ID Grand Duke Jasmine flowers

fruits_veggies(8a)August 1, 2013

Please help in ID-ing my Jasmine flowers

I assume this to be a Grand Duke Supreme, please confim

and this also i think as GDS, please confirm

in the below flowers, i assume the flower on the left side is GDS, please confirm whether flower on the right side is Grand Duke Tuscany

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The one w pointy petals, the smaller of the two in the picture is JDS, the larger one in the picture with rounder petals is JD. Both your plants on top are JDS. If you notice the leaves are pointy. The JD has more round leaves and is also slower growing than the supreme. Hope this helps.


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Please..Do they give you any issues during winter and how do you keep them happy to survive it? I can't keep one alive if you paid me..

if you share your secret and give me hope, I will purchase a nice 2 footer one at the Asian festival coming in two weeks and try yet again..Please help a poor sap with this plant..

They are only 22 dollars for some good sized at least 2 to 3 foot ones..Hard to pass up even if you think you will fail.

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thanks tini, i'm expecting few more flowers to bloom in a day or two from all my JD/JDS plants, will post them to ID all the plants I have.

hi mike, this is the second year I'm growing Jasmines. I live in Dallas, TX area, may be the weather, besides weather this is what I followed last year and following this year as well

1. I grow all my jasmines in containers using Al's 5-1-1 potting mix (container forum)
2. Depending on the pot size, apply 1-2 tablespoons of CallowayâÂÂs Nursery organic 6-2-4 fertilizer once a month starting from April until Sep (Last application is on Sep 1st).
3. I sprinkle few tablespoons of cow manure and mushroom compost once in spring and again in summer
4. Try to water before 8.00AM
5. Shade from afternoon heat - from 3.00PM
6. This summer I covered all my black containers in aluminum foil to protect roots from cooking in texas summer
7. Last winter was the first winter for my jasmines and all of them were kept indoor/garage

Hope this helps and I wish you good luck in growing Jasmines.

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I live in Lewisville, tx. Would u like to trade your jasmines cuttings. I have different roses and cestrum nocturnum cuttings to trade,also have different pepper and owners seeds.
Thank you

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I mean flowers

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hi remy,

mine are relatively new plants (some of them are less than an year old) and not sure stems are mature enough for cuttings. I don't want to mess with my Jasmines right now, I guess by next summer they may be ready for cuttings.

I completely understand and I'm for fellow gardeners exchanging plants. Will keep you posted when the Jasmine are ready for cuttings.

I'm also trying with 'air layering' to propagate couple of my Jasmines and if that works, I'm fine with sharing the plants.

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Thank you for letting me know

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Fruits..Thank you so much for the info...

I have another couple of questions, if I may?

What I am really wondering is how you take care of them through the colder months of winter?

Do you keep them warm, in a sunny window, feed them, under lights?
I just can't seem to get them to to stay healthy in my cold months let alone flower unless I have a few hot summery days in a row where temps are above the 70's by night and 80's by day in full sun...

I was wondering if you see a decline in yours too during the winter and do they stop flowering then?

Thank you so much...

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Please let me know where did you buy the Grand duke of Tuscany
Thank you

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I kept all of my Jasmines in the garage under lights approximately 8hrs in daytime and some days I even forgot to switch on the lights and it worked for me for the last winter. I have some friends and neighbours who have jasmines for 4-5 yrs in Dallas area and they suggested this method.

I watered them once in a week and if the soil dried out I watered more often and never fertilized. None of my jasmines were flowering from Dec to Apr and only one had any new growth but the stems and leaves were yellow, may be because of lack of sunlight. I started slowly exposing the plants to sun light from March and they were in full sun from May and they just took off.

hope this helps.

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I got my GDS from Doans nursery, South Beltline Road in Irving.

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Please let me know howich it cost you
Thank you

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Fruits! It does help...

If I may? One more question....????

What temps are your plants exposed too during winter? Do they drop below 70 at any time at all?

I think if I can give them extra light as you do and a good temp, they might do well for me..

