What's currenty blooming in August for you?

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)August 14, 2012

Olympia Gardener asked me what's currently blooming in my garden so I thought it might be fun to start a new thread.

So here's the current fragrant plants blooming in my garden for August 2012:

Honeysuckle 'Gold Flame' (Lonicera 'Gold Flame')

Honeysuckle 'Scentsation' (Lonicera periclymenum 'Scentsation')

Chinese Perfume Plant (Aglaia odorata)

Jasmine 'Belle of India' (Jasminum sambac 'Belle of India')

Jasmine 'Mysore Mulli' (Jasminum sambac 'Mysore Mulli')

Jasmine 'Grand Duke' (Jasminum sambac 'Grand Duke')

Jasminum molle

White Butterfly Ginger (Hedychium coronarium)

Ginger 'Daniel Weeks' (Hedychium 'Daniel Weeks')

Plumeria 'California Sunset' (Plumeria rubra 'California Sunset')

Plumeria 'Inca Gold' (Plumeria rubra 'Inca Gold')

Plumeria 'Divine' (Plumeria rubra 'Divine')

There might be a couple more but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.

My current two favs are the Belle of India Jasmine and the White Butterfly Ginger.

I love to inhale those scents.

Belle of India really wafts around the backyard!

Of course during the day when I catch whiffs of the Chinese Perfume Plant I always try to suck in as much perfume through my nostrils as possible! ;)

Anyone else care to share what's blooming for you and what your favs are?


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Blooming in the triple digit heat here in the inland empire of Southern California.

Jasmine Sambac (3 different types of bloom)
Madagascar Jasmine
Plumerias (various)
Gardenias (various)
Michelia Alba (always in bloom)
Roses (pretty in the morning...fried by afternoon)
Cannas (no interest before, but just love, love them now)
Hibiscus (the landscape ones are nice, but the tropical ones...AMAZING color variance)
Honeysuckles (Hall's)
Passion Fruit flowers (with lots of fruit hanging on them too)
Salvias (various)
Geraniums (various)
Hoyas (interesting looking flowers)
Murraya Paniculata

After so much rave about the Chinese Perfume plant, I'm really going to have to give this one another try. I could never detect any scent previously. And I'm thinking of trying Gardenia Vietnamese also.


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Blooming in Houston's heat & humidity:
Crape myrtles (several)
Passionflower vine
Plumeria just finished
Tecoma Stans
Gardinia in bud
Red Shrimp plant

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My balcony is slow in August..I only have my celadine plumeria ( which I'm trying to extract with enfleurage by the way!) the old honeysuckle and the sambac arabian nights blooming and now waiting for the five buds on magnolia coco to become rounder! Oh and I discovered a bud on a strange amaryllis like bulb I tried called habranthus brachyandrus or smth so I'll post a picture soon, but I don't think it's fragrant.. If I like it I think I'll run a bulb fever come september..

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Blooming in South Carolina,
Gardenia (August Beauty)
Passionflower vine
Jasmine Sambac
Mums (yes mums)
Gerber daisies
my tropical hibiscus
crape myrtle
mexican petunia

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Oh, and if by mexican petunia you mean the purple ruellia brittoniana I have it too and forgot it is blooming, I don't care much for it I think I'll move it to my parents as it is too invasive for a balcony..

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Thanks, everyone for sharing!

What kind of roses, brugmansias (angel trumpets) and passion flowers make you swoon when it comes to their scent?

My poor Jude the Obscure Rose hasn't bloomed since spring due to the extremely high temperatures and the drought. Maybe it will bloom again in the fall?

My brugmansias (angel trumpets) have been fried by the heat. I brought Charles Grimaldi down into the basement to save it. My Golden Lady has dropped most of its leaves but I'm hoping it will bounce back before fall. My New Orleans Lady has more leaves so maybe it will bloom this year?
My Betty Marshall that I planted in the ground finally is developing flower buds however the leaves are yellowish and look sick but are still hanging in there.

My only passion flower (Passiflora x belotii aka P. alato-caerulea) bloomed earlier in the spring so I'm hoping it will bloom again in the fall. I love its spicy sorta tea like scent.

I almost forgot that my old fashioned vining petunias (Petunia multiflora) have been blooming but the best smelling ones are in the ground so I have to get on my knees to sniff them. Laugh.


