gloxinia question

duajones(z9 TX)April 4, 2006

not sure if this is the right forum to post this question but, I got this at walmart 75 percent off. Planted the bulb and kept it on my covered patio to keep it out of the sun. the plant has done well although I was rotating daily due to it growing toward the sun. temps here in south texas are already approaching 90 and that concerned me. So today I moved the plant to a desk at work that has flourescent lights above it 24/7. Did I do the right thing or should I put it back where it was?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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irina_co(z5 CO)

My thought would be - definitely not enough light in the office.You need to keep it 12 inches from fluorescent lights in your office - and it doesn't seem practical. Do you have an adequate drainage and loose enough soil? It seems to me that your decorative box cuts even more light and even your porch may be was too dark. How about placing it on your windowsill at home as long as it is not south or south west?

Temperature wise - I do not know - let's wait when somebody will consult you about the upper recommended temperature for gloxinias. Streptocarpus would be long dead.

Good luck.


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Looking at the photo, I wish you had taken the picture without the box hiding the pot and stem. It looks pale and a bit weathered but otherwise quite healthy. See my other post on the houseplant forum. Grow it in a bright window sill. A south window would probably be OK, as long as you don't let the plant dry out. If it doesn't flower on this growth cycle, don't give up. They die down to their tubers after a while and will then resprout with a new stem and a new chance to set buds, make great leaves, and flower for many weeks. The correct name is Sinningia speciosa. A glox can be quite long lived if taken good care of and with luck.


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