Any recs for a shrub full sun?

fivethreeApril 23, 2014

Hello we are in Zone 8 and would love any recs for a shrub that grows quickly to form a hedge kinda need privacy as well. Would the 8 tea olives be ok? If need be we will add more this area is very open and I don't really want to see my neighbors yard,on the corner of lot we did plant 8 green giants. We have 2 1/2 acres and I plan on growing confederate jasmine along the fence in backyard we need privacy because of our pool and feel its too open etc.

Also We are moving 8 tea olives which builder put on side of the home this side get full/part sun home can you guys tell me what to plant shrub really don't care for azaleas kinda want a green shrub and bushy and oh not a ton of maintenance but need some height...On the other side of house we have 6 indian hawthorns maybe I should plant those as well on other side of home to give a more uniform look but dang all those bees with the jasmine not sure what to do this so much!

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Where abouts are you located? If you don't like bees, make sure you don't get any hollies.

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Hello Im in Columbus, Ga moved here 9 months ago ha thanks for the tip on the hollies!I think my gardenias have died for some reason they look like twigs so now I need shrubs 6 of them for full sun urghh so frustrated they are in the front of house..

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Depends on what you mean by "full sun". Is it sunny in the morning but shady by 2? Or is it shady in the morning and blazing sun in the afternoon. That makes a difference on what choices you have.

How tall is the space - if you need a low shrub then best to pick a dwarf shrub rather than constantly pruning something to make it fit.

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Yes shady in the am and sunny in the afternoon.. trust me this area is tall Im thinking needs a japanese maple for height and shrubs surrounding its a new build hate what this builder put in so boring yawning... he put like 9 gardenias and well at least 6 dead from this brutal winter Im assuming, don't really want trees touching the house and my husband says he planted shrubs too close to the house, we are gradually getting this landscaping done. Don't get me wrong like gardenias but that many imo is too many, had them in last home ok rambling now...

I want the front done husband wants the back done around pool since we are in back more..

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A picture might help get people suggesting ideas.

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