I think my wisteria is dying

oberciAugust 8, 2012

So I think I'm killing my wisteria...

It's a small little thing that started out as a bare root and so is planted in a container for now. It has plenty of leaves and was looking great up until last week when I noticed a portion of it starting to die off--leaves turning crunchy and attached stem dying also. I have been giving it a gallon of water about once a week, and I'm now suspecting that I've been overwatering it :( Rookie mistake I guess...but how do I fix it!? I also added about a capful of foliage pro to the water since that's what I do for my other woody plants in containers...was that a bad idea?

Also, I noticed the leaves have a sort of spiderweb-like substance all over them with tiny beige bugs caught up in it. The leaves also look dusty in a way, so I'm wondering if there's some sort of mildew on them? What can I do to save this??

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you definitely have spider mites, you can use a teaspoon of dish soap in a litre of water plus 1/2 cup of alcohol or more -but then you have to rinse it afterwards.. and you have to do it every day...In your case you'd be better off using a specific product for spider mites because they are really hard to get rid off at this stage of infection with the webs and all

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Thanks Fenius,

I took a sample into the local nursery and they said the same thing. How can I avoid his in the future? Should I spray my plants regularly?
I ended up buying a product they recommended but it says to spray weekly...and you said to spray daily. Is that really necessary?

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to control spider mites, you don't need any ingredients other than water.
if you spray your plants for 3 consecutive days, the water will interrupt their breeding cycle.
a regular spraying/heavy misting of the foliage (every 2-3 days) should keep them at bay and your plants happy.

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yes, you can control them with moisture which they seem to hate but for me it is a constant war at this time of the year, yesterday we had 43C! you have to spray every day if you use the water or the water soap method until you see results then you can do it less often, instead with the mitecide you have to use it as indicated,usualy twice or three times every 7 days and if it is an oily solution you have to be careful and use it after sunset and when it is not too hot or your plants will fry..

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Excellent info thank you all. :)

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