Dill's Atlantic Giant x Full Moon cross

bogman95May 17, 2014


I plan on growing a Dill's Atlantic Giant pumpkin this year and crossing it with a Full Moon pumpkin nearby. I would appreciate any advice on whether or not this cross is possible and what to expect from the seeds once planted next year. I love the idea of crossing these two awesome varieties! Thanks for any help offered!

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of course the cross will work. they are both squash or pumpkins.

I am sure you can find info on recessive genes on internet.

the white color is probably recessive. so here is how you might do it.

1.) make a crossing and save seeds. the first year will be all orange and then the 2nd year will be 25% white. these will be half Giant and half smaller white pumpkin. and will be larger than in 2).

2) make a crossing and save seeds. in the new year. make a crossing again with original full moon white and save seeds. You should get 75% white in the following year but there is only 25% Giant so they will be smaller.

3) to make more giant start with 1 and repeat 1 again for larger white. it will then be 75% Giant and white color. and you can keep repeating to get 87.5% Giant whites. etc etc

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