'Rooting' an airplant.

Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady LakeApril 11, 2013

Some time last fall, my mother and I went to visit the Discovery Gardens and saw an interesting combination. An airplant was tucked into the hollow of a boulder and left to grow. This really appealed to my mother at the time.

Then around November, a tree near me lost a branch. Being curious, I went out to look over the branch and see what was what. What I found was a rather large air plant on the downed limb, so I took my hedging saw to it and cut a 3' length of the branch with the airplant displayed prominently at one one end of it. I then 'staked' the branch in a sheltered area to ride out the winter.

It survived the winter and has grown in size some and has even opened a few seed pods during that time. What I would like to do now is find a small-medium coquina boulder and transplant the airplant into a crevice or hollow. But I'm kind of stuck on how to actually transplant it. I guess I could cut into the wood behind the airplant and remove it along with the air plant and then hot-glue the wood to the rock. But this would mean that eventually that piece of wood will decay and the airplant could just end up toppling to the ground, or getting blown away. I would like to find a way to adhere the plant itself to the boulder until it can set up new roots to hold itself in place.

Any ideas?

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

what kind of "air plant"?

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake

I believe it is the Ball Moss variety. (And after looking it up, it is indeed the Ball Moss.)

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Tie it with P-line.

It will soon attach itself - well, it would if you tied it to a tree. I guess it would eventually hook onto the rock, and since you saw one growing out of a boulder, you know it's been done.


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Agree with Susie. I'd use fishing line or some such.

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