Nematanthus or Lipstick

MichMatt(z5 ON_Ottawa)March 17, 2005

I got 2 plants with a generic "lipstick vine" tag. My other lipsticks are different - trailing varieties. The two on the picture are upright plants. One with dark green glossy tops and dark burgundy under leaves  rather small in size . Flowers are orange and dark red "goldfish type"- 1inch long.

The other " lipstick " has beautiful bright red and orange flowers and is in bloom for over a month now with those 2 flowers. I'm looking for some tips regarding watering and light requirements.

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

The one on the left is an aeschynanthus and the one on the right is a nematanthus. Really the term "lipstick plant" should only refer to the types of aeschynanthus (lobbianus, pulcher, 'Pullobia', radicans etc.) that have those longish tubular waxy calyxes, from which the corollas emerge, like a lipstick. The one you have has a very small calyx so I just call them aeschynanthus. Nematanthus are getting stuck with "lipstick" now that EA is marketing plants galore, with bad names ad naseum. Oh well, whatch gonna do?

They both are fairly high light plants that like to be kept evenly moist. Both are epiphytes and both like intermediate conditions. Nematanthus grow outdoors here, as they take temperatures down to about 32 or less in winter (for short periods of time over night). Most aeschynanthus are much more tender.


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MichMatt(z5 ON_Ottawa)

Thank you Jon for your info. Do you know the names? I have checked some websites - but the varieties look so alike that is difficult to pick the right name. Is my nematanthus called "Tropicana"?

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