Sonic Bloom

leafbrain2003a(Z 7/8)March 30, 2004

Has anyone tried this? It's too expensive for me to buy it without hearing from you guys. It's supposed to be a revolutionary fertilizer supplement process which enables giant vegetables and super speedy growth.

Sonic Bloom

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tomato_dude(z4 mn)

I read somwhere that Gordon Graham who grew the world record
tomato thought tomatoes liked country western music. Cheaper
than sonic bloom but have not tried it.

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leafbrain2003a(Z 7/8)

I actually read that tomatoes like rock music. Promotes fruit production or something.

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tomato dude wrong gordan grahams tomatoes listen cb radio
learn read posts thoughly.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)


>gordan grahams tomatoes listen cb radioSo they like swearing?? hmmmmm....

Learn English!

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leafbrain2003a(Z 7/8)

Haha... Took me long enough to get it!

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Tomatoes must certainly enjoy Bluegrass.

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homegrown54(z6 SE Ohio)

Tell you what. I think they like just about anything, although I usually put Prairie Home Companion, and Mountain Stage or whatever's playing on public broadcasting when I'm in the garden on nice days... come to think of it, I think the ones closest to the radio do the best! Good vibrations, I reckon.
I've heard of this Sonic Bloom fella, and his accompanying fertilizers. Too rich for my blood!

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southerngurl(6 Ark)

Looked like a bunch of hype to me.

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kimpa(z6b PA)

My friend bought it last spring and used it on her indoor seedlings. She played the music and spritzed on the fertilizer. She said it was working but I didn't think so. Then when it came to setting the seedlings outside, she didn't harden them off properly and many died. So it wasn't a very good experiment.

I haven't heard her talk about using it again.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Stuff like that is normally used to make up for shortcomings in regular growing practices. It won't do that. If you are already getting wonderful results, then maybe try one of the miracle potions and see if your results are even better. Until then, focus on the basics.


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I know I'm coming into this topic a couple of years late, but I still hope to help someone. I agree, Sonic Bloom is too spendy for me. But in my life for several reasons, I have had opportunity to do lots of research, and gardening is one of those topics I've dug into. There IS scientific research that is valid about plant growth and sound. Having said that, I'm not endorsing Sonic Bloom. For myself, I read on it and discovered that they use classical music and the chirping of crickets to open the stomata (probably the plant thinks it's nighttime), well. . .I went and read about classical music and plant growth and discovered that Back and Strauss' Blue Danube have been studied (they also help hens lay more eggs and cows to produce more milk), so I will download some portions as midi music that are free domain, will blend it with free wave sounds of crickets, will burn a CD and will try it using homemade compost tea spray on plant leaves. No loss there, see?
Hope this helps anyone interested.
You need 30 minutes of chirping before spryaing and 30 minutes after spraying, they say.

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leafbrain2003a(Z 7/8)

Wow, I think that's the longest time anyone has ever taken to reply to a post of mine. Nevertheless, your input is still appreciated. (I had actually forgotten that I was a member here until your post showed up in my email inbox. So thanks for reinitiating me to the forums.) This idea of using sound to ultimately allow plants to absorb more nutrients is of great interest to me, although over-hyped products are not.

I look forward to hearing how your experiment turns out. I might actually try it myself after reading your post.
Where could one find these free domain portions of Back and Strauss' Blue Danube?

By the way, did you have any links for the studies you referred to? I would be very interested in reading any scientific literature I can find on the subject.
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who hasn't dismissed the concept of Sonic Bloom as a scam.

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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

Interesting. Are the sound waves only effective in conjunction with foliar feeding?

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I have ask similar question on other Gardening websites including people working in gardening nursery and gardening retailers.

No one has tried Sonic bloom. By looking at the website, they offer the following kit for Home Gardeners. Very expensive. I really doubt you get your money worth for entire Home Garden Kit. You really do not need all the stuff in the Kit. You can buy 3 different music CD's for $15.00 each. You probably get away in buying a music CD and use Miracle Gro, SuperThrive or Agloflash or other liquid fertilizar as a substitute.

The Enhanced CD has everything you need to be successful. It plays beautiful classical music that has embedded within the special Sonic Bloom frequencies on a regular CD player. In a computer, it gives you the 33 page spray manual which is printable, an 8 minute how to video, 14 photos of treated and untreated plants and trees and three articles about Sonic Bloom. The CD will help you know more about how to use Sonic Bloom and thus do a better job.

