Rothmannia capensis - DISCONTINUED by Logee's!

mattdiclemente(7)August 9, 2011

Shocking news (for some):

As of their latest website update and catalogue last week, Logee's has discontinued Rothmannia capensis (Candle tree). It was a stroke of fate, it would seem, that I had just ordered mine in time. I was told that they were not up to size, and would be notified by email when the growers had them ready. The item had been discontinued, but since I had already ordered mine, they would still ship.

This plant has captivated my interest for a long time. I was excited to finally order one. Logee's has seemed to be the only widely available source for Rothmannia, so I know this will be a dissapointment for a number of people.

In their description, the company had always mentioned that Rothmannia was a slow growing plant, and that it was seed grown. I suppose either, this fact had dettered to many would be buyers, or that it had become unprofitable for them to propogate.

I am not a capital seed starter, but the seeds of Rothmannia capensis, as well as a handfull of other Rothmannia species are readily available online for those who are. I know that Rothmannia does take a while to bloom from seed though.

If you want a Rothmannia plant, I suggest a grassroots movement be started to petition - or at least flash money in the face of - Logee's. Perhaps with the interest of enough willing buyers, Logee's will relist Rothmannia, at least in their online catalogue, or perhaps even offer it to gardeners by special request.

I receieved some very large healthy plants for Logee's yesterday, and was well pleased. Chief among the notables were Tree Jasmine (Holarrhena pubescens), Egg Magnolia((Talauma candollei) (Magnolia lilfera)), and, though not fragragrant, but an enormous 'Art Hodes" Begonia, with leaves life football vinyl. I bought it on a whim, since it was on sale for $5. Often I have purchased a Begonia, and recieved - what is smaller than a cutting? A clipping? A snippet? - but 'Art Hodes' turned out to be a beautiful mature plant. I will share photos if other members would like to see them, but I have already transfered them into larger pots, in order to catch today's rain. You would have to imagine how outlandishly large they looked in the little 2.5 and four inch pots. I will wait patiently for the Rothmannia.

If anyone has more information to share on Rothmannia, I would be very glad to hear. Below is a thread on Logee's Rothmannia from a little while back.

Best wishes,


Matt Di Clemente

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daxin(z9 Bay Area)

Rothmannia capensis is new to me, but one local horticulture society member showed a flowering branch of Rothmannia globosa last year. I remembered that the flowers were about 1" long, bell-shaped, and had a clean fragrance.

The Holarrhena is also new to me. It is funny that I also bought a few plants from Logees but I did not see these plants listed under either Fragrant or New for 2011 categories. What I got is a Talauma candollei, a Randia ruziana, and a Citharexylum spinosum. They are all quite healthy and really need to be liberated from their tiny 2" containers. Thanks.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I got my Rothmannia from Logee last year. It grows slowly but steadily. Someone on this forum said it flowered at 3-4' so maybe another 1 or 2 years for me to wait. Easy plant; carefree. It can bounce back from a severe dehydration within an hour with no problem at all.

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