Thank you so much


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Mike, never checked the temp inside the garage but I'm sure it was very cold. I lost couple of plants in the garage, a kumquat tree and Hummingbird tree (Agati grandiflora), both won't survive below 45. We have had snow for few days in Dec and Jan, probably in those days temp would have been in 30's or less in the garage.

Other reason I could think of is, all my sources for jasmines are dallas local nurseries and even few jasmines from big box stores are grown locally, may be they adapted to this weather.

Growing Jasmine in some places are a challenge but immensely rewarding.

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Fruits..Thanks a bunch..

It's amazing that you can survive a Grand Duke at those temps! I have been told by everyone that they hate temps below the 60's..
Maybe you are watering right and giving them a rest....
Now if I could just find a nursery that sells them from your area...
Do you have Pay Pal set up? Is it possible for you to pick one up for me and I could pay you before hand?
If not, no worries...I missed the Asian Festival Saturday and I am afraid if I buy one locally, or from Logee's, I just may loose those too...
Maybe they died from disease this whole time and I did not know that..Hummmmm
I do know that I have recieve diseased plants from these places before,,,,Or maybe spider mites did them in before I even know of them...
If you are growing them successfully in those kinds of temps, then something else killed my plants...

Thanks again..Yours are so beautiful!


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Mike, I'm happy to get jasmines here and ship them to you but as for as I know they are usually sold in Spring and not available all year round. Moreover these days weather here is 100+, not sure plants would survive the shipping. I can definitely get them for you next spring.

What I observed is, most of the Jasmine cultivars including GDS, Arabian, Maid of Orleans etc. planted in Dallas area are hardy and they survive severe winters even if they are planted in the ground, of course they are pruned to the ground and covered in mulch until spring. They start to break buds in spring and just take off in summer.

I already planted two MOO in the ground and have plans to plant one GDS in the coming weeks to see first hand whether they survive the winter.

Belle of India is the only jasmine I couldn't find here at least among my friends and neighbors, not sure how belle grows in Dallas and survive the winters.

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Mike, local nursery from where I get my jasmines have new jasmine plants for sale, one cultivar is GD Supreme and the other one probably is GD Tuscany but not sure, please check the flowers that I posted here

Let me know whether you need them, I can buy and ship them to you.

PS: This nursery has no guarantee/warranty and return policy

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If you are interested in Belle of India, they do sell it here in Chicago in summer. I think it is a gallon, really big plant for $15 dollars. If you are interested let me know. The flower are beautiful and have a good harvest.


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Hi Tini,

Thanks for the offer to help. I would love to have Belle of India, I think it is going to cost a fortune to ship a big plant from Chicago to Dallas, not sure whether you can ship jasmines plants bare root. I'll make sure to follow-up with you in summer and you also please remember me when you see Belle of India :-)

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You can order tubers from USPS for free. As you are in central location, wherever you ship, its going to be less than or around $10 for shipping.
I feel USPS is cheap and fast. it took only 3-4 days whenever I shipped.

Regarding how to ship..

Take out the plant from pot, drop the little soil around the roots. wrap it in the cover.once you put the plant in the box tape the roots part, so that it won't move and close the box. These Boxes are very convenient. No need to ship bareroot. These tuber are 2 feet height. Most gallon to 3 gallon plants will fit in this. for 3 gallon you need to drop more soil.

if you have taller plant, you can order taller tubers but their shipping cost is around $15. Again depending on weight. So I recommend dropping some soil around roots.

Here is a link that might be useful: usps

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i have some jasmine plants, I grew them in containers for 3 years then last year I took a chance and put them in ground, most of them came back including mysore mulli, grand duke, belle of india, MOO, Arabian knights, however still waiting for GDS, I have propagated GDS so I have one in small container, I am looking to get mali pikul , mali chat and indiam jui, can anyone guide me how to start or add my trade list, I have been a member for some years but really busy with kids, just don't get enough time to take pictures of my beautiful plants, I really appreciate the help and best advices I get from here

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