The kit also contains a generous amount of the special Sonic Bloom organic nutrients. There is enough concentrate to make 32 gallons of mixed spray. A huge value! The kit has a high grade one quart spray bottle, measuring device, and easy to follow instructions.

Shipping Wt. 4 lbs.
Price is $79.00

Way to Expensive!

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Way to Expensive!
If person claim all stuff on the website, he should be selling the stuff for lower price to convince people. He should sound more humble and more humatarian. He will get more support from gardening community, professional community, etc. Otherwise, it sounds to good to be true.

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Does anyone know how loudly you need to play the music? I read somewhere that it had to be 115db, which is as loud as a rock concert.. Thanks.....

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If anyone wants to know the effects of my experiments of sound on plants so far, I'll put in my 2 cents worth.
I've been growing plants indoors and outdoors, but my indoor plants have been played the sounds of jungle birds and crickets about 7-8 hours a day under plant lights. I have a rose bush that started to bud earlier than it's outdoor counterpart, and a stevia plant that grew twice as large as it's outdoor counterpart. The interesting thing about the stevia plant is that it was the runt of the batch that I purchased. As well, it's leaves were a lot sweeter than the ones outside.
I also had a grape plant (which got too large, so I had to take it outside to be planted) which grew incredibly fast and contained more leaves and much larger leaves than an older grape plant that I also have.
With some strawberry plants that I grew, the leaves grew a lot faster than the ones outside, and started producing fruit on them earlier and contained much sweeter fruit.
Another things I noticed is that sound definately helps the germination of seeds. Once I started playing the sounds, I had a major germination rate increase in a seed starter kit I had purchased weeks before and had given up on some of them germinating.
On another note on germination, and this I'm not so sure about the effect of sound, but I had an experiment of germination rates of watermelon seeds where I had four containers and each one would be fed a different mixture, one having about 1-5% food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed in, another some plant food, a control with just tap water, and another with a quickly made compost tea. The hydrogen peroxide mixture had a 100% germination rate with the runner up being the compost mixture at about 75%.
Getting back to the plants with sound, the plants were also sprayed with tap water a couple hours after the sound had started, and my future plans are to take the sound outside and start spraying them with a quickly made compost tea of sorts and see the effects of noise on them.
Hope this helps anyone that is curious.

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Hey, I'm very interested in continuing your experiments. It's something my children could do as part of the upcoming science fair. How loud does the music need to be? Would it be at all possible for you to make your music/cricket mix available for download? There are a number of sites that offer free uploading of personal files for backups or sharing. I don't know how to mix music and as a teacher I have very little time to figure it out, so I'd greatly appreciate it.

Could you please clarify the hydrogen peroxide part? You used 5% food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed into the water along with the plant food? What were the proportions of each?

Two of my kids play classical violin, so it will be an interesting additional experiment to see how non-professional quality live music compares.

Cheers from New Zealand

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OK Here is my NON-bias, opinion: no way do I think I am a KNOW-IT-ALL. I have been using the home garden kit for a year now and my bottle is still 2/3rds full! I uploaded the CD onto my iPod and speaker dock so the music plays automatically for my indoor plants everyday. I have noticed 'growth spurts' the next day after spraying the plants with the nutrients. I have even experimenting using cloning and Sonic Bloom with much success; sometimes all of my cuttings survive! Simply fallow the instructions and you will see results! I have gotten it down to eye-balling 3 or 4 drops into an 8oz spray bottle. Make sure you shake the bottle well! Add warm filtered and high pressure, I use a Berkey PF-2 shower filter for this. The classical music is relaxing to listen to while you tend to your plants. For my outdoor garden, I simply use a teaspoon of the Sonic Bloom mixed with a gallon of water and pour it into the plants' soil. I've noticed that bugs don't eat up my plants treated with the Sonic Bloom.
So, from my experience, this stuff works!!!
I have not tried other kinds of music for my plants. The Sonic Bloom seems like the real deal and not a 'Gimmick.' I have heard of ways to make your own foliar spray, but it seems quite messy and probably doesn't cover all the bases like the Sonic Bloom. So, I'm a believer, the best way if you are curious is to find out for yourself! The nutrients will last you a long while if you use it right. I am pondering spending the big bucks for the outdoor unit in the future! Take care everyone!

