suckers on florist gloxinia

alenka(6)March 1, 2007

I started a few florist goxinias from leaves, and now I have plants, some bigger, some smaller, with 6-10 leaves on each. On all of the plants, I see little suckers growing in the junctions above most of the leaves. Some of the leaves have what looks like little buds forming, but most of them have tiny bunches of leaves forming, so I'm guessing these are suckers. I know it's better to remove these on african violets, but what about florist gloxinias? The suckers aren't really growing, just kind of sitting there, very tiny. Should I remove them? Also, if there is a little sucker growing, does it mean there won't be flowers from that leaf junction? Does it mean the plants were stressed out in some way if suckers are forming, or is it normal for florist gloxinias?

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give!

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

If you will write to my address,, I will send you an article on Florists' Glozinia.

You can allow the suckers to grow but this my take some of the energy from the plant. The suckers will not likely have flowers until they are quite large.

Some of these have several suckers which are large enough for flowering why you buy the plant.

If you were going to put this into a show, judges would not count off points for suckers on it. It may be grown either with a single crown or with several.


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Nancy, thank you for the explanation! And thanks for offering to send me an article -- I'm sending you an e-mail right away.

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