Anyone familiar withe the scent Neroli?

angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)August 13, 2006

I just bought some shower gel yesterday at TJ Maxx, it was called Pure Neroli..... I just loved the scent, it was a beautiful fresh scent with a green flowery smell, that was the first time I ever saw anything with Neroli scent, I looked it up and found it is an Orange Tree a bitter orange,

here's the description: The plant description:

Seville or bitter orange is small evergreen tree up to 10 m high, with the dark green double glossy leaves , with the upper leaf much bigger. The fragrance of it's white flowers characterizes intense sweet-floral base and terpeney top note.

The three types of essential oils have been produced from the bitter orange plant: The oil expressed from the outer orange fruit peel(bitter orange), the oil produced by steam distillation of the leaves(petitgrain), and the oil produced by steam distillation of the fresh bitter orange flowers (neroli). Although from the same plant the oils are quite different by chemical composition, physical properties, manner of use and scope of application. For the aromatherapy use most important is oil from the flowers(neroli).

Is anyone familiar with this scent? I want to know if it's the same as the shower gel I bought?

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I think we might need an Essential oil forum? Why don't you post this subject on the suggestion forum for responses.

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I've been using Neroli for years. Usually use an essence oil since most marketed 'pure' Neroli scents are not true. the true essence scent is heavy and spicy; not sweet, not light, but does have a 'green' side to it. Try the essence oil...wonderful in hair.

I was browsing in search of the bitter orange tree to
Grow as it is also a medicinal plant; if anyone out there can assist with this, let me know.

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Could the bitter orange question be a citrus forum topic? I like the idea of a multi purpose perfume tree !

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I use all of them too!! Neroli has a very pronounced green note and while it reminds the real flowers, it is more penetrating and high pitched and kind of bitter & definitely not sweet!... I wouldn't call it heavy or spicy because it lacks warmth but I guess if you compare it to its chemical shower gel imitations.. I also happen to have petitgrain at the moment and it is vaguely close to neroli but lighter and kind of more lemony or fresh and airy.. more similar to the real leaves than neroli is to the flowers.. The ones closer to the "real scent" are bergamot oil, from the rind of citrus bergamia which is a very beautiful citrus cologne-like scent and orange oil from common oranges which is exactly like the orange peel smell you get when you peel them, you can feel the stickiness too!!These are impressions by smelling them right out of the bottle of course, when they are used, usually much diluted, they acquire a somewhat different character.. we are really missing an essential oils and perfumery subforum here!!

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