Here is a link that might be useful: Republic Broadcasting Internet Radio

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Sonic Bloom is not expensive. There is a difference between price and cost. Sonic Blooms results make it extemely cost effective. The value is priceless. When you can increase yeild by 100% to 500% it puts into the miracle catagory....... and if you are an organic gardner, farmers market vendor, or commercial greenhouse organic farmer, you will be more than amazed and pleased. Check out the chart on webpage summitted with this post.

With world wide food shortages starting to occur, Sonic Bloom could be a world saver.... and Dan Carlson is the real deal.... Should be a nobel prize nominee/winner.

Here is a link that might be useful: info on sonic bloom and dan carlson/results

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Sonic bloom might be good but I'll tell you what is great and a heck of a lot cheaper ,compost tea. I swear by it!

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Not only have I tried it I have known Dan Carlson for 25 years and have used Sonic Bloom. BTW the only source is all other sites are not Dan's and should be considered suspect imho. Sonic Bloom is not cricket sounds as others have stated. It is the sound frequencies of song birds that open the stomata on the leaves and then you must spray with Sonic Blooms specially designed organic spray. You let the sound play for 45 minutes before and after spraying. Anyone can afford Sonic Bloom as the prices have just dropped by about 25% plus the Sonic Bloom is now available in a powder form that is much less expensive to ship anywhere in the world.

Most people posting on this blog don't have a clue all you have to do is go to and read the manual on how to use Sonic Bloom and watch the videos and listen with an open mind and heart to what people are saying. We need Sonic Bloom more than ever and there are some great opportunities for those with eyes to read and ears to hear. Check it out. Food shortages are coming.

Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.- Albert Einstein

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I have read the postings with interest on Sonic Bloom.
Someone stated that they would prefer compost tea to sonic bloom. I would suggest both. compost tea (aerobic) although it has a feeding effect is mostly about the biology. Biology that creates protection (when sprayed correctly) above the ground and favors the numbers that you need in the ground that serve the plant in processing minerals to make them available for the plant
Sonic Bloom on the other hand is minerals made quickly available through the stoma (with the frequency in the music causing the stoma to open)
I have much to learn but I believe many of us need to think more about things before we trash them.
I have lived many years outside of the US. Both compost tea (correctly done) and Sonic Bloom has a much better chance of feeding a hungry world well than the ridiculous ideas being promoted by Ag. companies that only see dollar signs
Properly used from the directions given Sonic Bloom would be more than affordable. In addition, if you compost your garden trash that has been used by Sonic Bloom. Then at the end of the season you can create a compost (sprayed with compost tea as it is built) that would do wonders in your garden the next season. (you would be adding high mineral level dead plant material into the compost and favoring high biology counts which would hold these minerals in suspension as they decompose.)
I am fascinated at what we can do with growing. Frankly, most of us are still in the stoneage when gardening. We have an unbeliveably complex sytem below and above ground designed to work together. Experiment carefully and then judge.

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I have used Sonic Bloom for years..I don't do it regularly, but when I do It works..I had a dried up petunia in a pot an thought I would try it 2 days later it came alive an a flower 2 days after that..I tried the music thing at first, but my neighbors complained..I mix the liquid in 1 gall can an pour over my plants. It is expensive in a way I paid $59. for it but I still have l/2 a bottle left after a couple of years. Since I put up 3 bird feeders up I let them do the natural singing thing...I live in California an a person that knows Mr. Carlson personally got it for me an explained his background..He has helped many country's get their crops back.So like the man said unless you know all this man's background don't knock him..

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I have been using Sonic Bloom for six years. I love the stuff. I've recently had trouble getting more of it. Does anyone have any info on what's going on or where to find more of it? Please help!

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Found it! After a few hours of searching I found a link on the Original Sonic Bloom Facebook page. That link led me to a site with a phone number that actually worked. The guy I ordered from was super knowledgeable and helpful and he even threw in some free organic seeds to go along with my order. Just thought I'd pass that along and help make it easier for the next person. Happy growing!

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The only website to buy Sonic Bloom is
Unless a distrbutor is varified by the owner, Dan Carlson, they are not selling true Sonic Bloom. Fake sites have always been a problem and we are trying our best to direct everyone to the actual and authentic site.

We at Sonic Bloom go to great lengths to ensure that our product are true to the pattened system invented by Dr, Dan Carlson.

If you have any testimonies to share or ideas to help feed the hungry in your community please visit us at

Thank You,
Sonic Bloom's US Administrator

Here is a link that might be useful: Sonic Bloom

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