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Here is what is blooming in my yard:

---Jasmine MOO, blooms all summer long
---Jasmine Belle of India. Favorite scent. Better scent than MOO IMO
---Jasmine Grand Duke. Nice scent but take too long to fully open the flower and the flower does not last long.
--- Orchid Catts. Hormone disorder, should not be blooming this time of year. But it is beautiful
---Spider orchid. Nice scent.
---Pomegrante, not scented but beautiful shade of red/salmon
---Bougainvillia. Not scented ( I wish there is scented one!) but it blooms all summer long. Very unique "flower" shape and saturated color
---Meyer Lemon. Very fragrant scent. bloom now and then all summer long
---Angel Wing begonia. Not scented, but it blooms all four seasons.
---Old time Petunia. I have never known Petunia is scented untill Meyer Mike mentioned his Petunia this Spring in other thread. Thanks Mike. I fall in love with this easy going annual and its warm, sweet waft scent. It fills the air with the scent you nose wants to search for more. I am going to have a lot more Petunia ( both old fashioned and Vining ) in my yard next year.
--- Stephanotis , of course. I waited its scent for at least 6 years. Cluster of elegant flowers, clean, sweet Jasmine like scent. None stop blooming.
--- Heliotrope. Very strong lilac type scent for such small flower.
Gerber Daisies. Not scented but like its big flowers and bloom all summer.

Coming up ... Angel trumpet, Night bloom Epi. and Night bloom Jasmine.

Robert, Comparing Jasmine 'Belle of India' and Jasmine 'Mysore Mulli', What are big differences between them in terms of scent, growing habit, care requirments? Also , please compare with Jasmine Molli too.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Olympia!

I bet your yard smells awesome!

Your description of Meyer Lemon being fragrant is tempting me! It was a toss up between ordering a Meyer or a Ponderosa Lemon (I'm going to grow them for their fragrant flowers and not their fruit). Both are supposed to be highly fragrant and both are supposed to have long bloom periods. I ended up ordering the Ponderosa but knowing me I'll probably eventually sneak a Meyer into my collection. ;)

I'm with you with trying to grow more old fashioned vining petunias next year! They smell awesome at night and I love the lilac shades and the white blooms really glow at twilight.

As for which jasmine, Mysore Mulli or Belle of India, scent differences my Mysore is still too small for me to compare it to my large pot of Belle which has three plants in it.
So far I think Belle smells the best and reminds me of honeysuckle.
Both will probably have similar growth habits.
If Belle sends out long whips of branches I just snap them off to keep it more compact and blooming. :)
Jasminum molle has more of a musky gardenia scent. It doesn't have a clean high note like Belle has but it's an easy growing jasmine and I'm glad I have it.


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Currently blooming in Iowa

Gardenia Radicans
Star jasmine -Asiatic jasmine

Grand duke
Arabian nights

Fragrant Cloud
Double delight
Angel face
Gold Medal
Queen Elizabeth
Chicago Peace

This is my frist time with - Double Delight. I enjoy the fragrance and the non stop blooms.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


I'm jealous that your tuberoses are blooming! I might try the single ones next year. I bet your yard smells awesome!

I too like the scent (and look) of Double Delight (though I'm not growing it).


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Hi, Robert, I am so glad you finally got some rain. I almost felt guilty for you guy did all the rain dance and the rain dropped on my yard...
"eventually sneak a xx into my collection", sooo accurately described many of us. I even don't "sneak" any more, I just "make believe" there is room left. LOL

I saw the picture of your J. Molle. Boy, that is a fast growing, wish our economy can grow that way, handsome, large plant you have. Put it on my next year's shopping list.
When I first smelled Belle... I thought its scent is very closer to Mysore Mulli I smelled. Clear scent more closer to Japanese honeysuckle, less sweet, gardenia scent like MOO. The Belle is viny...I clipped some of Belle long vine and put it into root pot. Did you ever rooted Belle..? just wondering if it will root easy...
I think most of citrus have fragrant flower scent. My buddas's hand has very nice fragrant flowers too, similar to the scent of meyer lemon flowers but the lemon has a lot more flowers clusted together. There is a not-so- popular-here citrus I know... bitter orange "Daidai" has much stronger fragrant flower than lemons. Chinese use it to scent the tea.

