how to care/prune Maid of Orleans

Puchinita5August 9, 2014

I'm new to Jasmines. I have a maid of orleans that I am growing indoors (I have no access to an outdoor area) in a south facing window in Chicago. I think because of the screen on the window, it gets the right amount of light here. I also grow african violets and they love my windows.

I got my MOO from Logees, it has two 6" stems of leaves shooting out from the soil. It is flowering (about 6 buds in total, 1 blooming at a time).

I'm wondering what are the things I need to do, other than light/water, soil etc to take care of this plant. First, I would like a bushier plant rather than a vining plant. I can't find a good source anywhere, on this site or elsewhere, about the best way to promote bushy growth and where to trim and where it will grow.

Second, do I need to cut off the "claw" looking part where a blossom has fallen? As in, the flower blossoms last a day or two, then they fall off and leave behind this sort of claw looking thing that was encasing the blossom. Should I cut these off? Or leave them?

What are things I should know that promote more blossoming? I know I should always cut off things that are dead, but what about tricks on things I could maybe cut back now to make a prettier and happier plant?

When do I need to repot? It's in a 4 inch pot now.

What should I do in winter? I have fluorescent lights, should I ever add artificial light to a jasmine?

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My MOO grew from a quart pot at HD barely 12" tall barely 6 months ago to over 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide right now. Hundreds of flowers. My grand duke grows naturally bushy but the MOO is more scrambling viny. To combat that, I bud-tip. If you want yours bushy, I suggest you bud tip branches that get too long without branching. After bud tipping side branches develop.

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Can you elaborate on what exactly bud tipping is?? Sorry if that is a stupid question :)

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Oh, and also, can I do this "bud tipping" at any time? I feel like I have read stuff about only pruning when the flowers are gone?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

To make my sambac jasmines (like Maid of Orleans) bushy I simply cut back the long branch 'whips' closer to the base of the plant. This produces side branches beneath where you cut back to make it bushier. If the long whip like branches have flowers I normally wait for them to finish blooming before I cut back.

Does that make sense? :)


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Thank you for that information That adeniumguy and Robert. I've been wanting to know that too, as mine are too ugly because I'm always afraid to trim them. And thank you Puchinita5 for starting this thread.


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Should I be cutting off the little "holder" of the flowers once the flowers fall off? It's like a little claw that went around the petals, and it stays on once the petals fall off. I'm not sure if I should leave them on or cut them off?

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I usually just pull them off or pinch them off with my fingers. They fall off usually after a day or two, especially in the hot sun. They do not rebloom on those as far as I know.

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