided to ditch the veggy garden this year and use it for the giant pumpkin.

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I just ordered my three $8.00 Atlantic Giant pumpkins seeds from Dills. I live in Ripon CA, surrounded by Almond trees. Looking to get plugged into a forum where I can get some information on how to do it right this time. My eight year old is depending on me to grow a big one. Been unsuccessful the past two years. I'm a novice at this. Dill's has some decent information on their website on how to grow; wondering what other good info is out there for a novice. Just having someone to ask questions would be helpfull.

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how have you growing in the past?

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