Dl, It is a beautiful flower! I love its colors and flower shape. Is it tea rose or what kind of rose? ... I am not very familar with roses, Sorry about it. Is there any climbing rose in your list? I am looking for a climbing rose that has fragrant long lasting flowers. You are in zone 4, if it works for you, it should works for me inzone 5.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Olympia!

Yes. A little rain is better than none at all. :)

I was able to root a couple of Belle cuttings though I didn't use the long whips you are talking about. I used older branches that were halfway between green and wood.
They did take a long time to root even with the cover, rooting hormone and bottom heat!

Thank you for the bitter orange 'Daidai' info! I might just have to seek this one out. Laugh.


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Tuberoses never fail to impress. They are so easy, you should try them. I think in the south you can get them to bloom again. Yes, the singles are more reliable in flower & fragrance.

This year, I planted a few bulbs in 4 inch pots and when they bloomed I brought them inside to enjoy their fragrance .Previously,I used to cut but then few buds fail to open. but this way, I didn't have to cut & I enjoyed them till the last bud.

With the roses, do you face Japanese beetle attack ?

Olympia, did you read about Kandhi's airlayering technique ?

Here is a link that might be useful: Jasmine -Airlayering

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dl, The tubersose is on my shoping list now. I thought I have done plants shopping this year. You are a "bad" influence too.
How easy/difficulty to grow tuberose? It is a bulb, it shouldn't be very difficulty but I never had any luck grow freesia which is supposedly to be easy . So just give me some idea, from scale of 1-5, 5 is the most finicky, what number Tuberose gets?

Yes, I saw the kindhi's airlay method. It is very nice that kindhi shared with us. The Belle is a vine, I have to prune it often to keep it in shape. With all the pruned off branches, I don't want just to throw them away. Sorry, this is an old habit... If They can make themselves into plants , I will give them a chance.

Robert, thank for the additional info. I will be patient and try to use semi-hard wood.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I've grown the double tuberose variety before (the pearl) but now I'm interested in the single variety. There's always next year!


They are ridiculously easy to grow. They like well drained soil with lots of sun and heat and fertilizer.
If you can provide that you shouldn't have any problems. :)

As for roses with Japanese Beetles I've only seen a couple in our yard so far (knock on wood).
I'm sure they'll eventually devastate Oklahoma but so far we're good.
I'm sorry you're having to battle them. I saw the powder on your leaves and I'm assuming that's Sevin Dust or something like it?


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Wow, Dl99! That's amazing you got a tuberose to bloom in such a tiny pot.

Robert, To my nose, there isn't much difference between the single and double tuberose varieties. They smell pretty much the same IMO.

Here's Heaven Scent gardenia (related to G. taitensis, not the G. jasminoides cultivar). This is my first flower and so far, I find the scent is a little mediocre for a gardenia but my opinion on it may change. It has hints of coconut and tuberose, but the gigantic flower is quite a site.

This plumeria has a really fabulous scent I would rank it among my top ten flower scents. It's not super strong, but it's such a luscious/delectable scent.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Beautiful gardenia flower and of course I want to know the plumeria variety (or do you not know?).
I keep telling myself 'No more plumerias' but I somehow manage to order just one more. ;)


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Musa,(and others of course)
Now that u mention it: What are your 10 top scents?? ;->
forget it, I'll start a new thread!

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Robter, Tuberose, easy grow sounded a right plant for me. What time of year am I suppose to plant it? Most bulbs are planted in fall. I know it has to be indoor here, but should I plant it in fall as well or wait till next spring? Or it really does not make big differences?

My night bloom Epi just bloomed last night. I did not miss the show this time. My night bloom jasmine aslo started to bloom . I like its sweet sugar scent.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I would wait until next spring to plant tuberoses. They require a long growing season to bloom and they are not cold hardy where you live so you'd have to grow them under lights in a pot inside when it gets cooler if you ordered some now if you want some blooms this year but other people might disagree. ;)

Beautiful flower on you epi! Is it Epiphyllum oxypetalum? I'd love to try one however they get too huge for my space. I currently have Epiphyllum anguliger (Ric Rac Cactus) that I got last year from Almost Eden however it hasn't bloomed yet for me. I'm hoping the shorter fall days might induce it to bloom this year for me!


