Question about self watering pots

plantaddict_1April 30, 2007

I just recieved a couple of plants from Rob's. I would like to know if it would be ok to put them in the ceramic self watering pots. They are small in 2" pots. Should I just leave them there to let them get root bound? I guess I should tell you what they are ha? DUH!! Nematanthus Tessmanii and Tropicana also Aeschynanthus Lobiannus variegated. I realize they won't be able to stay in there forever, but for now I think they would look nice.

Any advice on care would be great also. Right now I have them under lights.

Thank you,


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Sandi -

I kept no name Home Depot nematanthus (wettstenii?) in a ceramic self watering pot in a superlight soil - and it loved it. But it is an unkillable plant to start with. I think Tropicana will do OK eventually, you just need to let it grow bigger and root more cuttings to create eventually a full attractive specimen. Do not know about N. tessmanii - it can be more picky. In my experience if you give them lots of natural light and let them dry between the watering they do good. I keep my A. lobbianus and nematanthus plants in hanging Oyama pots - they are too big for the light shelves and they want to trail.

I think you can do it provided not to let them get too wet and root some cuttings separately just in case. Rob's plants are usually very sturdy, not that big and they can live in their pots for some time until they start toppling. He keeps them on the mats without wicks - I tried and it works, just need to keep an eye on them.


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Irina, Thank you for your help. I have many, many, many of Rob's plants. Most of them do well in my home. I usually change the soil to my own. I called Rob's and Olive said it should be ok but put LOTS of perlite.
I will definately take cuttings or just order some more rooted plants :) I need a bigger house lol
Thanks again,


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irina_co(z5 CO)

And I need more natural light. We moved to another house - and it is great -except it is dark plus windows have darkened storm windows... My columneas, aeschynanthus, kohlerias, nematanthus - whatever thrives on a good amount of natural light - and too big to be kept on the shelves - are suffering. No more blue ribbons on these babies...


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