Help! Sunflower troubles already!

japlopper(Z5 Indy IN)May 30, 2004

Hey everybody,

I've got a question. My Kong sunflower that I planted near my fence (I sprouted it inside, so it wasn't the healthiest.) I treated the dirt with a fungicide called RootShield, because the year before, the hibiscus got some kind of disease. Kong was doing great, grew three inches, then it got beetles on it, so I sprayed it with GardenSafe Insectide/Fungicide spray. Now the new the edges of the new leaves are curling in. This isn't happening three feet down to my Ripley. Anyone got any ideas or have experienced the curling before? I can email a picture to anyone who might know what it is.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi japlopper,

Well, since no one has responded to your post I thought I'd try to help.

This sounds like a reaction to the insecticide/fungicide you used.

If you sprayed the insecticide/fungicide when it was over 80 degrees it probably burned the tips of the leaves. Never spray insecticides and/or fungicides on any plant if the temperature is over 80 degrees. This usually results in leaf burn.

The plant will probably grow and flower, it just needs time to recover from the insecticide/fungicide you used.

I would recommend HANDPICKING the beetles (I assume these are Japanese Beetles?) or shaking the beetles into a small jar of alcohol whenever you see beetles on the leaves of the plant(s).

The other possible reason for the leaf burn might be overfertilization. If you have recently fertilized with a strong fertilizer this could cause the same symptoms. Again, given time, the plant will grow out of the this if the majority of the leaves have still have good leaf tissue.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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Brian_NY_NJ_PA(zone 5/6 NY/NJ/)

I've never had any problem with any peticides that I've used because I always spray when it's dark. I think the package said not to use during the day because of leaf burn. I usually use strong fertilizers, but I also do that at night as well, and I usually follow fertilization with a quick spray with the garden hose to dilute any concentration of fertilizer that may be on the leaves.

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