things that should be in a giant vegetable faq

bigtomatotaste(z7)May 13, 2004

what info do think should be in giant vegetable forum faq

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brigi85(zone 4 WI)

Q. Should I feed my pumpkins milk to get them to grow big?

A. No, it's a myth.

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brigi85 definitely.
What i think should included.
Giant varieties list should listed.
Bibliography of articles and books on the subject.
Current list of world records by category including grower name location.

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slc00(zone4 up MI)

Basic information on what goes on in the soil to make plants grow and a link to the soil food web so everyone can understand how important it really is.

Information on types of plant food and techniqes on feeding like organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, brewing compost tea, beneficial bacteria and fungi, folar feeding, soil drenching, irrigation, mulching etc.

Section on organic growing, pollinating techniques, making and using compost, garden design, plant supporting, seed starting, climate control (cold frames, greenhouses, shading) etc.

Information or tips subbmitted by well known giant growers like John & Mary Evans (, Gerry and Larry Checkon (world record pumpkin)or Howard Dill, Minnie Zaccaria (

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