Main stem just snapped off

boothbay(7)April 14, 2011

I've been growing my Gloxinnia's for years and just this year, i had gotten the best results with about 10 buds ready to burst. Naturally, it was getting top heavy so I started to insert a stick to keep it upright...and without any warning, the main stem just snapped off. Never had this happen I removed the tuber, which is still showing tiny new growth, and inserted the main stem into the pot, hoping that it would last long enough so i can enjoy the remaining 7 buds..3 of them are opened...don't know if it would succeed.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Booth -

Your tuber if you pot it again - will give you new stem and new buds. Your snapped stem - you need to remove all buds, big lower leaves - and it will root easily and give you a new tuber in no time, probably a bud, but if not - you will get them next year.

Sh-t happens. But you didn't lose the plant, after some rest the old tuber will send you another stem and you will enjoy your blossoms.

Usually after the bloom is over, I let them grow for some time to accumulate energy - and then remove a tuber, wash it, store it in a baggie with vermiculite - and as soon as it sends a new grouth - I pot it again.

To have 2 gloxinias is better than 1.


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