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vtstarMarch 9, 2008

Someone recently put up a link to a great site for columnea and other plants. If I had not seen the link and gone for a look, I would have really wondered what my plant was up to. Thanks to the link I now know it is fruiting instead of blooming this round. They are very interesting looking and both my plants are doing the same thing. Recently I had a reason to order some plants and included two more columnea's, a yellow one "Goldilocks" and a red one "Firebird" and can't wait for them to start blooming.


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harrywitmore(Zone7 NC)

Very cool Janice. Columnea are one of my favorite Gessies. I have a small Goldilocks and it never seems to stop flowering. I'm partial to the species though. It will be interesting to see what you can grow once the berries mature.

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Since this is the first time they went to berries I have no idea what to expect. Does this mean they are actually seed pods? This plant is sort of a burnt orange, I also had some Firebird and Goldilocks blooming about the same time that I noticed the berries. So if they are indeed seeds they probably crossed with them, wonder how hard it is to start them from seed? Suggestions anyone? Janice

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harrywitmore(Zone7 NC)

Once the berries mature you should remove them and get a plain piece of copy paper. Smash the berries and smear it on the paper. Let the pulp dry out and then remove the small black seeds from the pulp. You can them sow them in a good potting mix or even long fiber sphagnum.

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Thanks for the information on how to deal with the seeds. I have about 5 berries, they were originally sort of pink and are now bleaching out to a white over the 3 months since I noticed them. Think I will wait another week or two then pick one as a test subject and see how it goes. This should be interesting.... Janice

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