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Musa,Thanks for the compliment and lovely pictures. I think I have been born with the Gardenia curse! It will not accept my touch. Every spring,I take an oath never to buy gardenias, but end up with 4-5 and then killing them.
Your plumerias are beautiful.

Olympia, Pictures are beautiful.I also grow them but they haven't bloomed for me yet. you are lucky.

To answer Tuberose question:
Based on your patience (6 yrs for stephanotis to bloom!!!) & experience, on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being most finicky, Tuberoses would rank a ZERO! They are super easy & very rewarding.

Buy them in early spring (feb -march), plant them in march, water one time & leave it in the garage. Slowly shoots will come up & then bring them to sun & water regularly, they can take some dryness, watch the watering since they are bulbs and will rot.

I fed them with miracle gro once every 2 weeks,simply because I am lazy & have no other fertilizer on hand. Jume, july they will send a long stalk with buds & in 4 weeks, beautiful fragrant blooms.

In fall,bring them in when the other plants come in, place in unheated garage and stop watering. slowly the leaves will become dry & fall. trim & just leave it - Overwintering is a breeze. In spring, they will send shoots, that is when you start watering & then give them sunlight & food. Buy atleast 5 bulbs to enjoy them. Just like Gladioli, they send only 1 stalk per bulb.

Sources : all are good quality websites to order from.

Fenius, I am also compiling the fragrant list, in another day or two, they will be up. But it is difficult as RObert said, some of them are like the classics (jasmines esp), some new & some just plain awful scents for my nose.

Thanks, lakshmi.

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Yes Robert, that is sevin powder on the leaves. My Rose bushes are being stripped naked by these beetles. I have to be out every morning to enjoy the beauties and look for pests.
If they are on the flower, I hand pick them. The sevin on the flowers makes it very unsightly .

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musaborum, don't think I am rude , not to compliment your beautuful gardenia and plumeria. I know I am a gardenia murder, I love its scent though, and lurking on Plumeria for quite sometime now. I try to behave so I don't break down and order a plumeria or gardenia. I don't have room left. Heaven Scent uhm... Try not to remember this name...

Thank you,Robert and dl, for complimenting the Epi pictrue and Tuberose advise.

Yes, Robter . You are right. it is Epiphyllum oxypetalum. It borns in freestyle, But you can prune it to manage its shape a bit. I have some other different colored hybrid Epi, but don't have Ric Zac yet. When yours blooms, please share your comments of its scent.

dl, you Tuberose grow instruction is very detailed. Thank you so much. I am on the right track at very beginning. I am going to clip it so I can follow step by step. And is going to check the source as well.
"Based on your patience(6 yrs for stephanotis to bloom!!!) " 6 years is all I can remember. But the other day, my kid in high school senoir told me that he remembers that I had it since he was in kindergarden! I don't thnik i had it that long, but nowadays, kids have better memories than I do. I think I am more than just patient, I am in sane!! But the end is good. it blooms continously, has very nice scentand beautiful flowers. I am glad that I have waited.

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These are currently blooming in my garden. I guess, this is the last cycle for this season for all jasmines. Roses may continue blooming until October.
polyanthes tuberose single, very strong fragrance

Tabernamontano divertica, double petal variety.

jasmine hardy variety from logees

Jasmine arabian knights from TT, finally bloomed after babying for several months. It was literally on deathbed at one point.

Jasmine grandduke supreme

Jasmine flore plena from logees

jasmine mysore molle

jasmine regular single petal one. Found a tree form locally.

Jasmine nitidum

Stephanontis floribunda, still blooming

Double delight rose, love the fragrance.

julia child rose, very fragrant

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.
I definitely want to try the single tuberose next year.
I wonder if hummingbirds might come to the blooms?

I've been curious about Tabernamontano divertica for some time now. I've read the scent is light but intensifies at night. What are your thoughts on this plant's scent?


