greenelbows1(z9--so LA)March 19, 2008

I've had both the privilege and the curse of gardening in a number of very different climates--to my amazement even houseplants respond to differences in what goes on outside. I've also become very aware that wherever you live there are complications and challenges provided by weather. So--being fully aware that some of you lately have been challenged by tornadoes, and heavy snowfall, and flooding, and other difficult situations. But!!! boo-hoo, poor me, and poor my plants--we had wind the last couple days. (It's seldom very windy here.) It's been beautiful and warm lately, so since I've been crowding my plants and filling in every (poor light quality) window, I've been taking things outside. Monday was pretty windy and blew down some pots. I picked things up and tried to set things so they'd be secure if the wind continued, but yesterday a group of us went down to Jefferson Island and then visited a nursery on the way home. (I got a lovely Nun's Orchid full of buds, among other things.) The local weatherman is saying we had gusts to 40--50 mph yesterday. Some places lost trees and some lost power.) When I got back plants I thought I'd secured were slung all over, with some of them knocked clear out of their pots. Sinningia magnifica had three whole stems knocked off the caudex/tuber. S. guttata had leaves damaged. Several chiritas were damaged severely. Of course, with our long growing season they'll all be back in fine condition in pretty short order, but there is a show coming up in a couple weeks and I wanted to introduce some of these that are seen less often. Think I'd have rather lost power. But I'll have lots of S. magnifica especially to share with others!

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Oops. Bummer about the damage. Gotta watch that Spring; it'll getcha. Our Springs generally are pretty windy; not yet, but soon, soon...

Right now we're just dealing with lots of temp. swings; 48 deg. low one day, 33 the next, 46 the day after that, etc.


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Yeah, we get the wild swings in temps this time of year too. I always remember the local weatherman (no longer doing weather) who would say 'they're trying to crack us.' I thought it was pretty funny, having been known to pour cold--or hot--liquids into hot--or cold--containers and cracking them with the temperature changes, but I think lots of people think that's a peculiar thing to say. But then I'm peculiar--or cracked-- Sure wish good recovery for all the folks fighting blizzards and floods and all. Makes me count my blessings once again!

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Well, we haven't had any temp swings lately; it's just been *COLD*. The thermometer says 48, but the 15 mph wind is straight out of the Gulf of Alaska, making everyone sh-shiv-v-ver-er. Brrr.


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