whats the best way to start growing big plants

orchiddude(+7b ALabama)March 12, 2004

I have not clue where to start but would like to try.


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Rob, please email me at

The things you need are :
Good seed
Good soil
Good fertilizer
Oh, and sun is important. What kind of giant plants would you like to grow? Something for a small space long gourd, sunflowers, giant cabbage? Giant veggies just... get into you :)

To see some good growers of giant veggies, you can look at the Garden Giants 2 Bigger, and Better on HGTV this month. I saw it back in the fall, a great show, I taped it and watched it over and over and over and over again lol :~)


Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV

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birdz_n_beez(z5-6 NY)

Well, it depends on what big plants you want to grow. =)

Let us know, and maybe we can help.

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xxcadavrexx(NSW Aust)

oh my god.. =: i looked at that HTV thing and skimmed through it.. that's so insane having to use a quilt for your 983791827396lb pumpkin and vacuuming ur cabbage!! pretty much everything i've tried to grow has died. i killed the worm farm i had in the 6th grade, my succulents turned red and fell apart, all my ferns shrivelled up within about a week. i think the only thing that actually grew was a carrot that seeded by accident in the middle of our lawn lol @$%#^?*!! my god.. right now, having a pumpkin grow to 2lb would be a notable achievement. what do you have to do to like first off not kill everything you touch, and then make it grow to a completely insane size? =\!!!!

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the secret is you need learn how to grow normal sized vegetables first. Once learn how to do that then you might be ready to learn how to grow giants, and not before.(aka you need learn to crawl before you learn to walk).

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First, you trade your cow for some magic beans...


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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

Lisa...I traded my cow. THe magic beans are in the mail....I am so excited...Now I need another cow....LOL

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leafbrain2003a(Z 7/8)

Have a cow man! lol.

Sounds like you give your succulents too much sun and not enough water.

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slc00(zone4 up MI)

Read and learn about how plants grow and the microscopic beings in the soil that make it possible. Start here and read every word! Because you can't grow true giants with miracle grow in sterile potting soil.

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Please go to see success story
Walter family then click on read me. There you will see photos of our garden last year and our 6 ton compost pile we turn over with a farm front end loader.
e-mail me at

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