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Robert, Thanks. Single tuberose has for sure strong fragrance than double variety and we can sense the fragrance 15ft away from one plant. It is a humming bird magnet too, one of these days I need to capture a picture of these birds in my garden. Tabernamontano is a beautiful flower with pleasant fragrance but not strong, fragrance may be strong for bigger plants with many blooms for folks in warmer climate zone. This plant should be added for fragrant gardners list but i do not feel like a must have item. I bought a 10inch pot one for $12 from Walmart locally.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Our backyard is currently filled at times with the wonderful scent of vanilla coming from the Honeyvine Milkweed (Cynanchum laeve). Just wish this wasn't such a pest! It pops up everywhere and it's very hard to get rid of but man does it ever smell divine!
I'd say that I'm letting some grow for the scent and the Monarchs but truth is I'm too lazy to keep up with trying to eradicate this vine from our property.
If you happen across some growing as a weed (normally on a chain link fence) take a sniff and you'll see what I mean.


Here is a link that might be useful: Honeyvine

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Thanks for the lovely pictures Kandhi.
All plants look healthy & beautiful.
Do you have the Japanese beetle problem? My roses are looking so sad.
This is a picture of my arabian knights jasmine. I have had only 1 flower so far, fragrance is similar to MOO and the blossoms are so pretty.

As soon as double tuberose blooms, I will post a photo. I agree with kandhi,I like single more than double for flower & fragrance power.

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d199, Thanks for your comments. Yes, I did have Japanese beetle problem on my roses in July but not anymore. My roses looked horrible in july but now they are full with growth buds/blooms.

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My double tuberose bloomed last night , again the same intoxicating fragrance of tuberose.Next season. Robert & Olympia, you should try this wonderful plant.
Have a nice day.Lakshmi.

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Dl, Very nice, a lot of flowerd/budd on the spike.Thanks for all the information you shared in this thread. I am defintely going to order some...thinking get both single and double once for all so I will not be hunted by wanting for another one that I don't have.
My roses are all chewed by Japanese Beetles. They eat everything... basil leaves, moss rose flowers, grape leaves, citrus leaves.... I found them everywhere!

My Mirabilis Jalapa bloomed recently. I was debating if this plant is too common to grow early this year. but I am glad I did. The scent is so nice and pleasant...

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dl, guess what, I have just done another shopping spree, this time it's the bulbs!!!. Tell me who is the bad influence here...LOL

I got both tuberoses so I don't have to dream about wanting another one. Got some heirloom freesia, said more fragrant than hybrid ones; got some crinum, childanthus,spider lily,... too embarrassed to list it all. all said have fragrance... will see.

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Olympia, there is no end to this obsession. I need some serious therapy as do you!
I saw your other posting confessing to your sins, you added some great plants to your collection.
Great choices in the bulb section. You won't be disappointed with Tuberose, spider lily & crinium.

I was under the impression that the Japanese beetles are in the midwest, now I see they are in OK/VA ,everywhere. Yes they do chew up anything in their sight. The other day, one was sitting on my Hibiscus flower & had eaten his/her way through to the calyx.

4 o clocks are wonderful flowers. pretty pink and bright orange and marble colors, pleasing to the eye & nose. I grow them from seed.
Next season I am going to try Mirabilis longiflora, sweet 4 o clock.
Chlidanthus, I tried to grow it a couple of years back, got it from touchofnature.com.
It never bloomed for me, then I read about how deep it has to be planted to get it to bloom. I am impatient unlike you, so I wouldn't give it a chance and threw it. But now my interest is renewed.
Keep us posted on the progress.
Where did you find it this time of the year?

Ok to test/ tempt you , have you tried Peacock gladioli! Nice fragrance too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chlidanthus care

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Tempt me with another one, Dl, you are terrible... LOL Last time I saw your Tuberose picture, I went on the shoping spree... You know I didn't just buy the tuberoses. I got way more than few bulbs... OOh, my poor banker.

I read somewhere that the Chlidanthus is a shy bloomer. It is supposed to be planted 3" deep, is this the same recommended depth you have read ? I got all the bulbs from the web site you recommended. Thanks a lot for sharing it. it certainly made my life easier, and deep in sin...LOL

I grow 4 O'clock ever since when I was a child. It is such a easy plant to grow and give out a tons of flowers in the fall. But I have never known it can have scent till a friend of mine who have some leftover Mirabilis longiflora seedings and asked me if I want some. I wasn't sure about the scented part , but I decided to try. I am glad I did. I very likely will grow Mirabilis longiflora every year from now on.

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