Giant Pumpkin Tips

lidokrantzJune 23, 2008

Being a organic Veggie grower now for 30 years, i am trying my hand at Giant Pumpkins. besides the normal soil conditioning, a couple of questions for the experts

1) When the pumpkin starts to grow is it best to leave them on the ground or should i put a nice size piece of wood down underneath them so these large babies do not possibly rot from he damp earth .?

2) Manure and compost tea is usually my fertilizer of choice, but some folks have recommended a enzyme foliar spray from QVC Spray n grow...will this help or is there something better. Also is once a week on the tea about right. Any other feeding tips??? I do no about prunning so...

Thanks for any help.

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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

Many top growers put something under their pumpkin. Some use sand(playground sand) I think because it drains well. I, and many others, use pulp mill fabric(from a paper mill). Water drains through it, and rodents can't chew through it.
I don't feel quilified to answer question #2, but I put rotted manure in the patch in fall, or spring. I foliar feed with a fish/seaweed fertilizer.

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