Aeschynanthus (lipstick plant)

luvofrosesApril 1, 2010

I bought a really nice one today at Lowes. Have done some reading up on them recently and found this one so home it came. I guess i didn't read far enough, because somewhere I read that the soil should be like my hoya soil and that how I repotted it. Although right around the root ball the soil was hard to come off so I just teased some roots out and put my soil around the sides of the plant. After I repotted I read that I should have used my AV soil. Have ruined my plant? Should I repot with AV soil? Will it be okay with chunky soil (soil,no peat, perlite, orchid bark)? It is very healthy looking but I want to give it the best chance. So is it okay to leave it in more hoya type soil or should I repot in the morning with AV soil? Thanks in advance for all tips on this plant. It shouldn't be too terribly hard to keep going since it is related to the AV just need to get the soil right

Ann in So Ut

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I would re-pot it with African Violet soil.


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