Nephew's sunflowers: going, going...

mark4321_gwMay 8, 2008

I'm raising some sunflowers with my little nephew. Things have been fine until the last week. Suddenly the snails or perhaps biting insects are going wild (we have a hard time with those and can't bait them). Aphids have appeared and are crinklig the new growth, and the most frightening thing--possibly rust? has appeared and looks like it could take a major toll.

So we may have to start over soon. Does anyone have any favorites I might find in a local nursery? In terms of brands, I know we have Renee's, Seeds of Change and Ferry Morse (and I'm sure others). Varieties I've noticed in the past are the Mammoth varieties (I seem to remember these when I was a kid) and Sunzilla (I like the name).

Anyone? If no input we'll probably try Sunzilla.

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All your sources are good ones. look for the giant ones. i'm in northern ca

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glaswegian(5b, Ont)

Here are mine, got them sent to me by Brian, the record breaker on here. I am in Ontario Canada by the way

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Strange as it sounds, it turns out much of the damage to my nephew's plants was caused by birds--I believe finches--eating the leaves. I've witnessed it firsthand as have others. It's also been reported a number of times online. Below is a link to the Sacramento Bee which describes the problem. Anyone else experience this?

By the way, to my amazement my nephew's plants have mostly recovered. They are now over 8 feet and still growing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finches eat sunflower leaves

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