sammiandfargo(z6 PA)April 7, 2004

I got some achimenes bulbs from parkseed yesterday and they are really, really tiny. I have a picture of them on the gallery. Are they supposed to be that small?

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espor(z5 PA)

I got mine from Park Seed last year and they were very tiny. Bought 10 and one was even shriveled up. I planted them all into two pots and the plants did ok, nothing spectacular. Got some flowers by late summer. At the end of summer I let the plants dry out and go dormant. Kept the bulbs in the dry soil for the winter. March 7, 2004 I crumbled the soil through my fingers and sifted out 74 bulbs! These bulbs are a lot bigger and plumper looking than what I got from Park Seed. I potted up two 10" hanging baskets and a seed tray that I will use to start plants to move into the garden. So far I have about 20 plants starting to show.

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judyd_tx(z8 tx)

Hi.I was wondering if you would be trading any of these?Thanks. Judyd_tx z8

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I ordered bulbs from Parks and also from Brent and Becky and not one from Parks came up.All of the ones from Brent and Becky did.I plant in pots and then replant in my yard as they live there.They come back each year and are a great ground cover.Jessie

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