growing huge pumpkins

debby420(z4 me)June 5, 2005

I was wondering if anyone has any hints on how to grow giant pumpkins, I have been told to water them with milk...but would like to get some hints from other gardners as well....thank you

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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

Injecting milk into a pumpkin vine has been said to be a myth. I've never heard of a "seasoned" grower doing this.
I never heard of someone watering with milk. May get a little calcium boost? I wouldn't water with milk personally. If your serious about growing a giant, I'd get one, or more of Don Langevin's books on the subject.


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rainydays(4 WI)

A 10:1 mixture of water and unpasturized milk can be used for a preventative fungicide for powdery mildew. I would recommend a Fish and Kelp Fertilizer 1 ounce per gallon along with 2 ounces of Molasses sprayed as a foliar. For the soil Manure and Compost.

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bev25(Rhode Island)

Where would one get unpasturized milk if there was no farm close by? Is dry milk unpasturized?

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