My First Cross Please look at my photo

myviolets(10 CA)April 3, 2005


This is my first cross, I took a picture of how it is looking. What do you think?

Thank You!

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

I didn't see the photo.

Are the flower stems strong or does the weight of the flower make it fall over? Does the foliage lie flat or is it unruly? Is the bloom a good color? Is the bloom or foliage new and different?

I'd like to see the seedling.


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myviolets(10 CA)

Hi Nancy,
I have a picture of the growing seed pod? Hopefully that is what I have here, in the Gallery. The stems are strong. When It was in bloom the bloosoms were held up not falling over, sort of short bloom stalks (Mighty Mouse)Mighty mouses leaves are very small about two to three inches long. I will also put up pictures of each bloom, Country Girl(Lyons) is a gorgeous growing plant. I want to work on smaller streps. I know this crossing will not possibly bring me small plants, I will have to self cross? I think? Im new to Hybridizing as you can get the drift. I have been growing a long time but just now have more time and space to do this. Thank You for your help. I really excited about this.
Nancy from California

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