Giant Pumpkins!

pansyloverandgrower(Zone 8)April 19, 2011

Okay, so my grandma got some giant pumpkin seeds from an organization or something and they are holding a giant pumpkin contest on whidbey island. I have a few questions:

1. Does growing pumpkins with sugar water in a bowl sucked in through a cotton string into the stem really help?

2. if so how does it help?

3. on the most pumpkin seed packets and websites, they say to plant about 3 seedlings together on a hill. why? wouldnt it be less space for them to grow? am i missing something?

Anything else i need to know to grow the biggest pumpkins i can? i dont know the name of the pumpkin variety yet, but will post when i know. Some of my family members are going to grow some pumpkins too and i want to prove that even though i am almost 13 i know what im doing!

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pansyloverandgrower Hi, the contest you are speaking of is the "16th annual Whidbey Island Giant Pumpkin Contest". The seeds were donated by the Pacific northwest Giant pumpkin growers (PNWGPG). They also have seeds for sale at the Puyallup spring fair. The seeds that were given away for the Coupeville Harvest Fest at the Farmers Market.The seeds are 'Atlantic Giant'(AG) pumpkin seeds.

When planting pumpkin seeds, the seeds can be arranged in either hills or rows depending on the available garden space and the number of seeds being planted.For hill planting:
Create a mound of soil three feet in diameter with a shallow trench around it for collecting water.
Plant four to five seeds on each hill, spaced six to eight inches apart.
If planting multiple hills, each hill should be at least ten feet apart to give plants sufficient space.
For row planting:
Create an elevated row of dirt with small trenches on either side to collect water.
Plant two or three seeds every 18 inches along the row.
If planting multiple rows, each row should be at least six inches away from its neighbors.

I hope that helped ya out

Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific northwest Giant pumpkin growers (PNWGPG)

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coolvol(zone 7)

If you want to learn a lot about giant pumpkin growing go here:

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